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Deconstructing DOOL: Dipping Into the Women-as-victims Well

May 7 - 11

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I’m filling in for Christine this week, which had me pretty ranty because of all the recycled plot points. But one couple and a few turns in the Abby saga – onscreen and off – has me hopeful for what’s to come.

Days’ problem with women.
Marlena was kidnapped for the umpteenth time, along with Kate and Vivian. Chloe was also kidnapped, joining a kidnapped and enslaved Theresa. Her admission that Shane and Victor both knew where she was had me wondering why no one is doing anything to get her out of a drug lord’s clutches. Actually, I get why Victor isn’t lifting a finger, he’s the biggest misogynist on the show, but Shane? Theresa’s father and ISA agent? Really? Then there’s Abby, who had sex with Stefan after her mind fragmented. Even the head writer is calling it rape, which means they’re aware of the abuse that’s repeatedly inflicted on female soap characters. Why do they still do it?

If the Stefan mess wasn’t bad enough, Abby was manhandled at least three times in the past week: Ben last Friday – even though it was in her mind – Andre in the flashback when she killed him, and then by Chad when he was trying to get Abby to regain control from Dr. Laura. I truly hope they let her be a badass who doesn’t shed one tear when Kate Mansi returns to Days as Abby. I’m so tired of the show going to the women-as-victims well every time they need a plot point. It needs to stop.

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Death doesn’t mean anything.
Another trope Days really likes is to bring people back from the dead. And with Dr. Rolf’s magic serum it seems there could be an endless parade of returnees. If you’re going to kill Vivian… kill her. Let her die. Yes, sometimes it makes for good story – like Will’s return – but not everyone has to be brought back to life. It means nothing to the audience anymore knowing we’ll eventually see every dead character again.

I do hope Vivian’s “death” invigorates the Stefan character though and he unleashes a reign of terror because he’s currently being wasted. I either want to love him or love to hate him. Not wish he’d go away. Tyler Christopher is too good an actor for that.

What’s up with Leo?
After Kate figured out Vivian’s scheme with Leo – while he was in the room, no less – he went straight to Sonny and planted a kiss on him. If I were him, I’d assume the plan was over because the obvious next step would be for Kate to tell Sonny everything. Why wouldn’t he leave town or get ahead of it and tell Sonny himself? At the very least he should have waited to hear from Vivian about their next move. What exactly is his motivation to keep the charade going? It’s not like she was going to keep paying him once they were exposed.

Just hanging out.
While I don’t get Leo and Sonny, I completely dig just watching Paul and Will lounge around in bed talking and supporting each other. They feel so natural and into each other. More of this, please!

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Oh, Brady.
It’s so hard to believe and invest in his relationships. Do I buy that Brady’s truly in love with Eve? Absolutely not. Because he was just madly, deeply in love with Nicole. And before her Theresa, who just so happens to have resurfaced. Christine noted in last week’s Deconstructing Days: Theresa’s return to her family will be difficult, but if Brady pivots back to her, does that mean his idyllic life owning a hardware store in Canada with Nicole and his sudden intense love for Eve were but alcohol-induced delusions? I’m more concerned about who is running his nuts and bolts empire than who he will profess his undying love to next because you know it won’t last. I’m still waiting for him to confess he never got over Chloe and ask her to marry him too.

This is what stood out to me this week. What had you ranting, raving, or scratching your head? Tell us below.


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