Days of Our Lives’ Biscuitgate Gave Us a Brand New Villain… But What’s Their Endgame?

Day mashup with Li looking at Trask and Stefan making out, Talia glaring at Sloan and Eric/Nicole kissing

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Bo and Hope’s story took a backburner to a tale of drugged biscuits… resulting in me feeling just about as sick as the victims if I have to hear that baked good named one more time. It’s plot meets point, but at least it’ll move some stories along and it’s given us a possibly intriguing new villain!

Let’s start with the most mind blowing part of this week: Sweet Bits is an actual store with an inside! Wow. I feel like that’s the big twist. My work here is done.

OK, fine, if I have to get into the drugged baked goods, I will…

Tainted Love

So all of a sudden everyone heads into town first thing in the morning to get baked goods from Sweet Bits at the same time. It’s totally out of nowhere, but sure. And am I the only one who can’t possibly see biscuits exciting the masses?!

I’m going to say right out the bat, I hate these types of stories. Getting roofied is actually pretty horrifying and traumatic and instead it tends to be used to simply to move plot along. But at least this was more interesting than what Bo and Hope have been.

Days' Eric pointing a banana at Nicole while drugged Greg Vaughan, Arianne Zuker

An artist and his banana, er, muse.

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Also, I didn’t want to get a kick out of Eric and Nicole, but as dumb as it was, Arianne Zucker and Greg Vaughan seemed to be having fun. From that ridiculous banana to Nicole’s leg kick when Sloan burst in, it was all so stupid that if nothing else, I was entertained. But still, see my complaint above.

One interesting thing that came out of this was Nicole declaring that she was bored with all of EJ’s plotting. As Lori pointed out last week, she’s got no stake in DiMera and being the sidekick was getting old. Nicole feels the same way and so, I think, do the viewers. I was hoping for an actual war between Stefan and EJ for DiMera. This has been far from corporate chess. Instead it’s two brothers taking shots at each other with nerf guns. Even Stefan’s reaction to being called out by EJ was, “Oh no, you caught me, whoopsie.”

At least we’re learning about Trask. Her reaction to feeling like she was made a fool was violent. Drugged or not, I think we found out a lot of her motivation in why she’s so hardnosed in her job. There’s a ton of insecurity and backstory there for Days to mine!


Elsewhere, though, we got some uncomfortable situations like Rafe assaulting Jada. In fact, I think I’m a little disturbed by Rafe now. He was hallucinating Jada how he wants to see her, and that’s what turns him on? Rafe, man, we have got to get you off the internet.

Jada peeks her head into Rafe's office. He sits at his desk, digging into a pastry box.

Something else we learned? Rafe’s a messy eater.

Credit: Peacock screenshot

As for Li, I am so relieved he pulled back from sleeping with a hallucinating Gabi at the last minute. He’s walking a fine line and stepping over into rape territory would ruin any viability he has. Not taking advantage of her might endear himself a bit to Gabi, but I’m not sure if his desperation combined with his resignation signals them growing closer again just as he gives up or him going off the deep end.

Johnny and Chanel… I don’t know what to say to that. It’s the weirdest way to put an end to him and Wendy — if it actually did. And Tripp randomly running off was bizarre too. I have no idea what’s going on with this triangle.

And the Evildoer Is…

Talia, huh? It makes sense for the how since she has access to the bakery, but what about the why? Is she out for Chanel or Sloan? Or Paulina? Is Talia also the one who trashed her office and is sending the threatening messages? This all did start just as she showed up in town and it could be disastrous for everyone. The noose has been tightening around Sloan with every bad deed, Sweet Bits is going to take a reputation hit whether it was Chanel’s fault or not and Paulina’s health is in jeopardy.

In Sweet Bits's kitchen, Talia tips a vial over a bowl. She wears a hoodie pulled tight around her face and white latex gloves.

A spoonful of biscuit dough will make the medicine go down.

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Here’s a wild theory: Talia discovered that Marcus wasn’t really her dad, TR was. So she’s come to town for revenge on the family that took him from her before she got to know him. (And before she got to know how much of a monster he was.) I’m grasping here, but does anyone else have an idea of why she might be doing this or know of anyone else who would have a grudge against Paulina and Chanel?

Her only connection to Salem so far is being a member of the Hunter family and there’s absolutely no reason in there that I can find for diving into the Paulina/Sloan/Chanel mess. I just don’t want this to be something new out of nowhere like Sloan was. I’ve warmed up to her, but I’d like Talia to have a connection somewhere besides being Jada’s sis.

The good news is, I’m finally finding a reason to care about Talia because up until now, she hasn’t had much more to do than get in Jada’s business!

Reunion! (But Not That One)

The Bo and Hope story is finally starting to feel more unified in with the rest of the show and less like its own separate thing — Beyond Salem within Days of Our Lives, if you will. The scenes aren’t just all lumped together in their own episodes but are starting to spread out with life back in Salem.

In the Greek wine cellar, Steve holds Kayla's face as he kisses her. She grips his black leather jacket.

The best thing to come out of Bo and Hope’s reunion might be Steve and Kayla’s… That might be a problem.

Credit: Peacock screenshot

And Kayla and Steve’s reunion was genuinely sweet — every time those two are trapped somewhere together, they manage to make the best of it. Granted, there might be something they want to reexamine about their lives that even lets me say “every time they’re trapped together,” but hey, if that lifestyle works for anyone, it’s them.

It’s also pretty clear that the letter Kayla found, while seeming very un-Victor-like, will be used to show Bo that love was important to his dad as well, giving Hope the opening to get through and bring her beau Bo (ha) back from the brink. In other words, Bo Kiriakis will soon be gone and love will save the day.

That’s clearly the point of the whole story, but I’ll leave it to you to decide whether the journey was worth it. I don’t have the “Bope” nostalgia that most viewers do (I grew up on Young & Restless and One Life to Live, RIP) so I was willing to go along for a ride rather than jump to a reunion, but this one has left me feeling underwhelmed.

Stray Thoughts…

• Xander may be supporting Chloe, but he is clearly delighting in needling Brady. As Paul Telfer said, if there was any reason for Xander to want Chloe, it would be to tick off Brady.

Side by side at the Pub, Xander and Chloe look over their shoulders. Xander has a creased brow, and Chloe's eyes are wide. She holds a beer glass.

Odd Couple, meet Oddest Couple.

Credit: Peacock screenshot

• Xander told Brady that Chloe “confided in me because I am kind and compassionate.” And then threatened him with a black eye. Such heartwarming compassion.

• Who’s treating the drugged folks? Kayla’s still missing, Sarah’s in Chicago and Tripp’s off taking care of Joey. The go-to doctors who have no specialty and just do anything and everything are all gone. Paging new doctor!

• Wow, congrats EJ  on being an entitled jerk even in the way you put an emphasis on servant when calling Trask a “civil servant.”

• If nothing else, the drugging gave us this line from Nicole to Eric: “You’ve got to get out of these clothes before someone sees you and calls the Pope!” Oh no!

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