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Deconstructing DOOL: Warm our Hearts, Then Rip Them Out, Warm our…

September 18 - 22

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This week was jam packed full of emotion that either ripped your heart out or warmed your heart, depending on the scene. We had three cliffhangers, guys working out in the prison gym set, Nicole and Eric discussed the actual work they do, though some have expressed frustration over missing Steve and Kayla, co-executive producer, Greg Meng explained in this interview, “We can’t write everybody at the same time, the canvas gets too full…”

Drunken Lucas’ pain is our pain.
I’ve been spellbound watching Kate written with multiple layers, when we’re so accustomed to her written solely as a schemer. Many viewers were angry that she gave into tough love and fired Lucas but nobody wants a CEO blitzed on the job if he even bothers to show up so I can’t find fault in her decision. Just sorrow. Delicious sorrow. She admitted to Jenn that she thought it backfired (she never admits to being wrong!) and now Lucas feels more alone than ever. He even went off on Sonny, though we know deep down that sober Lucas would be happy for Sonny to remarry. This story has been a satisfying way to bring Will and his trademark checkered shirts back, and is quite the tease for what’s to come.

On the other hand, Brady’s pain is irritating?
It’s interesting to see how many feel for Lucas while they may not be as compassionate about Brady’s backslide. Myself included. Brady’s jealousy came to a head this week when he learned his brother is in love with his fiancée. But as Victor, who is usually hilarious yet one-note, pointed out, ‘what does that matter’? It shouldn’t except that Nic has a history of rebounding from one man to another, and Brady’s insecure.

Is Nicole’s fickle nature tarnishing her chemistry with Eric?
As mentioned last week in Deconstructing DOOL, it does figure that Nic would fall for Eric again. It’s happening fast and while I thoroughly enjoy their chemistry, and was dying for that kiss to happen, she’s still engaged to his brother. She should take Abe’s sage yet obvious advice. Stay away from Eric if you want a life with Brady, or leave him and set up house with his bro. If it’s Brady vs. Eric, Eric might be the winner, considering he sacrificed his own job in order to keep Nicole at the Horton Center. That’s love.

Wedding bells:
Some viewers are still upset that Gabi didn’t retaliate after Chad dumped her, so I’ve an explanation from Ron Carlivati which could shed light. Carlivati told SOD, “We could have made her into someone bitter after everything that happened but it was more interesting to see her fight to maintain her dignity and take the high road.” Isn’t it nice to break free from the usual soap storylines of obsessed ex-girlfriends? Chad and Abigail have been enjoying a little happiness for a change which means that things are about to get dicey as it’s known to for our happy couples in soaps. That call from Justin on Friday can’t be good. I can’t get behind Abby wanting to delay sex with Chad until after they’re married. Sex is a way to express love and it’s not like she’s a virgin. She has a colourful history and I’m a fan of embracing our past which makes us who we are today. Her mistakes with Austin, EJ and Ben should provide her with wisdom, but it somehow works against her. What works – how sweet she is about the double wedding. It’s very genuine and endearing.

What also works – Andre and Chad’s oddball relationship!

Some fans never forget a mistake!
JJ dispensing advice to Paul about his relationship with Sonny had some fans falling over with laughter. They remembered that while JJ was with Paige he had sex with her mama, Eve, and of course because of that, wondered what he knows about relationships. Haha! Yep. But wouldn’t it be better to get advice from someone who has been there and done that rather than someone who only has something nauseatingly trite bit of ‘inspiration’ to say that they read from their Facebook wall?

Unlikely partnership we can get behind.
Julie and Chloe purchasing Club TBD jointly gave us a throwback to Doug’s Place, a club that Julie and Doug owned in the late 70s, and one unlikely partnership that should prove to be entertaining. All I ask is that they please, change the name of the club!

New police commish?
It feels too soon for Hope to be police commissioner after murdering Stefano. Her police work has been spotty depending on who was writing for her. I don’t think the job should be given to a person based solely on gender, though I do think she’d be more competent than Rafe who is seen by many as a joke when it comes to police work. Eli’s respectable and has a clue but if camp is the direction that they’re going with then Rafe’s their guy! He’d be able to keep up the poor decisions that we’ve come to know and love or love to hate on the force.

This is my opinion – share your own in the comments!

Best lines:

Roman, “I plan to keep Mom and Pop’s dream going, one chowder at a time.”

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– Christine Fix


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