A Series of Fiery Days of Our Lives Confrontations Forced Us to Face Uncomfortable Truths — But Also Gave Us Hope for a Return!

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November ended with a series of incredible confrontations as we had enemies facing off, surprise twists, heartbreaking reveals and true loves saying what can never be taken back.

First up, Sarah confronted Xander with what he was really up to, having put the pieces of his kidnapping Susan and Bonnie together. I’m glad she figured it out so fast because it would have strained incredulity otherwise. But then they pulled back from it — thanks to Gwen! A Xander/Gwen reunion is inevitable at this point. He may have had a chance to fess up without losing Sarah when she confronted him, but learning he doubled down on the lies with Gwen’s help is going to destroy them. And I have a feeling all it’s going to take is Sarah looking at that website in the mirror: Rednax — Xander!

(Un)Willing Conspirators

In Allie's apartment, Johnny faces Wendy, who leans in, pointing,

“Wait, you chickened out too? Does this mean we’re criminals now?”

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

I enjoyed Wendy and Johnny confronting Li and EJ — even though it didn’t go down the way I was hoping! I really wanted them to take – instead, they’re now accomplices. I figured Johnny might back down when he learned Susan was dead and EJ wasn’t directly responsible for Stefan. But I wasn’t expecting to see EJ broken and begging. And it was nice to see that Li genuinely wants to hold onto Gabi and not just use her, not to mention how deep his and Wendy’s relationship really is. I still want to see Li knocked off his pedestal, but I can understand that his sister wouldn’t want to completely destroy his life. The Shins don’t seem quite as messed up as the DiMeras.

But we’re just about out of folks to fix Stefan’s brain. Unless the show never plans on bringing his feelings back and instead plans on Stefan/Gabi falling in love 2.0. That could be fun. Or it could be just another story rehash that was better told the first time.

Is There Hope After All?

At the crash site, a disheveled and drunk EJ holds up his hand at Ava.

EJ tried using the Force to get rid of Ava, but it wasn’t working.

Credit: Peacock screenshot

Ava and EJ’s confrontation was appropriately vicious — though mainly on Ava’s part. And EJ’s brilliant logic that she couldn’t be a manifestation of his conscience because, “I don’t have a conscience” was well done. It’s not entirely true, no matter how bad his behavior, but it did leave open the possibility that if Ava survived, so did Susan.

We just… aren’t quite sure if Ava survived yet. I’m leaning towards yes, and I could see her still holding Susan alive somewhere while she continues to pop up to taunt EJ that his mom’s dead. It’s clear from his nightmare of her that she’s done a good job traumatizing him so far. He’s certainly shaken enough to seek a fellow lost soul like Nicole.

Clean Breaks?

Jada’s talk with Eric was heartbreaking — at least for him. His over-the-top excitement was cut short, and it makes sense he’d assume at first that she had a miscarriage. But it’s time for him to back off because Jada made it clear she wanted to be free of him and the next day, as my one coworker pointed out, he’s back knocking on her door, pestering to see how she’s doing. Leave her alone, Eric. She was strong, resolved and clear with you when she told you what happened. It was only later that we got to see her break down. As she said, right for her or not, having an abortion is not easy.

Sitting across from each other at a Brady Pub table, Jada and Eric told intense eye contact.

Things got even more awkward when Jada and Eric decided to have a staring contest.

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Eric and Nicole, on the other hand, were just painful to watch. I really have virtually no sympathy for Nicole at this point. Her reaction to Eric saying Jada filled him on their talk was to immediately call her a “bitch.” And insisting that “Abortion wasn’t even part of the conversation?” I thought the show was just having her play dumb, but no, she really seems to believe that her telling Jada being a single mom and tying herself to Eric and Nicole was a mistake was not about abortion. I don’t buy it. The show can’t have its cake and eat it too with her. Even worse, she then tried turning it around to make herself the victim by telling Eric he was upset with her for not being able to have his kid. That was gross.

I know Nicole has a “colorful” past, but I’ve never been a hater of her. Now, though, I’m finding it hard to muster much sympathy. And I find myself hoping “Ericole” is well and truly dead because I’m not sure what’s left for them besides Eric finally letting all his rage out. But looking back, I’m also questioning whether this was ever really a couple worth cheering for to begin with.

No Winners

In the interrogation room, Sloan stands in front of a seated Chanel. Allie stands next to her girlfriend, and glares at Sloan.

Sloan was really just flaunting the fact that she was still allowed to stand up.

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

We got to see Sloan throw down with Chanel and while the morally challenged lawyer is very difficult to like, I do appreciate that she does genuinely believe Chanel intentionally killed her mom — and that’s directly because of how Paulina handled the cover up. Fair or not, as she put it and as she sees it, Chanel destroyed her life.

And yeah, while I still don’t buy this whole jurisdiction malarky since these crimes weren’t even committed in the States, I’ve been waiting for Paulina to be arrested for her shady coverup. But shouldn’t Sloan also be on the hook for attempted blackmail? I’m pretty sure that’s illegal too. Or does Trask just pick and choose what she wants to prosecute?

Stray Thoughts…

• Jada to Eric: “There’re so many women in this country with unwanted pregnancies who don’t have a choice, but I did.” I take back everything I said about Days of Our Lives chickening out.

• Paulina. You got yourself into this mess by playing dirty to protect Chanel. Playing even dirtier and dragging Abe down with you by firing Trask is a horrible idea!

• The look on Brady’s face as Kristen explained her plan to “console” EJ with fake Susan was priceless.

• Look, even if Sonny feels pity for Leo for some reason and can offer him a Titan job, why in the world would want him as his assistant again?! Stop this.

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