Holy [Bleep]! Is Days of Our Lives Setting Us Up For a *Reverse* Time Jump Set to Fix, Well, Everything?

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The show went all in on the insanity and ended the week leaning into it in new wild new ways. Hopefully, though, this is just the crescendo before we come back down to earth. And through it all, somehow, we ended up with the least romantic Valentine’s Day imaginable. Hey, there’s nowhere for Days of Our Lives to go but up!

The Perfect End to It All?

Well, two incidents happened this week to make it clear that any hopes that this afterlife stuff is the result of some sort of kidnapping or mind control, or virtual reality were dead. First, Kayla’s ghost visited Steve and told him what was happening. And then Kate’s ashes spoke to Roman. And that’s when I stuck a fork in myself, because I was done.

At the pub, Roman stares at Kate's urn on the bar.

I guess it’s good that Kate’s talking, because I certainly have no words.

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Look, we all know that the ladies are not going to spend an eternity in hell. (Though I did love Kate happily going along with the idea that Marlena would instead of her.) The show may have tried using that as a Friday cliffhanger, but it’s an empty threat. It’s simply not going to happen. Just as they’re not going to stay dead. So the only uncertainty left is how this saga is going to wrap up.

At this point, as far as I can tell, there are only two ways out of this. One, the ladies’ souls are sent down into clones that Dr. Rolf has been keeping on ice. Since over a month has passed since some of them died (and it took that long to have the funerals that we didn’t get to see), and Kate’s ashes are definitely her ashes, none of their bodies are in shape to be brought back. Now Rolf having clones of Stefano’s beloved Marlena and Kate would make sense, but Kayla might be a bit of a stretch. But this is Days of Our Lives. That won’t stop anything.

Or this has all been some plot to go so overboard that folks throw their hands up in the air and shout “Enough!!!” And then the show pulls back the curtain and crows triumphantly, “You’re right! None of this ever happened!” Some divine intervention will come down from on high, save the ladies from damnation and turn back time, undoing their deaths. But God would also be more than a little ticked at the messes Satan keeps causing, so He’d turn back time far enough to undo everything that happened since the devil showed up in Salem.

No more casually talking about when the devil was running around town ruining this relationship or that business deal because it will have no longer happened anymore.

JoDevil blows dust out of his hand on Days of Our Lives

Everyone for making this devil saga blow away like dust in the wind, raise your hands.

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

That gets difficult seeing as how characters and actors have come and gone in that time — but not impossible. Or maybe we can just be told the change happened and then shuffle the current stories into this alternate, devil-free timeline. It can be like the 2019 time jump where we slowly learn how this new timeline unfolded to get us to, more or less, the same place as we’re at now. But without the deaths, the possessions, the contracts, the afterlife — any of that.

Johnny and Chanel, for instance, are getting back together already and Allie’s gone, so maybe they never split up to begin with. Or even if they did, it could’ve been because Chanel had an affair, and now that Allie’s left they’re reuniting. I don’t know, but the show could make it all work if it really wanted to. Is it a cop-out? Maybe! But it’s the one I’m fervently hoping for!

But why do I have the feeling we’re going to get clones? I say this all as someone who loves sci-fi, fantasy, superheroes, Doctor Who — I’m a full-on geek. But this isn’t Passions or Dark Shadows. We need to come back down to Earth and stay there.

[Edit: Well, so much for those theories. The show just revealed what’s really going on. And I have so many questions…]

Murder, They Wrote

Now let’s get down to this Orpheus murder plot. First off, sorry, Lucas, but your drunk act was not convincing. But sure, it worked well enough. Orpheus may have been suspicious, but it still got him exactly where John and Steve wanted him. I just don’t know that I buy the fact that them killing him will eternally damn the fellas seeing as how Steve used to do Victor’s dirty deeds and Kate earned her way into heaven after trying to murder people more times than we can count.

In Statesville, Lucas glares across a table at a nonchalant Orpheus. A bottle of whisky sits between them.

Lucas started getting impatient when Orpheus showed him the church and the steeple, but refused to open up and show him the people.

Credit: Peacock screenshot

The one thing I am curious about, though, is Orpheus offering up the true killer. Is he talking about who stole the orchid? Or was all this smoke and mirrors? Had he actually been working for someone else? Someone even more evil than him?

I am genuinely interested in finding out who that might be. Again, Megan is my first thought, seeing as how she’ll be back next week, but I still can’t quite figure out the why. It’s there somewhere…

Romance Really Is Dead

For one brief moment I started to wonder if Stefan’s brains had been scrambled to the point that he was having a hard time distinguishing between Chloe and Gabi. Maybe they were merging into the same person in his mind? That would be an interesting twist, at least. But it was just a slip of the tongue.

Though thanks to next week’s preview, I have a feeling that Stefan may soon have his choice made for him.

I know Li’s a snake, but his Valentine’s Day fantasy with Gabi was so pathetic, I couldn’t help but feel bad for him. But thanks to Stefan’s mix-up, that fantasy came a bit closer to true after all. And I think that’s kind of a shame, because I’m starting to really get behind the idea of Sloan and Li.

Outside the Pub, a disdainful Nicole stands between Eric and Sloan.

I’m a bad person? At least I’m upfront about the fact that I’m not going to stick with any relationship more than five seconds.”

Credit: Peacock screenshot

I actually really like that Sloan is a character who has no interest in love, and I hope they keep her that way for a bit. Realistically, a relationship isn’t the be-all-end-all for everyone and in real life, there are folks who just aren’t interested in them. It’s kind of refreshing to have someone in Salem who can mingle with the folks but still roll her eyes at the constant couples drama — like Eric and Nicole.

Both of them obsessing over each other while they were out on Valentine’s Day dinners just grated my nerves. EJ is getting himself into the exact same situation Rafe was in, willfully ignoring all of Nicole’s red flags. Maybe it’s as much as he deserves, but to actually keep pushing forward with wooing Nicole is ludicrous.

Stray Thoughts…

• Sonny leaving with Will I get. I’m sad they couldn’t find a storyline for him, but I get it. Allie joining them was just totally out of left-field.

Allie wraps her arms around both Will and Sonny in Horton Square.

Wait. What married couple is excited to have a sibling suddenly announce they’re moving in with them?

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

• Wendy sympathizing with Stefan being deeply in love with two people seemed a bit off. Are her feelings for Tripp and Johnny really that strong? She’s still getting to know them.

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• Chad, Stephanie and the kids spending Valentine’s Day together was just far too sweet and easy. There’s got to be trouble brewing, one way or another.

• “Roman, Ghost Kate is right, you can’t murder Orpheus!” I don’t wanna be here anymore.

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