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Deconstructing Dool: Gratifying Family Drama Leads to Tears for Many

November 20 – 22

It was a short week in Salem, filled with so much deliciously gratifying family drama. As word of Theo’s shooting spread around town, leaving friends crestfallen, Sami and her nutty mother-in-law battled it out over Will but in the end it was Marlena who won him over. Amid the drama we caught a glimpse of romance between Adrienne and Justin.

Brady and Eve’s passionate chemistry was an eye-opener.
Brady and Eve’s scenes remind me of old school soaps. I was shocked that Brady was so crass as to tell Eve she was a crummy mother, especially since she’s feeling Paige’s loss more than ever now that Will is alive. She smacked him across the face – there’s a lot of that going around this week – and I gasped. For a split second I was horrified that he might hit her back. Their battle should make for good scenes coming up.

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Relationship Roundup:
Finally Rafe and Hope have something to be passionate about – Sami! Hope was insecure that Rafe went off with Sami and played it off as needing Rafe to help her get through Theo’s shooting. Hmm. To be fair, Rafe took off to Memphis with Sami before JJ shot Theo. But to defend Hope, there aren’t too many people who would be comfortable with their fiance taking off with their ex. There’s more insecurity going around. Though Sonny gave Paul back his ring, Paul still appears unsure if it’s really over between them. He’s been basically dumped twice in one month and is still hanging around. Sonny should take that into account. Actually, Sonny should be so lucky. I’m sticking to my unpopular opinion of creating more drama by having Will hot for Paul. Justin and Adrienne sped up their reunion and made love. Despite my discomfort in how their relationship was renewed, I still enjoyed their passion. It would have been harder if Lucas had been around in any of the scenes this week. Where is he? 

Me all week: “Just frigging Google his name!”
Will’s been back for a few weeks and fans are feeling one extreme or another. Many are swooning, thankful Will’s back, hopeful for a WilSon reunion, but some find him “as bland as ever.” The truth is, Will has never had much fire in him. He hasn’t reacted barely at all for someone who just learned he’s not who he thought he was. He and Sami are like night and day with her wearing her heart on her sleeve. The scenes that stood out for me were when the two loony powerhouses, Susan and Sami, were fighting over Will. I felt terrible for Will. We all know Sami can be selfish and while she should have been thinking about his feelings, she can’t see through her own devastation. I can’t fault her for that. I spent the better part of a week wanting Sami to beat Susan up. Yeah. I’m not feeling proud, but Susan had it coming a few times. And then when she finally broke down and recognized that what she did was criminal, unethical and sick, I no longer wanted to clobber her and only felt sorrow. Even Sami was touched by Susan’s realization. It was a compassionate and good decision for Marlena to commit Susan to a psychiatric facility – where Sister Mary Moira can look after her with a keen eye and her ruler! It looks as though Roger’s going to get a free ride on keeping that secret, which is mildly annoying. But at least he stood by Susan.

It was extraordinary to watch Marlena and Will’s chemistry. Marlena was straining not to hug Will when they were first reunited but she got a hug in at the end of their private discussion at Susan’s. It was heartwarming, and we learned Will is still gay, thankfully. But how horrid that he felt he had to get back into the closet because of Susan? He was also banned from television, newspapers and the internet. Now that’s devastating! I found it exceedingly frustrating and unbelievable that nobody Googled EJ DiMera’s name for Will to show him that he’s not who Susan claims. There are probably photos of EJ with Susan that Sami could have shown him instead of smothering him, which anyone could see wasn’t working – anyone but Sami who isn’t very self-aware. Though many found her words to Sonny at the bar, “Get to know me,” to be classic, I found myself rolling my eyes. It just showed a refusal to change or grow.

Nearing the end of the week we were treated to a quick peek at one more of the talented Eileen Davidson’s alter egos, Kristen DiMera who is alive and well – just like I always thought – who spilled the beans that EJ is still alive. That too is something I assumed, considering Kristen injected him with something in the morgue the day died. While I’m glad he’s alive, I’ve basically had it with recasts in soaps for now and can’t think of anyone who would fill the role quite like James Scott. Besides, Sami’s leaving town. Speaking of leaving, according to a slip made by Christopher Sean in our interview at Day of Days, it doesn’t appear as though Chandler Massey’s sticking around as Will, either. Many fans at Day of Days confirmed that Massey found it awkward to respond to their questions about how long he was staying. At least the show corrected that monumental error of Higley killing him off. It also has helped viewership and ratings to an extent. Whether or not he’s leaving, I’m still going to enjoy watching his story unfold, especially now that he’s back in Salem and we’ve already been treated to seeing that he’s a little different than previously, that he dislikes Sami but enjoys the company of Marlena, Chad, Abigail and Gabi. I can’t wait for Monday to see how he handles Arianna and what happens when he and Lucas meet.

Overall, each day has given good reason to tune in because as stated in the past Deconstructing DOOL, we’re seeing solid drama non-stop!

This is my opinion – popular or not – share your own in the comments!

Best lines:

Susan, “You’re a liar. You’re a liar. You’re a liar.”

Will, “Am I EJ DiMera or am I Will Horton?”

Susan to Will, “It makes you kinda want to throw up in your mouth a little. She has that effect on everyone.”

Sami about Paul, “Can you imagine him being so selfish?”

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– Christine Fix


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