Days of Our Lives Left Us Gutted as We Said Goodbye to Abigail and Pondered the Deepening Mystery of Her Death

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We got another short week thanks to hearing preemptions, but that’s oddly OK because the days we did get were so packed full of emotion, a full week’s worth of the show might have reduced us to a sobbing mess. 

Pure Heartbreak

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: When Days of Our Lives works, it works. Did any of us want Abigail to die? No. “Chabby” has been on fire lately. But so far, the show is hitting it out of the park with the aftermath.

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Chad in particular has just been tearing at our heartstrings. Everything about his loss has just been gutting. His panic on finding Abigail and trying desperately to save her. EJ wrapping his arms protectively around Chad as Kayla tried to reassure him that he did everything humanly possible to save Abigail. Cradling his wife’s body when he visited her to say goodbye. The hauntingly sad visions of Abigail talking about making a baby only for Chad to remind her that they can’t anymore because she’s dead.

Lord, I’m getting choked up just thinking about this week.

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Tuesday’s show in particular was excellent in the quiet moments, as Chad, traumatized and shaken, revisited their bedroom with Rafe, flashing back to joyful times just a day earlier. Then there was Jack and Jennifer’s return as they said their own heartbreaking farewells, breaking down in the hospital morgue and taking turns comforting each other.

It was just a bit jarring to see Cady McClain take over the reigns as Jennifer again so soon after we’d seen Melissa Reeves back in the role, but that’s not a knock on McClain, just a comment on the circumstances. She once again didn’t miss a beat picking up with Jen and playing the grieving mother.

I even appreciated the different “flavored” flashbacks we got from everyone on Tuesday. Lucas’ alcohol soaked memory was overexposed and washed out, while Chad’s thoughts of his wife were warm and saturated with color. Gwen’s memories were dreary and bleak, while Leo’s were creepy, dark and infected with an old-fashioned flickering around the edges that gave him a distinctly villainous feel. Also, it was interesting to see just how quickly those last two crumbled into accusations and mistrust, even though they’ve been friends for ages and are really the only friends they have.

Everyone Loved Abigail

On Wednesday, I really appreciated getting to see Gabi react. Too often I forget how close they once were, and even though Gabi never quite managed to patch up her friendship with Abigail, her grief was a touching reminder of the heart that’s so often buried under her scheming. Plus, I feel bad for Li because seeing him comfort her and promise that he wasn’t just there for a superficial fling really helped me to warm up to the two of them as a budding couple. It’s going to be a shame when she inevitably breaks his heart and runs back to Jake.

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Am I a “GaLi” stan now? Yes, I just made that name up.

Credit: NBC screenshot

Speaking of Jake, it was touching to see him put aside his animosity towards his half-brother and try to comfort Chad. Abigail, Jake recalled, was the only DiMera to reach out and welcome him into the family. And it was even more touching to see Chad so beaten down and broken that he accepted his brother’s empathy.

Who did the actual deed? I suppose all the suspects are fair game, but my money’s either on Leo or someone completely unexpected. From a character standpoint, Leo feels like the only one who’s disposable enough to murder someone as beloved as Abigail. Plus, it just seems so obvious since we know he was at the mansion. It’s like the show wants us to think it’s too obvious, when instead it’s just the right amount. If that makes sense. It’s like a double (triple?) fake out. Maybe I’m overthinking it. I welcome other theories.

Elsewhere In Salem…

There weren’t many places that weren’t touched by Abigail’s death, but life still went on in the few episodes we got this week. Tripp said goodbye to Steve, Kayla and Ava, ostensibly to get to know his siblings better. It seems like a flimsy reason to me, and Allie seemed to think the same thing when she called him out and asked if she’s the reason he’s leaving. But no, he assured her she wasn’t and I guess we’ll have to take his word for it.

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“Wait, didn’t I just say goodbye to you the other week? Is this going to be another fake out?”

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

I noted earlier in the week that there was so much missed story potential we could have gotten with either Tripp’s death or his staying in town, but for better or worse he’s gone. And maybe, I have to grudgingly admit, Abigail’s loss might have eclipsed his own. If the show knew they were saying goodbye to her, having the two of them die so close to each other might have been a bit of an overwhelming downer.

Belle and EJ almost took things to the next level, but, again, Abigail’s death took over. I really appreciated Johnny saying he was scared of what his mom would do to EJ and “Aunt Belle” if she found out they were into each other. Hello, foreshadowing, and cheers to Johnny’s awareness of Sami and EJ’s volatile relationship. Now it’s just a matter of when she’ll return. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Lucas already has his hands full since neither Kate nor he himself are sure of whether he was capable of murdering Abigail in a drunken blackout. Even if he’s innocent, Sami’s return and the resulting fallout could push him even more dangerously over the edge!

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