Days of Our Lives Just Set Up the Devastating Possibility of Not Just One, But Two Game-Changing Deaths

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While it still feels like we’re in a holding pattern as we get into November sweeps, this week at least gave us a hint at the devastating consequences that could be heading our way. Now if only the show could tell a decent love story. 

I hate to say I told you so (especially about this), but by the end of the week, my hunch had turned into a near-certainty. Susan, I’m sorry to say, likely isn’t long for this world.

I had a feeling earlier in the week once Ava and Xander decided they were going through with this kidnapping plan. November sweeps is coming up, for one thing, and the preview for it suggested deadly casualties in the Ava/EJ war.

Then there was the teaser video we got ages ago and the thought that Susan ending up a casualty of this battle just seemed like too juicy a storyline opportunity to pass up. But it was Friday’s episode the clinched it for me. Xander promised to handle Susan with “kid gloves” after Ava made sure to impress upon him to take care of her.

In the DiMera mansion, Xander sneaks up behind Susan. He wears latex gloves and carries a blue cloth.

Xander really shouldn’t be leaning into this whole kidnapping scheme. Get it? Leaning — never mind.

And that shattered heart as Xander grabbed Susan? Pretty sure that can be chalked up to foreshadowing too. But it was Charlie’s promise (For real, though, is he a ghost or a delusion??) that nothing is going to happen to Susan that made me pretty sure that something is going to happen to Susan.

But now that it’s become so obvious where this is going, I have to wonder if there’s going to be even more of a twist. If Susan is the one in the car that goes over a cliff in the teaser video, it looks like she was in the back seat. And that means someone else was driving the car. Someone, maybe, like Ava.

Her going out in a fiery blaze too would be more of a surprise, but it would also explain that weird U-turn we got after teasing a Johnny/Ava pairing and even sexual tension with EJ. And from a story perspective, Ava and Xander are both in for a world of trouble if Susan dies, and it’s hard to imagine they’d stay out of jail. If Ava’s planning on asking EJ for ransom, even if she tries to cover her tracks, chances are he’ll know exactly who’s behind this.

Xander, though, is an unknown and if the only two women who know he’s involved die… Keeping that secret from Sarah should just about eat him alive.

Spy Vs. Spy

Elsewhere, things were a bit slower. Actually, it’s not that the Ava/EJ war is moving that fast, but at least we can clearly see it’s ramping up for November sweeps.

As for Wendy and Johnny, they really need to work on their espionage skills. Wendy just keeps talking full-voiced on her phone in the office about what she finds and keeps getting caught. The IT angle gave her a decent cover with EJ and Stefan, but for the love of God, learn to be more discreet.

Stefan smirks at Wendy in the DiMera boardroom

“You’re clearly lying, Wendy… but honestly, I don’t care why. Have fun, I’ve got other stuff on my plate.”

Credit: Peacock screenshot

And then there was Johnny’s conversation with Susan that EJ walked in on. Come on, you two, get it together. Although Wendy is good at digging. I’m kind of wondering what Johnny’s bringing to the table at this point other than maybe a flirtatious edge. And while we’re on the topic of just what is he doing, is Susan’s kidnapping going to distract him from this plotting or is it going to be like Marlena’s near-death where he doesn’t even acknowledge it until it’s over?

I’d love for them to be the ones to uncover Stefan’s brainwashing, because the family angle for both of them gives it a nice edge, but I was really hoping for more of a team up of all of EJ’s enemies to make it happen. And with Gabi having been stopped by Rolf’s memory erasing and Ava going ahead with her suicide mission, it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting that.

Slow Motion Couple Swapping

I’m not sure how I feel about Gabi and Stefan at the moment. It’s kind of feeling like the show’s just retreading how they first fell for each other to begin with. They’re trading barbs with the occasional tender moment thrown in. We’ve seen this before.

As for Gabi’s bizarre encounter with Rolf, I’m glad everyone keeps questioning her. OK, so he gave her a memory wiping drug, but did he also take the time to reprogram her to just buy whatever he sold? Because even Gabi admitted that just taking his word that he didn’t mess with Stefan is not like her, so why isn’t she more suspicious? It doesn’t make sense to me.

In Horton Square, Rafe stands between a tense Gabi and Li

“I’d say more about your soon-to-be-doomed marriage, Gabi, but I just remembered, mine’s already dead in the water.”

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

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Rafe’s sarcastic response to Gabi about her insisting on going forward with her wedding to Li was perfect — “That’s great, because marriages always solve everything.” — but maybe it’s time he listens to himself.

Hopefully this modeling gig — ridiculous as it is — finally brings Eric and Nicole’s dance to a head and they give in and reunite. This has dragged on long enough and those two and Rafe are all driving me crazy.

I really don’t know what to say about Alex’s turn from Titan CEO to art director, photographer and all around creative professional. The man’s just not a good photographer if he thought Eric and Nicole’s awkward, uncomfortable faces were making for some sizzling hot photos. I have no doubt they’re going to come out and be these amazing pics that’ll revolutionize the industry or something, but it would be hilarious if they got the photos back and were like, “These are total garbage. We can’t use these.”

In front of a beige photo shoot back drop, Alex holds up his hands to frame Eric and Nicole

Yup. That’s exactly what real photographers do, Alex. All the time. Nailed it.

Credit: Peacock screenshot

It looks like elsewhere, the other couple shuffling is getting well underway at least, though I’m less than thrilled with pretty much all the pairings at the moment. Stefan moved in for a kiss and Kristen seems to think she’s making inroads with Brady thanks to Rachel’s distress.

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I’m glad Chloe called Brady out for his constant claims that he’d be with her if he could be, though. It’s just annoying and making things worse. Him refusing to tell anyone what’s going on is nonsense, just like I said last week when he kept John and Marlena in the dark. Bring people you trust in to help you figure out how to get out of this. Come on, Brady, think a little!

Stray Thoughts

• Johnny remarked that Stefan carries Stefano’s name, so that has to mean something. Well, no. His name was Sam. He just changed it after learning he was a DiMera, so it was kind of self-aggrandizing. Actually, that does make him a good DiMera.

• I was going to say something about Sarah’s lack of reaction to Kristen, but then was happily surprised that it was just professionalism. She made it clear in the hall that she hasn’t forgotten or forgiven Kristen for all she’d done.

• Honestly Ava, I also get annoyed when someone sends a barrage of text messages one after another. Tripp’s text assault would’ve driven me to do something crazy too.

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