Days of Our Lives Preview: ‘Drastic Measures’ Could Derail Not One, Not Two But *Three* Couples at Once!

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Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea after all…

How much trauma can one person’s mind take? That’s a hard enough truth to face in the real world, but on Days of Our Lives, it’s been taking on a whole new meaning where Stefan is concerned. Since being brought back from the dead (which couldn’t have been good for his brain to begin with), his memories, feelings and mind have been messed with over and over again.

Heck, Brady and Eric’s latest plot to mess around in Stefan’s head is attempt number three — and possible concussion number two! And that, Eric Martsolf tells Soap Opera Digest in their latest issue, is perfectly fine with his character.

With an irate Stefan tied to a bed, Rolf fiddles with wires connected to a crock pot and a blender. Sitting on the end of the bed with crossed arms, Brady glances over his shoulder at Stefan.

“Before we get to the brain stuff, what do you want in your smoothie, Stefan?”

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“Brady feels that Stefan’s feelings for Chloe are completely fabricated,” Martsolf explains. “They’ve been manifested by the procedure that’s been done to him, and he’s got no business trying to romance Chloe when he really doesn’t mean it. Brady’s annoyed to the point of going to these drastic measures.”

Unfortunately, those measures aren’t without consequences — though what that means for Stefan isn’t immediately clear. For Brady and Eric, that means jail time when Rafe shows up to arrest them for kidnapping.

So is it all going to be worth it?

Chloe’s coming back, but what is she coming back to? Brady in prison for putting Stefan in danger? There’s not much chance of that endearing her to Brady and convincing her this is the man she wants back. And if Stefan’s deprogramming worked? Those two are done as well.

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This is about when both ladies decided they should probably just cut their losses and go for Chad. He seems nice enough.

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And if the deprogramming went horribly wrong and had even more unforeseen consequences to Stefan, that could put an end to not just him and Chloe, but Gabi as well. He’s on thin ice with her as is. Who knows where his mind could be at the end of this kitchen appliance adventure. Or if he’ll even have much of one…

Then there’s Eric and Nicole. They’re in the midst of looking back at their first meeting 25 years ago, which has to make them a bit misty-eyed. But Nicole hasn’t been dealing with this darker Eric very well and his arrest for kidnapping is likely going to throw cold water on any warm, nostalgic feelings that might be cropping up.

On the other hand, Eric could probably use a good lawyer right about now. And by good, we mean a cut-throat lawyer who has no problem representing a client for kidnapping. Are he and Sloan as done as we thought they were?

Outside the Pub, a disdainful Nicole stands between Eric and Sloan.

“Oh, looks like Eric needs a sexy, er, good lawyer again, just as you two were getting close. Whoops.”

Credit: Peacock screenshot

Whatever happens, don’t count on Brady being all that sorry for his actions. As Martsolf puts it to Digest, “I don’t think Brady would have gotten into bed with Rolf if he was truly worried about the consequences.”

But if this ends up destroying more lives than he anticipated, he may just have to rethink that!

Check out our photo gallery of Brady’s life — this isn’t the first potentially boneheaded thing that he’s done!


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