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Deconstructing DOOL: Theo’s Shooting Has Viewers Taking Sides

November 13 – 17

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Many complained during the last writing regime when the writing was too dark and had too much tragedy. The new writing team introduced comedy and many complained that it was too silly! Now that we’re seeing solid drama, worthy of primetime television or even film, we could see more viewers change their tune and trust that the show is better than it’s been in years and resume watching, hopefully only to fall in love with their show again. So far, Theo’s shooting and the fallout is a spectacular storyline, imbued with beautiful performances. It’s an excellent reason to watch for those still fence-sitting.

The big reunion with Will.
Finally, some of Will’s loved ones are reunited with him but in a monumental twist, thinks he’s EJ DiMera who was married to his “lying, cheating” wife, Sami. I suspected but now that we know for sure…Ew! In that moment when it was revealed, and for the first time, I hated Susan Banks in that moment and thought Sami deserved a lot of credit for not doing more than just punching her. Even Marlena wanted to deck Susan. That’s saying a lot. I disagreed with Sami’s idea of going to find Will since she has a propensity for making things worse. I found it selfish and wish she would have let Marlena talk to Will. Calm, rational Marlena.

Who is to blame for Theo’s shooting?
This is raw, it’s captivating, staggering, enraging, and thought provoking. As I mentioned in the last Deconstructing DOOL, I cited Kate’s stupidity and JJ’s craptastic cop skills as the reason Theo is in this mess. When Theo wanted to talk to Chad about helping Kate with the sabotage, Kate shot him down. She knew Chad would be dead set against Theo working with her on this and manipulated him into keeping quest. But can we blame Theo at least partially considering he is the one who came up with the idea to break into the warehouse? How about JJ?

JJ consistently acts without thinking. He’s been fast-tracked as a cop, which never did bode well with viewers, but sure serves this storyline well, and after five minutes of being an officer, he was suspended for attacking Ben Weston while he was in police custody. But all that aside, it was dark out the night JJ and Lani saw Theo breaking into the warehouse. Neither recognized him. I’m not even sure why that was a question and no, I don’t buy that he suddenly realizes he knew it was Theo. Like Abigail says, he’s flashed back to it so many times, he can now see Theo’s face. Thank goodness JJ has Abs. When JJ announced themselves as cops, Theo ran scared. As a cop, JJ followed protocol same as Abe would have followed when he was a cop. JJ chased Theo down and ordered him to drop his weapon or he’d shoot. When Theo didn’t drop his weapon, because he’s a literal thinker and didn’t have one, and when he turned, JJ followed through and shot him. If he was aiming for Theo’s shoulder, he’s a lousy shot. But then, it was dark.

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That powerful scene between Abe and Jennifer tore at my heart. I hate to examine should have, would have or could have but many feel Jenn shouldn’t have approached Abe so soon or at least she shouldn’t have brought up how JJ felt. They’re probably right! I’m sure Abe didn’t need to hear how the man who shot his son was feeling. Many viewers found Abe hypocritical since he was a cop and knows protocol but even though I thought he was acting like an ass, I understood that he just heard his son could die. He’s not thinking clearly. He’s filled with anguish. Hope took charge and handled it well, and for the first time in a while, I felt respect for her as a cop. Of course, if she hadn’t left Theo’s cell phone behind, Kate wouldn’t have been able to blackmail Tripp into letting her delete her voicemails. But it worked to drive the drama. Kate’s interesting – she knows what she did was wrong but still, after all these years, hides her vulnerability with self-preservation. She never should have deleted the voicemails but I get why she did. I appreciate that the character has always stayed true to herself but wonder if this will change her in any way. The blackmail is rather silly – she has no proof so Tripp could easily go to Steve and Kayla about it.

Overall, I went from feeling anger toward Kate and JJ until I saw their reactions to the whole thing. My focus shifted from anger to heartache over the whole situation. How authentic was it to watch JJ throw up afterward, upon realizing how everyone’s lives will change forever? Some fans are sickened by the constant flashbacks to that scene, which were difficult to watch, but it puts us right into JJ’s shoes.

This is my opinion – share your own in the comments!

Best lines:

Susan, “Why are you so interested in Will Horton. From what I know, he’s dead, dead, dead.”
Rafe, “That’s a lot of dead.”

Susan, “Don’t detectives usually travel in twos like them animals in Noah’s Ark?”

Susan, “It makes you kinda want to throw up in your mouth a little. She has that effect on everyone.”

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– Christine Fix


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