Days of Our Lives’ Big Reveal(s) Mixed Genres Like It’s Been Mixing Stefan’s Brains — But Is Megan Just the Tip of the Evil Iceberg?

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We finally got the big afterlife explanation that we’ve been waiting for, but that may have left us with more questions than answers. Still, now that Days of Our Lives is bringing things back down to earth, it’s becoming easier to invest in its stories once again. But is it already too late?

Heaven Can Wait

This is the second week in a row that I’m under the weather (is anyone else having a rough winter with getting sick? Eesh), but I must say flu medicine pairs nicely with Days of Our Lives right now. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, but if nothing else, the show’s got me curious!

In that bizarre vein, there was one comment in the Monday recap that spoke to me. The show, Xanny wrote, “still has its charm, just a lot of stupid, and it’s nice to have this place to vent about it.”

Amen. I think that just about sums my soapboxes lately. The show can frustrate the heck out of me. It can go off on silly tangents. It can misfire with storylines. But then it can also get things right. And even when I’m going off about the absurdity, there are also folks out there having a blast with it. Plus, through it all, it can still go straight for the feels. All the shows have their ups and downs, but they still manage to charm us.

In any case, I’ll be the first to admit, my theories last week were way off. I will hand it to the show, getting a supernatural and a sci-fi story rolled into one is not what I had on my 2023 Days of Our Lives bingo card.

In the afterlife, Marlena and Kayla sit in chairs, gaping at Kate. Marlena holds a bowl of oats and berries, while Kayla holds a bowl filled with a creamy white substance topped with orange fruit.

“So you’re saying none of this matters? Fantastic. I’ll take seconds.”

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The trio is alive but were still in the afterlife. I didn’t see that coming, but it also kind of makes the whole “heaven” digression seem a bit pointless, especially since no one will remember it. Did we really need more devil? And it’s not like we got the return of old characters other than Nick. ( I do appreciate that he was redeemed a bit at the end. He was a very troubled character — though I will not defend his attempted rape of Gabi — but I wouldn’t have put him in the “evil” category when he was alive.)

The show just used characters who had doubles currently on the canvas, which seems like a wasted opportunity to bring in faces we haven’t seen in ages. Surely someone other than Jake could have stepped in to save them. That smacked of “Well, he’s the only double we haven’t used yet.” And if they weren’t going to bring actors back, if nothing else, the real Adrienne would have made so much more sense.

Pay No Attention to the Person Behind the Curtain!

Megan, as I think most of us assumed, is the DiMera who stole the orchid and took Kate, Kayla and Marlena hostage. As crazy as a bunch of ladies in tubes is, now I’m a bit more invested and curious to know why, how, and what this has to do with Bo and Hope returning.

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“Honestly, boys, I’m a bit disappointed it took you this long to figure it out.”

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I also enjoyed the listing of still-living DiMeras… and Tony and Anna’s line about being crazy to even bring André and Stefano’s resurrections up again. Was it just a joke or a tease? Is Megan’s kidnapping of the trio part of her Bo obsession somehow , or is she not the only resurrected DiMera out there? Is there another one she’s working with? Or for? I know it seems like a return-from-the-dead alert every other week… but come on. The show just dropped that right in front of us.

Earthly Delights

As much as I feel like Allie’s exit was rushed, her and Chanel’s goodbyes were actually sweet and, I felt, excellently done. Chanel had been hurt by Allie’s cheating, but that didn’t mean she was ready to lose her in her life. Realistically, though, a clean break like this is probably best for everyone, painful or not.

Wearing robes, Nicole puts her hands on EJ's chest as they seductively look at each other.

“Do you get as turned on at the thought of destroying someone’s life as I do?”

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Stefan’s drugging of EJ is borderline Salem Logic territory, but I love the idea of “Ejole” teaming up for revenge and making a slow burn of it. Because Nicole is right, hands down. She and EJ are more compatible than her and Eric. But the very fact that EJ had to bring up how he’s her second choice after Eric tells us all we need to know. Whether they can survive “Ericole’s” 25th anniversary is still up in the air.

But the two of them plotting together bodes well. The couple that schemes together…

As for Stefan himself, there may not be much to plot against if this madness keeps up. Is anyone else worried that his brains are half a step away from scrambled eggs at this point? He’s been knocked out twice, had his brain washed, rewired, then, for lack of a better word, blended. (Dr. Rolf’s kitchen appliance brain machine was ludicrous, but I feel like we’re approaching comedy territory anyway, so I’ll allow it.) But at least Stefan still had the presence of mind to tell Brady he was just being a selfish jerk.

And if Eric and Sloan are actually done, consider me disappointed. I’ve been enjoying their chemistry. But I also hope it opens her to something with Li.

Redemption Song?

I’m not enamored with Gabi thinking Li’s not so terrible because he proved he’s willing to go to extremes to keep her. It looks like we’re about to head into Li redemption territory, though. That hit from his dad hurt. And I don’t just mean physically. It clearly wasn’t the first time it had happened, and the look of fear, vulnerability and pain on Li’s face before he pulled himself together and tried to show daddy dearest that he was in control was hard to watch.

A stern looking Wei extends his hand to a tense Li, who holds a phone.

No snark here. Just kudos.

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Remington Hoffman did a phenomenal job with his reaction and it’s not hard to believe that Li’s been abused and it’s part of what makes him so desperate to cling to love when he finds it.

Stray Thoughts…

• The ladies nonchalantly sipping cocktails and eating ice cream in heaven on Friday tickled me.

• Kate spoke to Roman, and it seemed to be coming through the ashes, but since those aren’t hers, I assumed it seemed that way because she could make a connection with him wherever he was. But then she tried reaching Roman again and instead got Paulina… through the fake ashes. Amusing? Yes. But that made zero sense, even by wonky Salem Logic.

In Brady's Pub, Paulina stands with wary expression and her mouth agape.


Credit: Peacock screenshot

• First Alex, now Eric. Sloan just keeps ending up with guys who use their relationship with her to get their hands on her private files. No, that’s not a euphemism.

• Orpheus’ deadpan snark wins again. When discussing the difference between seeing Kayla in a dream and hearing Kate talking from her ashes: “Totally different. John, nothing from Doc?”

• “My, my, just when I thought life in Salem couldn’t get any stranger.” Paulina took the words out of my mouth. Again, I reiterate, it’s time for a Days of Our Lives spinoff.

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