Days of Our Lives Hit Us With a Big Twist and a Series of Reveals That Have Us Scratching Our Heads

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We finally started getting answers to Megan’s master plans, but so far, there are enough holes in them to sink a ship. Hopefully they’ll be plugged before this story is over. The rest of Days of Our Lives wasn’t quite as exciting, but it looks like we may soon be getting simultaneous DiMera/Kiriakis feuds which will hopefully pick things up once the Hathaway Horrors are over. 

I know some folks expected John and Steve to rescue the ladies on Friday, but there was no way this would be over that fast. With that said, I’m not sure how long it will last. Likely another few weeks with how much it’s been stretched out, but we know now that this was originally conceived as Beyond Salem 3 . Unless they really added a lot in when it got shifted to the main show, it’s probably only going to run as long as a 5 episode season of the spinoff.

What I’m not sure is who might be sticking around after. Ciara and Ben really can’t, seeing as how Alex is around. And I’m doubtful Hope and Bo will stay either, probably instead riding off into the sunset. My best bet would be Paul and Andrew relocating to Salem. It seems like Salem would be the literal middle ground between San Francisco and D.C. to make a new start together.

Are We Missing Something?

As for the big reveals — there wasn’t much to Megan kidnapping the ladies other than using them as guinea pigs? She could do that with anyone. And if she really wanted revenge, she could have just let them die. Instead she saved their lives and might be giving them… superpowers? (I wasn’t alone in thinking that’s what Megan was hinting at, was I?) I don’t get her motives.

Lauren Koslow, Miranda Wilson Kate Megan days jpi

“Oops, butterfingers. Silly me.”

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And no one was all that shocked by her surprise allies, right? Dr. Rolf is the scientific mind behind all the resurrections and serums in the DiMera family and if Bo wasn’t in stasis anymore, chances were he’d been brainwashed by Megan to stick around. Again, a DiMera family tradition.

What’s been nagging me, though, is Rolf’s comments about keeping someone on ice for “nearly a decade.” It doesn’t make sense. Bo was dead for about six years — 2016 – 2022. I supposed that’s closer to a decade than four years… but not by much. Is that his empty cryo chamber or did Rolf bring someone else back? I can’t figure out a timeline with any other dead folks that would fit, so I’m guessing the show’s just stretching time… but it seems odd that they’d do that with Bo while specifically mentioning that Stefan was on ice for the correct four years.

I’d welcome theories, if anyone has them! Am I missing a dead DiMera who could fit or overthinking this? I don’t mind that this is how Bo was brought back — It brings in history, plus how else could it happen? — but it feels like parts of the story aren’t matching up right.

The Other DiMeras…

Johnny and Wendy continue to surprise me. Every time I think she’s done with him, she eases up. I wasn’t expecting her to be that happy with his mea culpa in front of Tripp. Still, she’s totally going to end up with Tripp. Johnny’s just a speedbump.

Wendy wiping Tripp's face days peacock

“You’re right, Tripp, your face is smooth as a baby’s bottom. How do you do it?”

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Maybe Johnny could end up crying on Chanel’s shoulder… only to also fall for her new baking partner, Talia. With that said, ever since his movie fell apart, Johnny’s been kind of rudderless. Isn’t it time for him to actually get a job instead of just bouncing around causing trouble in the family and looking for love?

As Stefan said, there’s a lot of Brady in that kid. But as EJ pointed out, he’s also Sami’s child, in addition to being a DiMera. Speaking of those brothers, there were a few good barbs in their little peace talks, like Stefan bringing up Stefano and EJ casually replying that he’d know exactly how their father felt… if he’d ever met him.

The cup swapping was a borderline comedy skit, but now that the brothers have declared war (secretly, of course), please let us get away from silly shenanigans and into cutthroat corporate maneuvering. With Gabi and Stefan battling it out with EJ, Nicole and Li, there’s potential here for some great Succession­-like material.

EJ and stefan days peacock

Stefan drove his point home about how little he though of EJ by falling asleep mid-conversation.

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I know we’re not going to get something of that level of plotting — it’s just the nature of having to tell stories in a daily format — but that doesn’t mean this can’t elevate above mystery drug swapping. So I’m going to remain hopeful. And while I don’t expect Megan to stick around or touch on the main family much, once her shenanigans are revealed, Kristen should be out of jail and ready to join the fray on some technicality or another since she didn’t kill anyone.

Cousin vs. Cousin

Alex and Gwen? Sure, I could see that — especially after seeing the Kiriakis cousins thumping their chests at each other in the square. If Xander takes Alex’s place at Titan, are we going to get dueling corporate family dramas with the two of them fighting for power, while EJ and Stefan do the same?

In her hotel room, Gwen rips open Alex's button up shirt. Holding a liquor glass, his lips part and his eyebrows raise.

Poor Alex tripped and fell backwards while Gwen was checking his shirt’s fabric. Popped right open.

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As for Alex’s line about how he and Gwen were two consenting adults… yeah, nothing wrong with a hookup! Except the fact that Gwen had trouble remembering what they did is not exactly the definition of consent. I mean, she was definitely OK with it once they hit round two, but Alex was obviously in a clearer state of mind when the first happened. He was not nearly as hungover the next day and unlike Gwen, the details of what happened weren’t fuzzy.

Maybe I’m worrying about this too much. I just really want Alex to be a better-rounded character. He’s probably the most prominent Kiriakis at this point, yet Xander is starting to come across as more ethical… At least Xander tells himself he’s saving Gwen from pain — by causing it. Still, as he pointed out to Maggie, “Alex may not be a loyal employee, but he’s not a felon.”

Stray Thoughts…

• The law firm of Belle and Sloan? Yes. They can be frenemy partners. Get Belle to loosen up a bit and Sloan to settle into Salem proper. Because I really want her to stick around.

At the Pub, Sloan and Belle sit side by side at a table. They cast earnest expressions to someone across from them.

“We’re thinking about starting a new spinoff: Straight Arrow and the Vixen.”

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• There was something kind of endearing in the way Nicole tried to gently calm EJ down and get him away from Stefan and Shin. “EJ, there’s been a mistake.”

• The sad fact is, Victor is going to be gone soon. And right now, there’s no one else in the family with his kind of commanding presence. Positioning Maggie into the powerful matriarch is just smart. She’s run her own businesses for years. She’s got this.

• Honestly, Gabi, you may be better off starting your own company again — just away from the DiMeras and the Shins. Yeah, right. Like she’d give up the power drama.

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