Why Tripp Deserves Better Than a Driveling Modeling Contest

Friday April 20

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I’m Lori and I’m filling in for Christine with this week’s blog. As she noted in last week’s Deconstructing DOOL: Tripp needs more to do. After watching his portrayer Lucas Adams’ Daytime Emmy reel, I could not agree more. Therefore, this week’s focused blog is about all Tripp and the many missed opportunities for the character.

He’s more than a pretty face

ciara-claire-tripp-days-jjSoaps have been known to cast pretty people and allow them to learn the craft of acting as they go. Especially when it comes to younger actors. That was not the case with Adams. I remember thinking how solid he was during his first scenes with Stephen Nichols (Steve) when he joined the show last year. Again, his Emmy reel is an excellent reminder of that fact. He holds his own and is engaging in scenes with both Nichols and Mary Beth Evans (Kayla). He’s also dominant when acting opposite the younger set. Watching Tripp play referee between self-absorbed Claire and Ciara is painful when he’s proven he’s capable of so much more.

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He’s not living up to the legacy

Tripp is in for some bad news-JJEven if they just cut Claire out of the equation and gave Tripp and Ciara a great storyline together it’d be an improvement because those two do have sweet chemistry. Not to mention, Tripp is Patch’s son and Ciara is Bo and Hope’s daughter. They should be toppling evil villains who are seeking world domination or be continent-hopping in search of elusive treasure or involved in a sweeping romance where one of them helps the other through a life-altering ordeal. There’s also his Vitali side that could be re-introduced which could give him some shades of grey stuff to play. Instead, they gave him the drivel that is the modeling contest.

He needs a life

Tripp has plans for Kayla-JJWhat Tripp really needs is to get out of that loft and meet new people. I feel like he could have gone to EMT training with JJ, which would have given him a new job while allowing the cousins to become friends. There’s also his Aunt Adrienne who runs The Spectator. Maybe she could give him an entry-level position. Or cousin Sonny could bring him on as an intern at Titan. He could also just go back to the hospital in some capacity. Anything, so long as he’s with the adults.

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I could also totally see him falling for an older woman – maybe an executive or a reporter at one of the above jobs – that starts out playful but turns into something more. Adams has the acting chops and charm to believably romance a successful, experienced woman in Salem. My first thought was Chloe, but since she’s with Lucas, and with Jen Lilley returning to Days, there’s always Theresa. Considering Brady is mooning over her sister, you know she’s going to need to let off a little steam.

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– Lori Wilson


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