Deconstructing DOOL: More twists and turns than solving a Rubik’s Cube

August 21 – 25

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Our week in Salem started out on a high note, full of surprises, big reveals, and a touch of romance but there were a few sour points…

Unless it’s another red herring, Deimos’ murderer was revealed.
Nicole was on our list of Salemites who wanted to wring Deimos’ neck. I admit I was surprised she murdered him yet shouldn’t have been. Now that we’ve seen the murder play out with the twist of Deimos divulging that he bribed the second judge to take Holly away from Nicole, it’s fitting that Nicole is the killer rather than Xander at Victor’s behest (as it was originally written). It gives us months to wonder what comes next in Nicole’s future with Holly, Brady and…Eric. Yikes, who can ignore that off the charts sexy chemistry that’s back between Nicole and Eric?

Good for Joey.
In the last few years we’ve seen too many characters get away with crimes, leaving viewers conflicted on how to feel about them afterward. Joey going off to prison leaves room for character growth and a future return.

Tripp’s sudden understanding raises a skeptical eyebrow.
Tripp learned that Joey killed Ava because she ‘messed with his mind’ and suddenly all is forgiven. Offscreen. Hmm…Tripp’s whole backstory was ridiculously written, so let’s say we suspend disbelief about this 180 as well and move on.

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A blight on an otherwise good week.
Abigail demonstrated a bizarre “sense of humour” when responding to Chad’s proposal that nobody’s ever seen in her and nobody wants to see again. There’s a time and a place for joking and that wasn’t it. It’s times like this that make it difficult to ‘ship’ this couple. It ruined the moment for me and instead of ‘shipping’ them I wanted to ‘ship’ them right off to Siberia. Then in the next scene Chad brought Abigail some applesauce with cinnamon and she melted like butter in his hands. Applesauce? I’ve been trying to keep an open mind about this couple, but things like this make it difficult. They’re young. They should be sexy, not recreating a scene that happened last Sunday at my grandparents’ house. Things got worse Friday when it somehow “slipped Chad’s mind” to tell Gabi that he planned to propose to Abigail. Since he doesn’t have dementia, we can deduce that he’s either a selfish coward or has zero compassion. Or maybe both. Gabi took the news with dignity and while I give her credit, part of me wishes she would have hit him across his head with her purse for leading her on as long as he did.

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Sonny and Paul got some respect and moved from roomies to lovers.
Sonny and Paul have kissed three times since they’ve been “in a relationship” under the old writing regime who were careful not to give them much airtime together or show their love for one another. It’s been frustrating and impossible for me at least to invest in them when they acted like pals. This week that all changed and they’re now engaged. It was fast. But their moment was tender and sweet and we finally got to see them in bed together. They’re displaying so much love that I’ve finally faith that we should see them as a real couple.

The couple that’s committed together, stays together?
John quickly deduced that ‘Marlena’ wasn’t acting herself and followed her to Bayview Sanitarium where he was able to somehow bypass security and wound up outside of the real Marlena’s locked and padded room. Sure, it’s complete and utter bullshit but nevertheless was entertaining as all get out if you can suspend disbelief – and I can. In another major twist, Hattie really did her homework and somehow had John committed for having multiple personalities. Damn. I didn’t think she was that smart. It was fun to hear John and Marlena’s ideas about who Hattie was working with. I don’t think we’ve heard the name Alex North in 11 years! Was that foreshadowing or just a fun reminiscence? 

Raines’ true colours.
Raines exposed as Dario’s silent partner in the counterfeiting scheme is a fun twist considering he’s always bitching and moaning about how the Bradys’ are crooked. It’s almost a shame. It’s been gratifying having at least one cop at SPD go by the books while sneering down his nose at the murderess and her sidekick. 

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I forgot Kate is Lucas’ mother.
I can’t recall the last time Kate and Lucas were in a scene together. What a shocking yet random treat. True to their relationship, they picked up arguing as if there was no time apart and Kate couldn’t resist poking the bear with an ‘I told ya so’ when Lucas confided that Adrienne dumped him. Ack. I give Bryan Dattilo credit for Lucas being a hilarious and caustic drunk. That barb he made to Eric about not drinking and driving like Eric would was a scream, reminding us that this is a soap, not a fairy tale, and that someone was bound to throw Eric’s mistake in his face. Ouch! The big question of the week is will Lucas remember that he became aware that the woman he was making love to (or some can argue being raped by) wasn’t really Adrienne? 

Our Friday cliffhanger returned with poor Anjelica keeling over dead during one of her arguments with the town buffoons, Hattie and Bonnie. Last week I mentioned in Deconstructing DOOL: that I wanted one of them feel a bit of culpability and this week Bonnie admitted to feeling guilty about her part in Lucas falling off the wagon. Good timing. It felt more in tune with the Bonnie that we once knew. Still, without Anjelica to control these walking disasters from doing something even dumber than usual, I’m not sure how long they’ll be able to keep up their charades!

As for Kate, all this talk about the DiMera board thinking Andre is a lunatic feels like foreshadowing. I’m wondering if she’ll do something to have him committed so she can dump him but keep the DiMera name. It would be true to her character. 

This is one reporter’s opinion – please share your own in the comments!

Best lines:

Hattie to Anjelica about Roman, “He just turned me out like a muskrat at a gopher convention.”

Lucas to Eric, “I’ll take a cab. I’m not you!”
Lucas, “I must be drunker than I thought.”

Lucas, “You’re not Adrienne.”
Bonnie to Lucas, “What’s in a name?!”

Bonnie, “That Jon Bon Jovi was right. To your own self be true.”

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– Christine Fix


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