Days of Our Lives Just Set Bo On a Bold New Path — and It’s Sure to Enrage Fans!

Days' Steve Bo facing off with Kayla mashup

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Megan’s grand plot has crumbled, but we’re not done just yet because at least part of her dream still lives on. The latest twist is sure to tick off long-time fans, but if the show actually runs with it, it would be something new! 

A New Man?

So we’re in the endgame of the Megan saga. Marlena’s home, already forced to try making peace between Eric and Belle’s bickering, Stephanie’s getting calls from her mom and Megan’s toying with Hope. (I did love that scene.)

Days' Bo arguing with Kayla Mary Beth Evans, Peter Reckell

“You can’t tell me what to do, Kayla! You’re not my mom!”

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And Bo… I know this will be unpopular, but if his return story was truly about his rising up not just from death but to take over the Kiriakis empire as Victor’s true successor, I think I’d be more excited about this. But I know fans just want him back with his family. I’m fairly certain this was written and filmed before John Aniston’s passing, but honestly, there’s no one else in the family right now who could take Victor’s place. Turning Bo in that direction would be a fascinating twist.

But they could do this story without the brainwashing stuff that’s driving folks crazy. Bo was dead for seven years. Coming back to life like he did would make anyone reevaluate their life, who they are and who they want to be. That would provide more tension because we know this youth serum empire building plan will fall apart. And since Bo’s not just reacting out of trauma but because his brain was scrambled, it’s bound to be undone.

Ultimately, this “new Bo” stuff feels like it’ll just be pointless as it drags out his reunion with Hope. With that said… Am I the only one kind of hoping for a Bo/Steve throw down?

A Salem Mystery?

Meanwhile… Do any of us really believe for a second Sloan ransacked Paulina’s office? It’s such an amateur move — plus, what are they looking for if nothing was taken? Then again, the cut-out note makes it seem like it was meant to terrorize more than anything else. And if that’s the case, it did its job. But it still doesn’t seem like Sloan’s M.O. Besides, when something’s that obvious and the show pushes it down your throat (or Paulina does), that’s never what happened.

In the Square, Paulina leans toward Chanel with a stressed expression. Chanel crosses her arms and looks skyward. Talia watches.

“Call it intuition, Mama, but I can’t help but sense something’s wrong…”

Credit: Peacock screenshot

As for who actually did it, Sloan did mention a brother… And then there’s the old well of T.R. Paulina just brought him up again with Talia, saying if she could survive his abuse, she’s not the type of person to have a panic attack. We’re all a bit fed up with the revolving door of death, but it doesn’t have to be T.R. himself who broke into her office. It could be someone who knew him and blames Paulina for his death? Just please don’t bring him back from the dead!

Love (Dis)Connections

Unpopular opinion two: Yes, to Chloe and Xander! I don’t feel like sparks are flying… but they’re being pushed together regardless. Or rather, Leo’s pushing them together to the point that they’ll end up hooking up because no one else in town will want to have anything to do with them. I don’t think they have serious relationship potential, but yes please, let’s try something outside of Gwen/Sarah (even though she’s gone) and Brady/Philip (even though he’s gone)!

Outside the pub, Xander and Chloe embrace. In the distance, Leo takes a photo with his phone.

Maybe if Leo had been hugged more as a child, he wouldn’t run around taking creepy pictures of others doing it.

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But we’re back to a problem I have. It feels like the show just isn’t ever giving anyone a chance to dig deep. Either pairings are set up to intentionally be shallow — Eric/Sloan, Gwen/Alex — or they just aren’t allowed to ever get off the ground to stop feeling shallow like Wendy/Johnny and even Gabi/Stefan’s reunion.

In some cases like Eric and Sloan, it’s clear that something deeper is forming between them. Plus, I love their dynamic, just as I love seeing Sloan and Nicole trying to tear each other apart because of it! But how many of us truly believe that they’ve got potential to be a genuine romance? Since being defrocked again, Eric’s moved from Jada to Nicole (for a nanosecond) to Sloan. Nothing’s been given time to gel. Why do we expect this to be any different?

As for Wendy and Johnny… Can anyone tell me why they’re still together? Anyone? When they first met and started plotting together, the sparks were flying and they were playing off each other. Now even when they’re interacting, it feels like they’re just going through the motions of dating – at most a “situationship” rather than a relationship – because they’re just too lazy to call it quits. Neither of them feels that into it. I know I’m not!

Johnny and Wendy sit close together on the apartment couch. He aims a remote and she blankly stares ahead.

Bored now.

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Wendy and Tripp too — it’s clear there’s more fire there than with Johnny, but that was teased so long ago and went nowhere, it lost its momentum. And now we’re supposed to jump back onboard when we only get them maybe once a week. Eh. Wendy’s amusement watching Tripp dance around with his cereal was cute, though.

About the only recent pairing I could see working (besides Stephanie and Chad, but outside of the Kayla news, they’ve been shunted into the background for the most part) is Nicole and EJ. But that’s mostly from EJ’s end. Sami’s never coming back — at least not fulltime — so she is not his endgame. Nicole, though, should be a great match. As Eric said, she’s got a rap sheet almost as long as EJ’s. But she’d have to stop obsessing over Eric… and good luck with that!

At the Brady Pub, Eric frowns and leans his hands on the bar. Nicole gapes at him from across the bar.

“Eric, I know you’re leaning into this whole ‘ladies’ man’ thing, but my eyes are up here, and if you don’t look me in them, I’m going to smack you. Hard.”

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Plus, while I enjoy their scheming together, I liked ‘Ericole’ most when they were both first getting back together and were just decent and kind with each other. Character growth! As for Gabi and Stefan? I’ll just say thank God Days of Our Lives didn’t write them as completely naïve fools. I didn’t expect them to get caught, but I was close to yelling at them through my television until Stefan stopped things.

So where are we? Are there any real couples on the canvas who aren’t longtime vets? Are there any pairings we actually think will work or are they just “Let’s throw them together to fill time?”

Stray Thoughts…

• Please give us more Trask the human! I’m pretty sure we all just about forgot she had a thing for Stefan once. That Li setup was kinda weird, but a fun weird!

• Justin, knock it off with the helicopter parenting. Good lord, running to Maggie to get your son back to work is the definition of spoiled children and privileged parenting.

• Ludicrous as her getting into prison was, I really like Rachel when she and Kristen are together. Maybe Chloe really does bring out the worst in her!

• Did anyone else laugh at Kayla’s comment about “driving for the better part of the day?” We all saw that aerial view of the island. It wouldn’t even take a day to walk it.

• Um, I’m not sure how much power the ISA has… but you really can’t just sentence someone to 20 years in a state prison without parole without, you know, being tried and all. That’s not how this works.

We’re sure you’ve got thoughts on quite a few Days of Our Lives storylines, so why not check out our photo gallery of what we think is the best and worst of 2023 so far!


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