Days of Our Lives’ Year End Reveals and Victor’s Eventual Send-Off Pave the Way For Stunning Twists and Unexpected Returns

December 26 - 30

Three photo collage of Xander Gabi and Victor

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Days of Our Lives ended 2022 by finally revealing two long-held secrets. The fallout, plus the possibilities for Victor’s presumed send-off, set up 2023 for exciting drama and unexpected returns. Let’s get to it…

Calling All Kiriakises!

John Aniston’s last onscreen appearance aired on Monday — and it was quintessential Victor. He slung his trademark zingers at Leo and snarked at his nephew Sonny, while also showing the latter love. The montage at the end was a nice tribute, but hopefully, viewers will be treated to a storyline send-off as well.

Since Days tapes so far in advance, it’ll be a while before Victor’s death is presumably addressed. But there are a lot of opportunities for it to kick off an epic story, which could start with Victor’s will. Can’t you just imagine Victor leaving Titan to someone unexpected, thereby igniting a war, as one last dig at his family?

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In Christmas pajamas, Leo sits next to a disgruntled Victor on the Kiriakis couch.

Another scenario could involve Xander. We know very little about his father, a.k.a. Victor’s brother, who a cursory search revealed is dead. Since this is Days, he could always make a grand return to claim his brother’s fortune. Or, something in the wake of Victor’s death could indicate that Xander is really Victor’s son, kicking off a fight for Titan. I believe his mother is dead as well (please correct me in the comments if I’m wrong), but I’d love to know more about her as well.

Then there are Victor’s for-sure sons. Philip could return to challenge any claims on Victor’s fortune, or Victor’s death could somehow be tied to Bo’s resurrection. Maybe Victor was in cahoots with Megan to bring his beloved son back from the dead. A cryptic mention in the will or a document found in a drawer could kick off the search for Bo. The possibilities to keep Victor’s legacy alive are endless.

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In Good Times and Bad?

Speaking of Xander, he absolutely deserves what’s coming to him. I am a fan of the character, due to Paul Telfer’s portrayal, but he has done too many terrible things. If Sarah forgives him for this one, she’ll lose any credibility she built up after forgiving him for making her think her dead baby was alive.

Thankfully, Justin was smart enough to figure out Xander was pulling a con with Red Nax, but whether or not he gets proof of his involvement with Ava is another story. That could all hinge on Sarah. Will she rat him out? Or could something make her cover for her husband, like discovering she’s pregnant?

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With bulging eyes and tense features, Sarah faces Xander in the park. Gwen stands behind her, averting her eyes.

As for Xander, if he manages to avoid prison, he could get involved in Kiriakis drama as mused on above and/or go full villain again if Sarah leaves him for good. Of course, Gwen could try to rein in his diabolical impulses, and they could reunite, but, despite my enjoying their chemistry, he shouldn’t even be friends with her again after what she did to Sarah.

Unexpected Side-Effects?

The other high-stakes reveal this week happened at Gabi and Li’s wedding. As is Days’ habit lately, they blew through it in record time, considering the wedding, the reveal, and Gabi flying to Miami happened over the course of just two episodes. The fallout could have been given more room to breathe, while giving other stories more attention this week, like returning to the Will/Sonny drama.

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Wendy and Li wear panicked expressions, as a somber Rafe relays new s to a confused looking Gabi.

I didn’t expect Gabi to be the one to out Li, though. Heck, I forgot Rolf wiped her memory after confessing to her. I was also surprised they actually got married, which could bite Li in the butt when she inevitably targets him for revenge. Hope he has a prenup!

Another scenario could be that Gabi ends up with a miracle pregnancy, tying her to Li and further complicating her reunion with Stefan. Li and Gabi did recently have a conversation about him wanting to be a better father than his own. She, of course, reminded him that she can’t have more children, but that could have been foreshadowing what’s to come. Maybe a side effect of the drug Rolf injected her with reversed her medical issues. Hey, it’s Salem, anything’s possible.

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Whatever does happen, Li will hopefully stick around on the canvas, so his character can be further developed. He does have the potential to be a formidable Salemite, but as I mentioned last week, he’s played like two different characters at any given moment, so he’s currently hard to invest in.

Odds and Ends

• There are zero stakes when it comes to Chloe and Brady. There’s been little to no angst shown between the two, so I keep forgetting they’ve been “torn apart.” At least they’ve consistently shown the sexual tension between Stefan and Gabi since his return.

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• Chloe wore a long-sleeved dress in Miami, where the weather was supposedly sizzling hot, but all the women in Midwestern Salem wore sleeveless, low-cut gowns to a winter wedding?? To be fair, the residents of Salem have never properly dressed for the season.

• Pre-wedding, Li was way too casual for a man keeping such a huge secret. There’s no way he should have given Rafe access to his phone.

Jada leans across her desk grinning and pointing a pen at Rafe.

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• Gabi and Rafe really shine in scenes as siblings. I need more of them together in 2023.

• I’m officially shipping Rafe and Jada.

• Jada asked Eric if he was avoiding her, but didn’t she ask him to stay away from her?

• Why wasn’t Wei at the wedding or even mentioned? Or Will? Did he mend fences with Sonny and was with him and Ari? Or did he already go back to Los Angeles?

That’s all I got on the week in Salem. Share your thoughts after scrolling through our Days year in review photo gallery below — and have a Happy New Year!


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