Days of Our Lives May Have Just Ripped Nicole and Eric Apart Just as They Reunite — Plus, the Ava/EJ War Gets Downright Messy

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Stories that have felt stalled out for months are finally moving forward as November looks to be shaping up into a wonderfully messy month for practically everyone! About the only thing I don’t see coming down the line right now is much happiness for practically anyone on the canvas!

I have to hand it to the show. Even as we’re finally getting movement on the Nicole/Eric front, it just can’t let Rafe stand up for himself! I loved how he called Nicole out for her gaslighting and constantly telling him he’s imagining her and Eric’s non-stop red-hot chemistry. But then a talk with Steve later and he’s back to doubting his own two eyes and apologizing to Nicole for overreacting. Grow a spine, man!

At Basic Black, Eric and Nicole wrap their arms around each other and kiss

Why do I get the feeling this is both a hello and goodbye kiss rolled into one?

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Thankfully, Nicole finally realized she had to break things off. She’s right, Rafe shouldn’t be treated as her consolation prize — but I have a feeling she’ll be right back to trying to soon enough! Jada’s pregnancy may be a giant non-surprise, but just because we expected it, doesn’t mean it won’t mess things up and leave Nicole crying (or trying to) in Rafe’s arms!

Because of course Eric’s going to think he needs to stick by the mother of his child. Heck, that could even mean marrying Jada! For anyone else, that thought would be absurd, but not for someone as laser-focused on doing the right thing as Eric. Then again, after seeing him and Nicole make out, Jada may not feel the same. Either way, I’m just glad this story’s finally got a bit more of an edge to it.

Non-Smooth Criminal?

Eric and Sarah reminiscing over Rachel and how it was Xander’s fault does not bode well for her and her hubby. I don’t for a second think she and Eric are a risk, not with him, Nicole, Jada and his impending fatherhood, but dredging up the Rachel heartache as Xander goes back to being a bad boy is pretty blatantly laying the foundation for her to finally have her fill with him and snap.

I’d say their marriage was nice while it lasted, but we didn’t get to see much of it outside of ramping up to this crisis.

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Come on, Xander. You said yourself no one can hear them, at least leave Susan and Bonnie ungagged for the comedy factor. “The Ringmaster,” indeed.

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As for Xander, himself, that man is genuinely giving me heartburn. What is he doing?? Bringing Susan to the Kiriakis property. Kidnapping Bonnie and then making it abundantly clear that he knows her. Lying about a job that he has to know he can’t sustain since, let’s face it, Victor, Maggie and even Sarah are all either suspicious or pretty darn sure he’s lying!

Good lord, man, I was thinking you could be the only one who could come out of this unscathed, but not the way you’re handling it. I suppose it’s a good thing we’ve got Susan, Bonnie and Xander all interacting in this mess, because the humor those three bring together is keeping me from pulling my hair out as this just goes further off the rails. As Bonnie said, Xander’s now making enemies of the DiMeras and the Kiriakises.

A War Without Winners

Speaking of off the rails, Ava, we need to talk. I get that you may be losing your mind, what with Charlie playing the devil on your shoulder, but even someone out of touch with reality had to know messing with EJ’s family was not going to go well. And speaking of Charlie, please tell him to go away now. None of us need him and he’s just destroying you.

In the crypt, a horrified Ava shows Charlie her phone screen.

“Do you see what they’re tweeting about you Charlie? You need to go before it really gets ugly!”

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In the good news department, I know last week I pondered Ava’s death seeing as how she’d soon be irredeemable, but now that EJ’s kidnapped Tripp in retaliation, I feel like if he can stick around after that, so can Ava. As for Tripp’s rescue, I had a few thoughts on that, as well.

She Did a Bad, Bad Thing

OK, so we know whatever Chanel did, it involved a death, seeing as how she’s been arrested for murder. But the show’s still playing coy with what exactly went down, which makes me wonder how it might be connected to characters we already know. And what’s Sloan’s angle in this? Is she really just a shady attorney for hire, or is it more personal?

Shawn arrests Chanel in the Square. Allie stands next to them and gapes.

“Wait. Paulina actually won?? We’re all surprised at this, right? Is this really how the political system works?”

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I didn’t hate seeing Stephanie, Chad and Alex all ganging up on Leo. When he’s not being a creep, I don’t hate Alex, and it’s nice to see him be human with people. Seeing the three of them as a united front like that almost set up a three musketeers vibe that I didn’t realize I’d enjoy.

And that would be a story I could get behind. A friendship between the three of them as Chad and Alex both having feelings for Stephanie, but Chad not ready to move on just yet. And maybe that’s where they could still go and where it’s almost at, but I think they may have already blown past it and established Chad and Alex as rivals who can barely stand each other. Trust me, Chad, I get it.

But I’m not liking where this is going with Leo. For him to stick around, yes, he needs to be a better-rounded character. And I get that Sonny’s a bit limited in story if his husband isn’t onscreen. But there must be someone, anyone to pair him with other than Leo. And we know that’s where this friendship story is going.

For that matter, they shouldn’t even be friends. The man sexually assaulted Sonny. That’s why Sonny was so determined to take him down at his and Craig’s wedding — he was still traumatized over it and wanted to make sure Leo never hurt anyone else. Do. Not. Put. Them. Together.

Stop starting relationships out with one person traumatizing the other. Just stop already.

Stray Thoughts

• It took me a stunningly long time to realize Xander would be the one kidnapping Bonnie even after I realized she was heading to the shed. Is he fooling even me with that clown mask and “gruff American accent??”

• Abe ran for office knowing he’d not accept it if Paulina won, which they both did. So he was fully prepared to invalidate the entire mayoral election the same day it happened. The worst.

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