Days of Our Lives Is Counting Down to Disaster for Nicole — Plus, the Reveal We *Didn’t* See Coming

Days Nicole, Sloan, Tony and EJ mashup

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Between folks falling off of buildings, get out of jail free cards being handed out like candy and  surprise alliances forming, there was a lot happening on Days of Our Lives this week. But not all of the surprises were of the good variety! 

Swing and a Miss?

As much as I’m surprisingly enjoying Dimitri (Billy Flynn’s delivery was pitch perfect and hilarious as Chad’s new “nephew” annoyed the hell out of him), I can’t help but feel they really whiffed on his origin. I speculated last week that he would fit almost perfectly with the baby she was supposedly pregnant with before she showed up in the ‘80s. But instead of playing “Is he or isn’t he Bo’s son?” they just made him Megan’s secret baby after she was “thawed.”

Dimitri embraces Chad whose arms remain at his sides.

Dimitri happily welcomed Chad into his own bosom as he awaited being welcomed into the bosom of his family. (OK, Chad’s right. That’s a creepy word.)

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Days is usually better at playing with history — whether we want them to or not. Harris Michaels pulled from obscurity, anyone? So after all this opportunity they made Dimitri’s dad… Random European Gentleman #8? Well, I guess that counts as a surprise reveal… of the worst kind. Still, there’s always the chance that they can shift things around and make him someone we care about.

Family Squabbles

The absurdity of the likes of Kristen and Megan coming back to life/getting out of prison and getting a say in DiMera aside, I do like the idea of them getting involved in the business. And I really hope they’re both playing their respective DiMeras and, instead of backing EJ or Stefan, are planning on betraying them all and taking over.

Stefan takes Megan's extended hand. With parted lips, Gabi looks to Stefan.

“Oh, you were kept on ice, Megan? Well I was kept without a heart. Top that.”

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Realistically, anyone voting two sociopaths (even by their family’s standards) into power at a publicly traded company is ludicrous. Though admittedly, it’s not so much on the Salem Scale of Absurdity. Still, I’d give it a pass to see EJ and Stefan’s anguished faces as their favorite toy was yanked out of their hands.

All in all, I’m actually looking forward to seeing the clashes at this “dinner party” as it gets into full swing next week, which is something I haven’t felt much for the DiMera squabbling in a while. I’m just hoping Chad and Dimitri get back in time for it too. Even if they have to fly coach.

Not a Match

As next week’s spoilers make clear, the Colin tale is getting serious. Or at least trying to. They’re getting into the emotional abuse angle of this story, with Jada questioning whether Colin was subjecting Talia to it. Look, he clearly was. And this could be a story definitely worth doing — with someone else.

Talia came out of nowhere and Colin was jammed down our throats in just a couple weeks. We didn’t have an emotional attachment and we barely got to know Talia enough to care. Plus, emotional abuse is so much more insidious and nuanced than pushing your partner to get revenge on the people you insist killed your parents. (That’s a sentence I never thought I’d type.)

Aketra Sevillian, Elia Cantu, Greg Vaughan, Jessica Serfaty, Jasper Newman"Days of our Lives" Set NBC Studios Burbank 12/09/22 © XJJohnson/ 310-657-9661 Episode # 14600 U.S.Airdate 05/23/23

Avant-garde community theater production of Death of a Salesman (And His Girlfriend) or episode of Days of Our Lives? Who can say, really?

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

People who are emotionally abusive are often good at presenting the outside world with a different face than they show their partners. All we saw of Colin was him with Talia. And we also didn’t understand at all why she was with him because we just got detestable Colin and didn’t get to see how he’d wrapped himself around her.

This just doesn’t feel like the story to try getting into a real-world issue like this. I had a hard time taking it seriously, from the drugged boink biscuits to the bodies raining down on the town square. That just happened to fall through an awning. Like this was the opening sequence of Aladdin. Trying to tack something serious on a story that is most definitely not, doesn’t work.

Come See the Softer Side

Another thing Colin keeps doing is softening Sloan, something which, as Lori said the other week, we don’t need. The show did a good job of humanizing her enough that she was winning over viewers, but there’s a fine line between humanizing someone and sanding off their sharp edges. I (and I think quite a few Days fans) like Sloan’s edges. Keep them!

And keep her and Nicole’s hatred. This teaming up has got me worried. Days of Our Lives has been a bit lacking in the epic rivalry department lately (Stefan and EJ’s games are just not cutting it) and Sloan is perfect for one. But maybe she’ll turn on Nicole at the last minute. Fingers crossed?

Nicole and Sloan glare at each other at the hospital

This was the moment Nicole began to suspect Sloan had been replaced with a pod person.

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

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It seems like now, though, it’s just a question of whether Sloan or Tony will spill the beans first. Will Tony’s loyalty win out or will Sloan decide it’s better to turn on Nicole and tell Eric to save herself? Or maybe… they’ll both do it at virtually the same time with both Eric and EJ finding out and Nicole caught between two angry lovers!

What are your bets? Eric or EJ’s baby? I keep wavering. Would they really give us another DiMera? But also, would they really tie Nicole and Eric to each other after how horrible they consistently are together? (OK, fine, clearly “yes” to both of those question.)

Oh no. What if they give us another “twin” scenario like Allie and Johnny?!

Stay Thoughts…

• Seriously, Nicole? Of all people in Salem, paternity tests should be second nature to you. They can’t just magically tell who the father is without testing, you know, the fathers.

Gabi stands in the apartment's doorway behind Li. Li faces away from her with a solemn expression.

“Gabi, I can feel you staring at my butt, and all I can say is: Stare away! Do you think all my gym time is paying off?”

Credit: Peacock screenshot

• Gabi’s really done a 180 with Li. Though I guess now that she’s free, she can afford to be magnanimous to him.

• AI strikes again! Andrew was lured into the trap by faked photos of a kidnapped Paul!

• Did Megan slip in through the secret tunnels or just walk through the front door that’s never locked?

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