Days of Our Lives’ Abigail Murder Investigation Kicked Into High Gear With Its Last Two Suspects — So Which One Did It?

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Li surprised us all with just how deep his tendrils reach into the DiMera clan, but that surprise wasn’t quite as enjoyable as the dual investigations into Abigail’s murder. Between “Xarah’s” steamy game of detective and Thomas and Clyde’s revelations, it looks like the walls must be closing in on the killer as we work through the last remaining suspects. Or are they?

Stefan’s Li(ability)

The big reveal this week that Li’s been bankrolling Dr. Rolf’s Stefan experiment was an unexpected twist. It came just when I thought Li was nice enough, but kind of boring now that he’d settled into domestic bliss. Stefan’s gone from asset to liability for Li now that he’s hitched his wagon to Gabi. Instead of being his way in to DiMera, as Li had hoped for years, now Stefan could end up booting him out.

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“Shoot, my phone’s almost dead. This plug isn’t important, is it?”

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Clearly, he views Gabi as being easier to control and manipulate than Stefan, were he to return. But I have a feeling that’s something he’ll come to regret. She’s just starting to open her heart up to him, so his betrayal is going to infuriate her. And going behind Kristen is something Li will definitely be sorry he did. She may have strong-armed Gabi into taking over Basic Black, but I would love to see those two genuinely team up to make Li pay.

As for the Brady/Chloe/Kristen battle… it’s barely taken off the ground. In fact, the happy couple even commented on how odd it was for Kristen to come in, make her big dramatic takeover announcement, then disappear. They have a point. She couldn’t multitask between Dr. Rolf and destroying them?

Playing With Fire

The flames between Johnny and Ava are a bit unusual, but already seem like fun — especially if it gets him away from Chanel and Allie. (Side note: Please go away, Alexander. Just let them be a two-some for a bit. They don’t need a man in the mix.) But that doesn’t invalidate what I was thinking last week with Ava and EJ. She could play the field with both father and son. I’m sure she could find benefits to hitching her wagon to both DiMeras, though hopefully genuine feelings would develop along the way to make things really messy.

EJ, Ava, and Gwen toast in the DiMera glasses

“A toast to what’s sure to be a delightful mess we’re all plunging headfirst into!”

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But am I crazy, or was anyone else enjoying Gwen and EJ’s digs vibes? I could watch her and EJ snipe at each other all day. I say add her to the EJ/Ava/Johnny mix and see what happens.

Yeah, I was looking forward to a Gwen/Xander/Sarah triangle, but I’m fine cutting her loose because watching Sarah and Xander play private eye is a blast. Disguises (Hello, Father Xander!), hacking, spying, not being able to keep their hands off each other in the middle of a murder investigation? Plus, they’re kicking the cops’ butts already, having figured out Gwen’s prison disappearance and her connection to Ava and Leo. Keep bringing it, Days of Our Lives.

I’m a little surprised, though, that Xander would say Leo was incapable of murder, but Gwen, the woman he knew and loved isn’t. Then again, we’ve talked plenty about how similar Gwen and Xander are, which is why they worked. If they’re that similar, then I guess I can see him thinking she’d have no problem killing someone, seeing as how he’s never been above a murder or three.

Evolution of Grief

I really loved Sonny suggesting Chad talk to a therapist and sharing what he went through when he thought he lost Will. Too often, Marlena’s just used to (poorly) deprogram brainwashing and hypnotize murder suspects. They don’t talk a lot about people turning to therapy to deal with the trauma that can come with everyday life. Showing that hey, therapy can be good for everyone and not just recovering serial killers would be great.

At the Horton House, Chad cradles Thomas on the couch as they peer up to Jennifer

“You can not always be wise and wonderful for your kids, but you can be there.” Cue tears in three…

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But the real star this week was Thomas. The way he walked in the room when Jennifer brought him down to talk to Chad and refused to look at his father just tore right at the heart strings. And that look on his face at Chad’s mention that Thomas reminded him of Abigail… That poor kid really looked like he was about to burst into tears. If there’s one thing the show has been handling amazingly lately, it’s the progression of grief for Abigail’s family.

Twists, Turns and Teases

Thank you, Thomas for finally pointing out the Tooth Fairy! In a way, Leo’s been fractured into three different people ever since Abigail was murdered. He’s Leo, who was seeking revenge on the DiMeras, Clyde’s mysterious thief, who gave him stolen jewelry to fence and Thomas’ bizarre basement Tooth Fairy. And now, as we’re almost out of murder suspects, they’re all being pulled back together into the same, very suspicious person. For me, that’s just fun storytelling.

In Horton Square, Chad grabs Leo's arm

“You’re finally going down for your crimes, Leo. Your crimes against fashion!”

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I think Abigail’s killer is likely someone who’s not on the official suspect list, but I’ll admit that the twists and turns as we’ve gone through each suspect have been more enjoyable than I was expecting. It’s not necessarily that they’re all that surprising, it’s just that they’re fun to watch. And that build up to the cliffhanger as Clyde and Nancy burst into the police station just as Leo was about to bolt was brilliantly done. That is good TV.

But Nancy still needs to ditch Clyde. No matter how many times he says the right things to her, she can do better.

Stray Thoughts

• Chad’s “What did you think, Victor Kiriakis would make you CEO of Titan and go down in the basement and start making bird cages?” to Sonny made me chuckle.

In the Kiriakis living room, Chad watches as Alex and Sonny argue

Chad was hoping that eventually Sonny and Alexander would stop arguing and remember their game of hide and seek.

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• That’s two mentions of Jada’s ex in almost as many days. How long before we see him coming to town? That’ll shake things up even more with the Jada/Eric and Nicole/Rafe timebomb that’s just been switched on.

• I can’t help but feel like Belle had some unspoken glee when she told Eric she was moving home to be there for Shawn after losing the baby. But maybe I’m just a pettier person than she is.

• Rachel better show up soon, because Kristen and Brady fighting for custody of a kid that’s not even around would be odd.

• I don’t have much to say about Sonny and Alexander yet. I enjoy both characters, but I need a little more to this Titan/Kiriakis family power struggle that’s developing because it feels too isolated right now.

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