Days of Our Lives Just Killed Sloan’s Relationship With Eric and Set Her Up With [Spoiler] — Plus, They Delivered the Most Fantastic Flashback Ever!

Days' Eric, EJ and Nicole staring in horror at Sloan on phone mashup

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Love was in the air in Salem, but not all was what it seemed on Days of Our Lives. The couples the show has been setting up for us this week are pretty clearly not the ones we’re going to get. So what is coming our way?

It’s Good to Be Bad

Yes, Sloan! You did not let me down! There’s no frenemies with Nicole coming your way, just pure rivalry! But even though this means that Sloan and Eric’s relationship is dead in the water, I’m digging this. I know some folks are saying that Sloan messing up the paternity results undercuts her “I don’t need a man” strength, but I think it makes sense that she’d have abandonment issues and be desperate to keep love once she finally let herself find it. Plus, it lets her do that without turning into a goody goody character.

Sitting on her bed, Sloan leans her head on a shirtless Eric's shoulder.

“I can’t seem to get the taste of cotton out my mouth… No idea why.”

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At this point, the real surprise would be if Nicole was actually carrying EJ’s baby after all and Sloan did this for nothing. Up next, I really want EJ in on this too so the two of them can work together to keep their partners in the dark. If we’re getting an “Ericole” reunion whether we want one or not out of this, then I want to see Sloan and EJ end up together. Make it happen, Days!

A Brush With Greatness

I will say this: Someone like Colin could have been a great, terrifying villain. And as this story ends, it’s hitting some decent beats — Chanel’s fear at her close-call with Colin, Talia’s terror as she told Colin what his ego demanded to hear to survive. Her mix of emotions are sped up, but they’re all hitting true to an abuse survivor, from her fear to her self-blame, to the pull Colin still has and the love she still feels, even as she hates herself for it. We got glimpses of what could have been a great story, but they never pulled together into a whole because it was rushed through with new characters we’ve got no connection to in retaliation for a crime we’ve got no stake in.

Wearing a cop's uniform, Colin glowers at Talia.

“The only real crime here, Talia, is how we whiffed on this story.”

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If they had taken their time with telling a tale like this, had Colin be the returning offspring of someone who was killed on the show long ago looking for revenge and had him manipulate and seduce a character already on-screen so that we could see him go from charmer to abuser, this could have worked. And it could have been such a powerful, history-rich story.

One of Days of Our Lives’ strengths is how the show keeps moving along briskly, but that can be one of its weaknesses too.

Strange Love

It’s clear that Days of Our Lives is setting up Leo and Dimitri together, from all the perfectly timed scene cuts between the two of them, to Dimitri’s reluctance to woo Gwen and dropping lines like “I didn’t seduce women for marriage.” But with Leo’s “I’m serious about us getting married, Gwen,” I am really starting to think they may be edging us towards a throuple of some kind. And like any throuple, I can tell they wouldn’t all be into each other to the same degree, which would keep things messy.

Fully clothed, Gwen lies in Leo's arms in bed. Propped against the headboard, she gazes up at him with affection. He makes a wry face.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

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I’m not sure if trying something that outside of the daytime norm with three “villains” would be smart or shooting themselves in the foot, but I’m up for new story territory.

As for Chloe and Xander… I’ve been into them from the start, but now that they’re living and working together, all I saw with that last kiss were red, flashing lights. And that doesn’t even take into account the impending “Xarah” baby.

Tripp’s getting a bit more edge to him as he vies with Johnny, and that let Wendy show more of her edge as she chastised him, but this story still needs an injection of something to give it life. Because at most, Tripp’s smugness is annoying and Johnny’s become a broken record with his “Oh no, I screwed up, but it was for a good reason.”

With that said, come on, Days. Wendy is Gen Z. She’d know that once Johnny’s phone died, he’d have no way to contact her. Literally the only numbers I have memorized are mine and my home phone from childhood and I didn’t even grow up with cell phones.

Stray Thoughts…

• Days of Our Lives does humor well in the right setting, and that “classic” soap Abe was watching was fantastic. Best minutes of my life. No notes! I said it earlier and I completely mean it — give us a spin-off of ’80s Body and Soul!

Days Mary Beth Evans, Deidre Hall in Body and Soul

Please, Peacock? I’m not above begging!

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

• I felt smothered and panicky when Whitley mentioned them having their whole lives to snuggle together. If I was Abe, I probably would have screamed.

• Like sands through the hourglass, time in Salem is a construct. Talia’s eye really healed up after a good week of shows, while Abe hadn’t even hit 24 hours with Whitley.

• A vengeful Kate is a Kate we love. “My take on morality is situational, [Roman’s] is absolute.”

• “Dimitri, you’re a DiMera. We don’t do jet lag.” That’s what money does for you? You really can buy happiness.

• I’m not an expert, but I feel like the lab should have known if the DNA was male or female. But hey, I don’t know how those chromosome things work, so I guess we’ll go with it.

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