Is Jake’s Days of Our Lives Death Setting Us Up for the Return We’ve Been Expecting… or Something Far Greater? Plus, the Ultimate Female Scheme Team

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Though still suffering from its love problem, the show felt a bit meatier this week. Abigail’s murder mystery was pushed back a bit as we dealt with Jake’s death, but the two stories are dovetailing together into what may just turn an epic DiMera struggle for control of the family and the company. At the same time, we got a new addition to the Kiriakis clan and the triangle we’ve all known was coming looks to have officially kicked off! 

Long Live DiMera

Ava and Gabi better move fast to forge the documents they need because EJ isn’t going to wait around to prove that her marriage to Jake isn’t real. As for the (faux) married couple, that last scene with Ava and (ghost? hallucination?) Jake was frustrating in how good it was. Tamara Braun really put her all into Ava as she worked through her emotions for her dead fiancé.

Outside the jewelry store, Ava catches Jake as he falters, clutching his stomach

Jake went a little heavy on the lasagna before proposing to Ava. That plus all those butterflies made for one heck of a tummy ache!

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Ava and Jake really did work together as characters and both actors could deliver, but just showing how good they could have been at the end and expecting us to believe they’re an amazing couple doesn’t work. We needed to have seen far more of that in the last few months they were supposedly together. OK, OK, it’s over and I’ve said enough about the show’s couples problems… for now.

Overall, I don’t know that many of us are that broken up about Jake. And now we’re probably getting his brain switched over to Stefan. We’ve done a whole lot of speculating this week about how that’s coming next, and now that Kristen and Rolf are swiping his body, it seems like it’s all but certain.

But then I started thinking: Why would Kristen care all that much if Stefan returns? Why would Rolf? You know who they would want to bring back? Stefano.

It worked before — at least in terms of the Salem “science” — but “Stevano” was never sustainable from a storyline perspective. Fans would not accept Steve turning permanently into the Phoenix. But Jake? Would anyone really be broken up about that? Yeah, it’s crazy sci-fi stuff, and they’d have to figure out yet another loophole to bring him back this time, but most of Stefano was crazy sci-fi stuff defying logic. There’s a reason he was “The Phoenix.”

Could they actually pull it off and bring back (a version of) Stefano permanently? Would we be willing to buy it?

Battle Royale

Watching EJ this week, I really started missing having a villain of Stefano’s caliber on the screen. Clyde and Orpheus are running around, but they aren’t these grand, complex villains who can stay on the canvas for decades. Sometimes Kristen feels like she could be, but then she fixates on nothing more than coming between Chloe and Brady. (I’ve been complaining about Chloe and Brady being boring for some time now, but if anyone can liven those two up, it’s Stefano’s favorite adopted daughter. Bring on Kristen vs. Chloe!)

A smirking EJ points at Stefano's portrait in the DiMera living room

WWSD? What would Stefano do? A hell of a lot more than ask for advice from a portrait!

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EJ, this week, though, came close to his dastardly father, demanding Chad turn over his DiMera shares and throwing him out of the mansion, mourning or not. Though he later pulled back on the second demand, that line to Tony just before about how he hasn’t been quite himself — or maybe he has… drove home how much he could be the next Stefano if the show ever let him go that consistently dark.

One particularly interesting thing to come out of this may be the Ava/Gabi team-up. Gabi and Ava at each other’s throats as they (and Kristen) struggle to keep DiMera out of EJ’s hands has so much potential. While that shareholder meeting that put Gabi in the CEO chair was pretty ho hum and boring, hopefully this coming battle over control will be anything but. Especially if we get another risen-from-the-dead DiMera.

Family Reunion?

I loved seeing a side of Justin besides canoodling with Bonnie or swooping in to pull legal papers out of his briefcase. While it would be nice to see him team up with Steve to toss Orpheus — sorry, just plain ol’ Milo Harp, short order cook — back into jail or worse, that speech Justin gave about how the villain wasn’t worth wasting his time was delivered with the perfect amount of venom.

Robert Scott Wilson debuts as Alexander Kiriakis

“Bonnie who? Wait, that weird woman who killed my mom? No, why should I know what you’re doing in my dad’s house?”

Credit: NBC screenshot

But then Justin went home to play the happy dad and greet Alexander. That isn’t bad, but how about giving Wally Kurth more chances to show off?

As for Alexander, his difference from Ben is refreshing, but we’ll see where he goes. It’s clear that he’s the playboy that his father used to be, but is he going to have a role beyond that? Joining Titan seemed more like an afterthought to play in the business world with his brother, but maybe he’ll end up with a thirst for power pitting him against Sonny. Or maybe he’s exactly the “bro” he seems like.

But Bonnie and Justin have been together for a little while now. Are we supposed to believe in all that time that she never interacted with Alexander? And he had to be told that the whole family has forgiven her? Does he not talk to anyone from the family, or do they just not talk about Bonnie? And wasn’t Adrienne the one who raised him more than Angelica ever did? So why does he talk about her so distantly in referring to her as Sonny’s mom?

It just feels like there’s a lot of history that’s being glossed over here.

Triangles’ Beginning and End

Well, we’re jumping into the Xander/Sarah/Gwen triangle fast. It didn’t take long for him start comforting his ex without a shirt! Yes, Sarah, you should have married Xander when you had the chance, because I honestly can’t tell how this will end up. I’m pretty sure “Xarah” is end game, but Xander’s soft spot for Gwen is strong and Sarah’s danger with her hallucinations is real. Up until Gwen said something, I really hadn’t thought about Xander being in danger.

Please, Days of Our Lives, start showing these three more than once a week or so. You’ve dropped the ball enough on the Xander/Sarah reunion.

Paul Telfer, Emily O Brien gwen xander jpi days

“Here, I wrote a little note for you. If you could check off ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to ‘Do you still like me?’ that would really help me decide what to do about you and Sarah.”

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Elsewhere, Chanel seriously pulled her best Bachelorette, just stalling and stalling and demanding Allie and Johnny promise to get along and asking about the pie fight. “We’ll find out who I pick… after these messages!” Honestly, when Chanel found out about the pie fight, I was half expecting her to say, “You know what? You’re both ridiculous and immature, I’m done. I pick neither of you!” But hallelujah, it’s done! Allie it is!

Now, Johnny, go find comfort in someone’s arms. Jada looks pretty free — for now! There might just be some chemistry there with Eric… That would switch up our expectations a bit with Nicole!

Stray Thoughts

• Is it just me, or could anyone else see a friendship form between Jada and Ava?

Tamara Braun, Elia Cantu jada ava jpi days

“A cop and a cop-framing mobster?!” Ava scoffed. “That friendship’s so crazy… it just might work!”

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

• Abe, Abe, Abe, do not take Lucas’ side! You think Roman should forgive Kate? Fine. But you don’t kidnap and traumatize someone out of any kind of worthwhile, healthy love.

• What was with that mugger just running around town on a sudden crime spree? That was weird, right? After getting thwarted multiple times in committing crimes, he just kept going until it killed him.

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