Abigail’s Murder on Days of Our Lives Has *Finally* Been Solved — But Things May Still Get Far Worse Before They Get Better!

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The show picked up a bit in its second week on Peacock thanks, in large part, to the endgame of Abigail’s murder mystery barreling towards us at full speed. Still, it was enough to make up for some of the more absurd elements like Rachel’s custody hearing, Xander and Sarah’s “split” and Orpheus’ plotting.  

The show did do a great job of teasing a man we should not have suspected for one second as being Abigail’s killer. And they didn’t do it by making Craig act all weird and out of character. Things just started adding up, and everything he said, which was perfectly understandable, took on a sinister bent. It’s almost a shame they didn’t draw it out a bit longer. His confrontation with Rafe would have had a much different feel if it had happened before we learned about Clyde.

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Clyde’s lack of depth perception is a real problem whenever he tries to shake someone’s hand. 

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As for the real killer, I really don’t want to say I told you so, but, darn it, Nancy, why couldn’t you have listened to me?! I admit that, against all odds, I kind of liked her and Clyde together. His shadier behavior aside, he really seemed to be good for her, to care about her, value her and want to reassure her that she was worth being loved after having her heart broken by Craig. He was saying everything right — but doing everything wrong behind her back!

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I never trusted him and now she’s about to have her heart shattered all over again. Just… darn it! At least we should be getting some amazing scenes next week from Patrika Darbo and Billy Flynn.

But the murder mystery is finally over. It looks like the final confrontations are coming next week, though I’m not sure if it’ll be before or after the wedding. (Please happen before!) I have high hopes that the end game will be just as much fun as all the twists and turns.

With how Friday ended, it’s not looking good for Clyde. If Chad does take him out, will that be the end or set off murder charges for him? There’s no way a killing wouldn’t be considered premeditated on his part, though temporary insanity might get him off in Salem!

Coming Undone

We’re finally getting into Jennifer falling apart, and while the pill popping got off to a slow start, I finally got onboard this week. Will Clyde’s revelation next week be enough to pull her back from the brink? I’m going to go with a hard no.

Cady McClain jennifer jen jpi days pills

“I swear to God, these child safety tops are going to be the death of me yet!”

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Hiding her pills behind Abigail’s portrait was a whole level of heartbreakingly messed up. And it added just the slightest extra tension when Gwen went over to gaze at her portrait, making us wonder if she’d pick it up and inadvertently expose Jennifer. Having that happen might have created extra animosity between Gwen and Jennifer, but it would have been over too quick and painlessly.

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Gwen walking back in and spotting Jen with the pills on the other hand… That was a deliciously vicious confrontation — almost entirely from Jennifer.

Is Jennifer really sure Jack would pick her over Gwen, though? Right now, it does seem like a decently safe bet, but putting him in the position where he has to choose could loosen Jen’s grip. It’s not like she’s been the only woman in his life over the years, or even his only wife. Gwen, on the other hand, will always be his daughter, and he’s proven himself willing to forgive her for a lot.

Either way, Gwen’s just been put in an unwinnable position and for once in her life, it’s because she wants to do the right thing. Tell Jack and risk testing Jennifer’s theory that she could put an end to their father/daughter relationship, or keep quiet and risk it coming out in a way that Jack would blame Gwen? Seeing how this goes down as Jennifer continues to spiral should be good.

Mommy Dearest

The idea that Kristen’s attempts at legal “maneuvering” were in any way effective was just bizarre from start to finish. It shouldn’t have come down to Chloe providing video evidence of being attacked by Kristen. Chloe did try to explain it after the hearing was all said and done as the judge was desperate for any reason to rule against Kristen, but the whole excuse rang too hollow.

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“Are you getting all this down, Ms. Court Stenographer? I want my brilliant arguments recorded for all time.”

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

I feel like there’s a proper way to enter that into the record or something. Surreptitiously slipping the judge a flash drive and having her pretend like she didn’t see it when she gives her verdict feels legally dubious at best. And that’s extra odd since Chloe made it seem like the judge’s hands were tied until then because she had to go by the book.

The custody hearing just didn’t work for me, but hopefully we’re on to better things as Stefan moves in on Chloe. Plus, I can see is disaster in her and Brady’s future once Kristen gets confirmation that Chloe did, indeed, derail her chances to get Rachel. And while I thought for sure this would blow Philip’s disappearance out of the water, they just skated right by that reveal. Still, it really would be a great time to bring him back.

Oh, Brother…

Alex’s one bright spot is the cute relationship he has with his little brother. He’s clearly protective, and popping into Sonny’s room with balloons, jelly beans and a stuffed pony was adorable. A bit age inappropriate, maybe, but hey even my nearly 80 year old father was given a stuffed animal by the hospital staff after his heart surgery.

Alex stands at Sonny's hospital bedside with purple balloons

“Look, I got you purple balloons to make up for all the purple jelly beans I ate! Kidding, I got them to rub it in.”

Credit: Peacock screenshot

It’s a shame Victor’s machinations and his own barely disguised ambitions are getting in the way. Oh, and apparently, he was a purple jelly bean thief. Ultimately, I don’t quite buy his reluctance to run Titan, or his claims that he’s doing it all for the family and to help Sonny. Maybe it’s because I don’t trust him.

Stray Thoughts

• What in the world was the point of Xander and Sarah’s 30 minute split? It wasn’t even long enough for Gwen to find out about or have any kind of consequences.

• Pointing out how insulting all of Nicole’s “I’m just protective of Eric” claims were in suggesting that Jada’s not good enough or a bad influence was spot on. Nicole’s doing everything wrong, which almost makes me sorry since we all know she and Eric are going to end up together.

At Basic Black, Jada stands in the doorway holding a phone, while Nicole sits at a desk with her laptop. They exchange wry looks

“You see this phone, Nicole? It’s full of receipts and you’re about to get read for filth.”

Credit: Peacock screenshot

• I was all ready to cheer on Gwen for doing the right thing with Leo until she explained that she was sure he was innocent, she just wanted revenge. Still, petty or not, he does kind of deserve it…

• I did appreciate Kristen treating the whole devil thing as utterly preposterous in the custody battle. Having Satan running around town for half a year jumping from body to body and being blamed for bad behavior is utterly absurd, especially for those whom it didn’t directly affect.

• I’m still having trouble with the Orpheus plot. Does anyone believe that any of the ladies are actually going to die? That would be a gut punch of a twist, but I just don’t see it happening.

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