Days of Our Lives Set the Week Ablaze With Another Wedding Disaster, But Sami and Lucas’ Collapse Seemed the Least Important Part of It

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Sami and Lucas’ disaster of wedding dominated the week’s storyline. It was well done, and the fallout should spread nicely throughout much of Salem, but somehow the pieces just didn’t feel like they fit right.

Wedded Diss

Where to begin with the wedding? The drama was there, the acting was there — it just didn’t quite click for me. By the end of the week, I was trying to put a finger on what I was feeling and mostly, it was exhaustion. Part of that is that the big reveal involved so many horrible people — or once decent people who’ve done horrible things — that it was hard to find empathy for anyone. Chad maybe, desperate to find Abigail’s killer? Roman? Lucas’ kids, wrestling with the very real possibility that their father is a monster? There aren’t many.

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Johnny’s suit choice proved to be a very divisive topic at the wedding.

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Then there was just how fast we went from return to wedding planning to Sami storming out of town, laying waste to everyone behind her. I mentioned a little while back how I felt like we were fast-forwarding through so many stories, and one of them was Lucas and Sami’s reconnection. We didn’t get to see any of it onscreen. We only got to hear about how grand a time they had while they were traveling.

Lucas being desperate I got, but Sami having fallen madly in love with him again? That’s a no, especially since she seemed so intent on rubbing it all in EJ’s face. That encounter she had with him and Nicole just before the wedding made it clear where her true feelings lay. You know what they say about that thin line between love and hate.

A Traumatic Experience

So while the wedding went off technically perfect, the build-up fell too flat. Sami’s loss didn’t feel earned enough. With that said, when she turned around to tell everyone what being kidnapped was like, we finally got into how traumatizing the experience was to her.

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“I know it hurts, Sami, but honestly, at this point, it might be best to just give up on this ‘wedding’ nonsense for good.”

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And while it was hard mustering sympathy because of just how vicious she was to everyone around her afterwards, there was something heartbreaking when she broke down with Marlena and asked “What is wrong with me?” It was as if she finally got a true, unfiltered look at her life and was overcome by grief at how it kept going so wrong.

Plus, her reminiscing about all her years with Lucas helped drive the betrayal home. He’s been a huge part of her life for years, and she still clearly loves him, even if I don’t necessarily buy that she’s in love with him this time around.

With all that said, Sami has now been violated by both EJ and Lucas in horrendous ways and if the wedding didn’t quite drive that point home because of the disconnect I was getting between her words and her true feelings towards Lucas, her speech as she stormed out of Salem did. She’s been “ping-ponging” between EJ and Lucas for almost two decades, and maybe, just maybe she really has had enough.

Heck, even Alison Sweeney seems unsure of whether Sami will ever come back.

They Can’t Un-Ring This Belle

Unfortunately, before Sami left, she went and ruined goodwill by running off to gleefully tattle to Shawn. Granted, that made for one hell of a good showdown afterwards, but that’s the point. Sami’s gone. Sympathy for her or not, her story’s finished, so honestly, it’s the fallout for everyone else around the wedding that seems more interesting to me.

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“And just where have you been, young lady? You know you have a ten o’clock curfew!” 

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Fallout like Shawn lighting into Belle. That deserves a chef’s kiss. Now that Jan’s gone (for now?), I can tolerate him a whole lot more. And that line he had for Belle about how they both suffered trauma and she was acting like she was the only one who did hit the nail on the head. Clearly, it’s not something she liked hearing.

Do we really believe EJ and Belle are done? After that encounter and Sami’s exit, I can’t see EJ or Belle feeling much guilt anymore. Belle knows where EJ’s heart lies after he literally left her in her underwear as he ran off to declare his undying love for Sami, but misery does love company.

Genuine Remorse

Kate’s pain as she tried justifying herself to Roman was understandable. As was him throwing her out. And that line he threw at her… “Kate, did you ever start to notice that people get hurt when your boys start to like women.” I mean, ouch. There are so many disturbing depths to that, not the least of which includes a dangerous misogyny in her kids.

Lauren Koslow, Josh Taylor roman kate jpi days

“This may be a bad time for it, but did we remember to turn the stove off at the pub?”

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

As for her convincing Lucas to plead not guilty, are we ready to… I don’t want to say forgive him, but accept that he’s genuinely remorseful, will never do anything like this again and is willing take whatever punishment he deserves? I feel like I should be, but hearing Sami describe how horrifying the ordeal was really makes me want to see him actually get that punishment.

EJ squaring off against Kate is something I’m looking forward to. His threat was chilling, not just of revenge but even implying physical violence against her, but if anyone can out-DiMera a DiMera, it’s Kate. With Marlena’s help? No, I’m sure her running to the doc was more a sign about her desperation to get Roman back than dealing with EJ.

Stray Thoughts

• Nicole and Eric keep edging closer together, from his hallucinating officiating her and Rafe’s wedding, to the new bride flashing guiltily back to Sami wondering how long before she cheated… All of which begs the question: Is anyone rooting for Rafe?

• I was just thinking after watching Beyond Salem how much of a waste it is that Steve and Kayla’s kids aren’t around (or are they?), so the empty nester’s scenes with Shawn at the end of the week were touching. They’re his surrogate parents and I’m a sucker for these family moments.

Brandon Beemer, Stephen Nichols shawn steve jpi days

Then again, drinking together at 9 AM probably isn’t the healthiest family dynamic…

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

• Kudos to EJ with the important questions while Belle recounted the Jan ordeal: “Why would a cabin cruiser have an oar?” Because plot! (But also, kudos to Belle’s response: “I don’t know. You’re losing the thread here.”)

• That gash on Lucas’ hand when we and Chad got a glimpse did not look good. In fact, it looked like it hadn’t healed at all since Abigail’s murder!

• Enough with the squabbling, Allie and Johnny. Just enough.

• Chloe and Brady… meh. They need an actual storyline.

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