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Deconstructing DOOL: The show either seems to be captivating or boring

September 11 - 15

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Last week in Deconstructing DOOL: I found the week glorious and soapy. It’s been exciting to watch the show keep the momentum going and to see so many viewers looking forward to watching our soap daily. To me, it’s “practically perfect in every way,” (like Marry Poppins, who I saw for the first time this year) whether our characters are happy or not, the show still continues to make us feel something, whether it be devastation for those characters having a tough time, or overjoyed for those in a good space. Even the incidental music (the score) has changed considerably, coordinating well with what’s going on in each scene. Still, there are several unhappy viewers who have expressed boredom, mostly crediting being unable to get into the doppelganger storylines or because they loathe one or two specific couples.

Double, double toil and trouble;

Fire burn, and caldron bubble…

Brady’s making small inroads into ignoring his jealousy and trusting his fiancee but for how long?
Nicole agreed not to work at the Horton Center to appease Brady’s jealousy, which was pitiful. Trying to control another person doesn’t dissipate your own insecurities. Thankfully, John returned and let him know that love isn’t control, so Brady did a 180 and Nic’s back working at the Horton Center. Of course, we know this will mean our fickle Nic Nic will fall for Eric again and leave Brady in the dust. Maybe Brady will be too busy to notice, you know because he’s working at Titan, taking over for Sonny, who can’t possibly work his day job considering he’s planning a wedding and everybody knows that when you plan your wedding you must quit your job. Yep.

“Don’t touch my stuff.” – Hattie
Hope knew right away without even seeing Marlena that Hattie had taken over her life, I guess because she spent time with her in the clink. It was convoluted but fitting that Hope was the one to arrest Mad-Hattie. The scenes of Hattie and Hope reciting the Miranda rights together (twice) were hilarious yet poignant. Deidre Hall deserves a Daytime Emmy for this performance. What a ride!

Sheila is all that and uh…a bag of chips!
Sheila’s so much more fun this time around. She’s less aggressive, she has depth and is more of a regular woman, just chill and funny. Her scenes with Bonnie were amusing. How I long for a scene with Sheila and Henderson. Since Sheila doesn’t think the mansion needs a little TLC (yeah I said it!) Bonnie once again had to dust those gawd awful figurines of “that uppity bitch” (dying haha) Maggie’s and of course broke one. Hiding it in her handbag was hysterical. It was a shame it didn’t spill out in the most inopportune time. All that gushing aside, not everyone is happy with either of the doubles storylines. Many find them a colossal bore and yearn to see the last of them behind bars. Sheila double-crossed poor Adrienne, leaving her to rot in solitary for another week or more, meaning this storyline may take a while to come to a head for those keeping track.

Let’s board up Bayview…
Thankfully, Andre, Marlena and John were quickly released from Bayview, the most horrifically run sanitarium I’ve seen in a soaps, and quickly moved on with their lives as if nothing ever happened. It would still be great to hear a follow-up of Marlena getting that hellhole shut down. How stunning was that cliffhanger, on a Monday no less, with the Bayview patient stealing a set of keys? We assume it must be Robert Scott Wilson returning as “Batty” Ben. Will he stir up trouble at the wedding and how will this play into Will’s return story?

Will appears to a drunken Lucas.
Drunken funny Lucas is amazing. Drunken, hurt and raging Lucas is heartbreaking but captivating. His scenes were the highlight of the week and Bryan Dattilo deserves an Emmy for his work. Lucas is devastated and despondent. He’s lost his son, his fiancee, his job, his granddaughter can’t see him until he cleans his act up, and his son-in-law is moving on with the man who helped break up their marriage. Just when he’s starting to blame God, in walks Will. Is this sighting going to make things better or worse for Lucas? Is Will real or a hallucination at this point?

Rope on the rocks?
It’s been a while since Hope and Rafe were shown as an actual couple. They were happy in bed together for about five seconds until Hope got cold feet about marrying her Knight. Is this the start of breaking this couple up? Either way it was intriguing. While their fans are looking forward to more scenes with them together, those who dislike this couple are anxious for Hope to end things.

Cross-section of what viewers are not enjoying from the new writing regime… 

This is just an opinion – go ahead and share your own in the comments!

Best lines:

Bonnie to Victor, “I’m no double dipping hussy.”

Victor to Justin, “Adrienne wants to confide in me about her personal feelings. I’m barely interested in my own feelings!”

Justin, “Uncle Victor, I love you, but can it!”

Julie, “I tend to mount my high horse and ride very frequently.”

Bonnie, “Have you been sniffing the cleaning supplies?”

Sheila, “I’ve been watching my stories. I’ve locked up for 10 years. It feels like I’ve missed nothing at all.”

Hattie, “I was using the royal we because sometimes I just like to talk fancy.”

Hattie, “Anjelica Deveraux, until she up and croaked.”

Hattie, “Anjelica hired me to take over Marlena’s miserable ass life.”

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– Christine Fix


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