Days of Our Lives’ Missing Scenes — Plus, a Tantalizing New Connection: Is [Spoiler] Dimitri’s Father?!

Days mashup with Nicole, EJ, Stefan, Gabi, Megan and Dimitri

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May sweeps is, in theory, chugging forward on Days of Our Lives, but as Lori pointed out last week, one of the show’s big swings this month is falling flat. But at least we got what could end up being one surprisingly pleasant twist — even if we all saw it coming! 

Out of the Woodwork

Who knew one of the storylines I’d enjoy would be another DiMera popping up? Plus, I’m liking how Megan and Kristen play off each other, especially in a family that more often than not comes off as a boy’s club. Granted, making the two women in the family boy-crazy isn’t the greatest take, but maybe together they can get past that and shake the DiMeras up.

Wearing blue denim shirts, Kristen emphatically leans toward Megan at an octagon table. Megan purses her lips while glaring at her. A magazine sits on the table near Kristen.

“Hear me out, sis. What if we say, ‘screw the men,’ and just do our own thing? I know, it’s crazy, but that’s what we do, right?”

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The whole Dimitri springing Megan and Kristen from prison and winning a get-out-of-jail free card for himself is cliched and all, but the thought of the three of them running around Salem, clashing with the more respectable members of the DiMera family is doing it for me so much more than the DiMera stuff we’re getting (or not getting) now.

As for Dimitri, let’s be thankful that we didn’t get another secret Stefano kid. On top of that, his age lines up perfectly with Megan’s first appearance. When she came on the show back in ’84, she told Bo that their high school love had resulted in a baby that she’d given up for adoption. It then came out that she’d had an abortion, and we assumed she was just a lying liar. But what if parts of the story were true and Dimitri is that child with a Von Leuschner father? Or what if all of her story was true and Bo is Dimitri’s father, and the Hathaways had him adopted into the Von Leuschners?

Over and Done?

The best I can say about Colin is that he seems to be burning through story fast. This isn’t to knock Jasper Newman, but this character is just horrible. He pushes Talia to play the long con with Chanel in the most predatory way he can and then just decides to attack Abe and kill Paulina? What? And the way he got alone with the two of them was ridiculous. Let’s not let the business owner know about the inspection, and instead let her parents handle it just so they can be attacked by Colin after the world’s worst exposition.

On a rooftop at night, Colin aims a gun at Chanel. A gaping Paulina stands between them, reaching out to Chanel.

“Run, Chanel! Save yourself from this story!”

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

The whole “You have no idea what happened just because of what you read in the papers, let us explain exactly what’s gone down,” felt clumsy, even by soap standards. And that’s frustrating because the show knows how to do something like this with a little more finesse. I remember thinking that the other week when Chad was talking about Stephanie, Abigail and his love life with Abe. The scene rehashed what was going on, but it also felt like a natural, sweet character beat.

And that takes me to an issue I’ve been having…

Show, Don’t Tell

Lately, I’ve been feeling there’s been a lot of writing slipups and missed opportunities. Like the current DiMera stuff I mentioned earlier? Talking about how delightful it was to see EJ go through sensitivity training and anger management does sound like fun. Maybe we should have seen it instead of hearing about it? It’s silly, but at least it’s something different. With that said, this whole corporate feud has devolved into pranks. Sensitivity training, Gabi sending reviews of Stefan from Nicole’s e-mail, weddings that are supposed to convince folks that the couple should be in charge because they’re… married?

Sure. Besides, the wind’s already out of Gabi and Stefan’s sails knowing where their relationship is headed.

With Stefan by her side, a beaming Gabi shows off her diamond ring. EJ grimaces at Nicole.

I was hoping for Succession and instead got Office Space — off-screen. Speaking of which, the fact that Bo and Hope’s exit is still supposedly going on completely off-screen is just absurd.

Then there’s stuff like Kate and Roman discussing how she’s been, as he said, “to hell and back.” Kate then added that it was “with a pitstop in heaven” and I tried not to throw my remote at the TV because the ladies weren’t supposed to remember that. I remember because at the time I also felt like throwing a remote because when we learned that they wouldn’t retain their heaven memories, it was very much a “What was the point of all this?!” moment.

If there’s anything I’m learning, it’s that if I were to throw my remote every time Days of Our Lives gave me the urge, I’d be buying a new one every few days. We live in dangerous times here.

Stray Thoughts…

• I had no idea Paulina Price was spelled P-L-O-T P-O-I-N-T. I’m glad Abe shot down Trask’s commissioner idea, but I have a feeling it’s not over. Otherwise, what was the point of that utterly random scene?

• Belle and Eric are giving me a headache. That’s it. That’s the whole thought.

Eric and Belle look chagrined, standing side by side at the Pub.

Pretty sure those are the faces I was making with these two, too.

Credit: Peacock screenshot

• I enjoyed seeing cutthroat Sloan, from her smirking, “That poor old thing,” on learning Nicole was going through menopause, to her going straight for the jugular and bringing up Jada’s abortion when she found out Nicole was pregnant.

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