Days of Our Lives’ Final Week On NBC Leaves Us With Cliffhangers and Mysteries Galore — Not to Mention a Steamy New Relationship!

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This is the final soapbox before Days of Our Lives leaves its home of 57 years on NBC and heads online to stream on Peacock. And I don’t think there’s anyway around addressing that. Rest assured, our coverage won’t change, this soapbox will still be here, and Days of Our Lives will continue on, but this week has solidified my love for the show.

I have a confession to make.

I’m not a lifelong Days of Our Lives viewer. Oh, I’ve followed it for years and have know the characters and the history (I’ve been in the soap game for… a surprisingly long time now), but it’s only in the past year or so that I’ve started watching it daily. And in that time, I have to admit, I’ve become an actual fan.

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It Drives Me Crazy

Oh, there are plenty of things that annoy me. Alex’s creep factor is still dialed up a bit too high for my taste — though I do appreciate the fact that he’s got some more depth to him as, after this week, it looks like Victor’s about to set him and Sonny on a collision course for control of Titan. But I have a feeling my skin’s to be crawling with his and Stephanie’s scenes for some time now.

Then there are the gaps between storylines. Sometimes they’re just too darn long and stories lose momentum. I was just wondering last week what happened to Xander and Sarah, then suddenly this week they popped back up and got married. Lovely, but couldn’t we have seen more build up?

Though Gwen’s stopping in after the ceremony was an interesting touch. I try to be understanding of her, but really? Did you have to make a scene right then? Just wait until the happy day is over to tell Jack “thank you” so you don’t mess it up for anyone. And poor Jennifer; she’s trying to be understanding of Jack, but I feel like Gwen’s just pushing her closer to those pills.

At Sarah and Xander's wedding In the Horton living room, Gwen faces Jack, Maggie, Jennifer, and the bride and groom

“To be perfectly blunt, Gwen, Xander wears the tartan far better.”

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And Orpheus? I’m fine with having actual villains on the show, but I was hoping for a plot that was a bit more long-term, grand mastermind in nature. We need someone of Stefano’s caliber, but, I supposed Orpheus was never and will never be that. Instead he gave Kate, Kayla and Marlena a cold courtesy of Dr. Rolf… OK, that’s not being fair, because it looks like things might get pretty dire for them. That fall preview video during Friday’s episode was intense. But still, this doesn’t feel like something big enough to upend the freedom his pardon was affording him so soon after getting his clean slate.

But I Can’t Help Myself

Still, like I said, I’m a fan. I wouldn’t have this much to say about the stuff I don’t like if I wasn’t. And there’s so much juicy story on the way. We’re right on the cusp of Stefan’s return. It’s clear that while the move to Peacock caught even the cast by surprise, the show put some thought into when to make the move. As much as Kristen is completely shifting all the blame for Stefan’s possible non-brainwashing straight to poor Rolf, it still remains to be seen if it’s actually taken or not. And it looks like we’ll be getting Gabi and Stefan’s first in-depth encounter as early as next week!

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“Oh my God, were there triplets??”

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

And Ava isn’t always the most lovable character — though her vindictiveness can be fun — but my heart can’t help but go out to her as she’s slowly, accidentally gaslit. (Can you accidentally gaslight someone or does that have to be intentional? Inquiring minds want to know.) Her world’s crumbling as she comes to question her own sanity and EJ’s right there to gloat his way through it. And while I never would have thought I’d be into Ava and Johnny, I’m ready to see where they head next.

Then there’s Abigail’s murder. All our suspects have pretty much been cleared and Leo’s been reduced to a fugitive being framed by whoever killed her for whatever reason. So who did it?? And how does Sonny’s attack tie in? Is he just a part of the Leo frame, or was he targeted in some way connected to Abigail with Leo just the most convenient patsy? I need to know!

Leo crouches next to Sonny lying on the floor with a knife in his back

“Framed?! Why do horrible things always happen to me? I’m a good person! A good-ish person… Maybe more mediocre. Ugh, fine, I get it!”

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And yes, that involves following it to Peacock. Change is scary. Even I was concerned at first, but as I’ve been seeing the strength of stories (not all, but many) recently, I’ve stopped worrying so much about what could go wrong and started getting excited at how the show might grow and evolve in its new home. I get that for a lot of fans, this feels like an end. Not everyone can afford to sign up for Peacock, even at the reduced price, and high-speed internet access, sadly, isn’t available for all.

But in a way, it’s a new beginning. I feel like it may be a bit selfish on Peacock’s part, but I think they’re bringing Days of Our Lives over because they want its strength to bolster NBC’s streaming hub.  I’m heartbroken for the fans who feel like they’re being left behind, but I’m hopeful that this will give the show a way to bring in new ones and keep Days of Our Lives running for decades to come.

Soaps thrived after the move from radio to television, and I have faith that they’ll thrive after this move too.  And frustrations and all, I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Beginning this Monday, September 12, Days of Our Lives will be airing exclusively on Peacock. To make sure you never miss an episode, click here. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link within this story, we may receive a small commission of the sale.

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