The Villain Days of Our Lives Doesn’t Need, the One Who Shouldn’t Be Redeemed, and the One Who Must Stick Around

May 8 - 12

Three photo collage of Days's Dimitri, Sloan, and Colin.

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It’s May Sweeps, but there’s not a lot of edge-of-your-seat stuff going on in Salem, which Curtis discussed in last week’s Soapbox. However, there was a glimmer of hope this week about what’s to come on Days of Our Lives. Let’s get to it…

One-Way Ticket Out of Salem

Colin might possibly be the most unnecessary soap character ever. Okay, maybe not ever. How about this year? He is a controlling creep who has zero chemistry with the woman he’s manipulating in an overplayed storyline. Yet, somehow, he’s been receiving the bulk of airtime while Bo and Hope are getting an off-screen goodbye, and Brady’s apparently sulking somewhere alone, having been dumped by the love of his life. And aren’t Megan and Kristen supposed to be scheming together? Hey, what’s Li doing now that he has no job and no love interest? Hopefully, he’s formulating a plan to take some airtime back from Colin.

Colin also made me dislike Talia, who I enjoyed until he surfaced. I wanted to see her and Chanel develop a relationship, not have it be forced upon us, or Chanel for that matter. The ladies’ chemistry isn’t leaping off the screen either, so hopefully, Talia will find a different Salemite to fall for, while Chanel is given a love interest who is just as comfortable with their sexuality as she is.

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In the motel, Talia gazes into the bearded Colin's eyes. His left hand rests on the side of her neck, while his right hand brushes her chin.

Leave the Chowder, Keep the Snark

Another reason to dislike Colin is that he seems to be the catalyst for Sloan’s redemption. She doesn’t need to be a full-on villain, but she should remain an edgy, vengeful, shades of grey lawyer who doesn’t need the love of a good man to make her see the light. Ideally, she and EJ will team up to wreak havoc should Eric be the father of Nicole’s baby. Because loving, understanding EJ ain’t doing it for me either. EJ yelling into the phone at Wei Shin about his anger issues is where it’s at. They’re already turning spunky Wendy into a cookie-cutter damsel and made Nicole into a good girl — someone needs to keep having some fun.

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At the station, Rafe stands next to Paulina as Sloan lectures her.

Immunity With a Side of Family?

Just when I started to lament that there weren’t any juicy stories to sink my teeth into, along came Dimitri. He’s a villain I can get behind. He’s dashing and charming with a hint of mystery and, so far, isn’t a one-note bully forcing his girlfriend to feed into the worst LGBTQ stereotypes. I honestly don’t remember liking Dimitri on Beyond Salem, but now that he’s on the mothership, I can’t wait to see what’s in store. His angling for immunity, combined with his secretive personal agenda (regarding being a DiMera, perhaps?), has me suspecting he’ll be around for a bit.

In Dimitri's cabin, Kate wears a long black dress and sips wine. Dimitri wears an open collar suit across the table from her.

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Odds and Ends

• What does DiMera Enterprises do exactly that Stefan not knowing who Lizzo is, makes for a valid argument for his removal as CEO? Does EJ know who she is? Wei Shin?

• Instead of Harris, it should be Shawn or Roman or any other underused character helping to look for Kate.

• Why did they make Jada and Talia Hunters? They never interact with Steve or anyone else Marcus was close to.

Gesturing to Chloe, Xander spreads his hands and shrugs his mouth.

• Chloe is awfully huffy for someone who just got a free place to live. While Xander shouldn’t expect her to cook every day, she could help out — like she said she was going to.

• Sloan said she knew Eric wouldn’t have cheated on her with Nicole had it not been for the drugged biscuits. Cheated? Weren’t they just a casual, no-strings good time when that happened?

• Let’s hope they take biscuits off the menu when Sweet Bits re-opens. I never want to hear about biscuits, drugged or otherwise, again.

As always, these are just my opinions about the week in Salem. What are yours? Tell us in the comments! And don’t forget to check out daytime’s greatest location shoots in the photo gallery below.


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