Days of Our Lives Put the Kibosh On a Stefan/Gabi Reunion and Has Already Torpedoed Sarah and Xander’s Marriage — Unless We’re About to Get One Big Reveal!

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After an exciting lead-up to the show moving from NBC to Peacock, Days of Our Lives spent its first week online falling pretty darn flat. There’s still plenty of promise, but from Sarah’s utterly bizarre reaction to the Kristen/Brady custody battle straight out of the Twilight Zone, plot took center stage over common sense this week. 

The big fall preview promo made Kayla, Marlena and Kate’s poisoning seem exciting and edge-of-your-seat, but so far this week, I was mostly just bored. We got what was essentially an entire day of everyone staring at their phones while Orpheus droned on and on.

“This is it. You’re going to try to save them, but this is it. You’ll fight as hard as you can, but this is it. No, really, this is it. It’s all over. You’ll all act heroic, but this is it.”

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“Wait, is this Peacock? Why does it just have some guy droning on and on?”

Credit: Peacock screenshot

OK, we get it. Can we move on now? And the ease with which Rafe and Jada tracked Orpheus down because there was ink on the ropes that was only used in one place in town and he was still there? I hope him getting caught was intentional, because otherwise, that’s just silly. I never thought I’d say this, but let’s just get to the Kayla dying part already. (At least, I’m assuming her trip to heaven will only be temporary!)

This Is Where You Draw the Line?

What was with Sarah? Good Lord, her reaction to Xander breaking up Nicole and Eric’s marriage was so far out of left field, I’m not even sure she was playing on the same field as everyone else!

After trying to straight-up kill Nicole and Eric, he held the blonde in a cage, blackmailed her into marrying him and shot Brady. And Xander drunkenly sleeping with Nicole and breaking up her dysfunctional marriage while he thought Sarah had left him was what the new bride drew the line at? The wedding was last week, but I’m pretty sure in soap time it just happened, if not the day before, then maybe two days. And Sarah is already horrified at being Xander’s wife.

In the horton house, Maggie marries Sarah and Xander

“Til death do we part… Or until I’m slightly annoyed by you, Xander. Either way.”

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

No. It made no sense, other than to give a reason for Xander and Gwen to get close again.  But also, we know Rex is on his way back, so maybe Sarah will go running to him. Of course, we’ve hardly gotten any Xander and Sarah since their reunion, so it’s not like they’ve been working to re-invest us in the couple anyway.

Of course, there could always be another reason for Sarah’s reaction… She and Xander could be expecting, and those hormones are kicking into overdrive before she even realizes it! Actually, if all of these possibilities were true, that would make things interesting.

The Slow Return

Even Stefan’s return is falling a bit flat for me, and I was so excited for it. Yeah, it was pure plot from the beginning, but I was loving how it was unwinding. And then he finally got his freedom and, eh. He made clear that the brainwashing took (for now), and he’s once again repulsed by Gabi, but his wandering haphazardly around town, running into people one at a time isn’t thrilling me. It took all week for him just to make it up to the house to see EJ.

There is still a lot of potential, but imagine how much better it would have been if he’d made a big, dramatic entrance during a DiMera board meeting and thrown everything into chaos? Or showed up at Chloe’s door after she and Brady just finished “comforting” each other after the debacle at the custody hearing instead of just visiting her alone. I’m hopeful that Stefan and EJ teaming up (while, I’m guessing, planning to stab each other in the back) should liven things up here.

EJ hands Stefan a glass of liquor in the DiMera mansion

“Cheers to your return, Stefan. I made you a drink at the beginning of the week. Frankly, I was bored enough waiting for you, I was just about to drink it myself.”

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

And Gabi’s blindness with Li is getting frustrated. He’s not even covering his tracks well and she’s suddenly turned gullible and buys every half-baked, poorly delivered excuse he makes. That’s not very Gabi, though I suppose the excuse can be made that she’s understandably off-balance from Stefan’s return. Still, it feels more like plot than character.

I don’t need Gabi and Stefan to magically rediscover their love, but I’m ready for her to catch on to Li and go full Gabi on him. She can plot his horrific downfall behind his back while she strings him along into believing that his plan is working.

Everything’s Upside-Down

And let’s get back to that bizarre custody hearing. Kristen’s past crimes aren’t admissible, but Brady’s past accusations are? What judge in their right mind would entertain Kristen over Brady? Nothing about Kristen’s “legal” attacks made sense, but they were treated as if she delivered some brilliant coup de grâce. This doesn’t feel like legal technicalities tripping Brady’s case up, just excuses to make what should have been a quick hearing drag out longer.

The judge looks through a file as Kristen questions Brady

“No, your honor, I have nothing to say in the face of Kristen’s brilliant legal maneuvering. Clearly, she should have full custody. I’m out.”

Credit: Peacock screenshot

“I’m sorry, the Kristen DiMera wants custody? Denied. Next.”

I am glad, though, that Brady and Chloe put the Kristen/Stefan pieces together already. I feel like exposing that plan and convincing Stefan he’s been messed with and used will finally give them something fun to do.

Stray Thoughts

• Johnny’s response to Chanel being up in arms about him and Ava was great: “If gender doesn’t matter, why should age?” Not a bad point, Johnny.

• I’m glad the show had Alex pull back and start acknowledging that “No means no,” but his actions up until now completely belie his words. If a person shows you who they are, believe them.

• Chanel and Allie took that whole wasting their time making 9,999 cookies for Abe better than I would have. Pretty sure he and Paulina would have gotten baked goods thrown at them right before I told them to make their own cookies.

• It’s about time Rafe started catching on to Nicole’s obsession. These dreams are getting out of control, though. I’m waiting for them to go full Inception and have Rafe, Nicole, Eric and even Jada start sharing dreams within dreams.

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