After a Week of Buildup on Days of Our Lives, Abigail’s Big Death Finally Arrived — But We Still Weren’t Ready for It!

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Maybe I’m still riding high on having finally bid farewell to show’s supernatural elements, but for the most part, I’ve been enjoying the stories lately. From the Lucas/EJ and Sami/Belle conflicts heading our way, to Abigail’s horrifying death, this was a strong week — even if we did get some dropped story threads!

The Feud We’ve Been Waiting For

Yes, yes and yes to finally seeing the real Sarah and Gwen go at each other. Sarah unleashed her claws after a week of absorbing Xander’s multiple flings while she was gone. It’s hard not to think she wasn’t just going after Gwen, but also taking out some of her frustration over her beau’s marriage and near-marriage.

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How long is Gwen really going to hold back?

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Right now, Gwen is pretty beaten down, but this is a feud that I’m looking forward to especially since she’s about to lose her other sparring partner in Abigail! Sibling rivalries are great and all, but there’s something special about arch-enemies born out of a romantic triangle.

The Moment We’ve Been Dreading

This whole week has been setting us up for the death we’ve been pretty sure was coming but were hoping wasn’t: Abigail’s! But this morning, we got confirmation that Abigail really is a goner and Friday ended with her body! Everything from Chad and Abby’s baby-making attempts to Susan telling the stubborn reporter that curiosity kills the cat has been leading us here. And though we don’t have a huge list of suspects, this week gave us a wrathful Gwen (RIP, ugly mug), a vengeful tooth fairy Leo (if he isn’t killed by Sonny next), and a desperate, drunk Lucas.

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Even if Leo didn’t do it, we can now add “peeping tom” to his creeper resume.

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Between the wedding implosions and Chad spilling Lucas’ kidnapping secret to Abigail, it seems like both parts of “Chabby” have done their share in hastening her death. I’m not at all saying she deserves it, but I have a feeling when Chad finally learns who does the deed, he’ll be wrestling with his own guilt over her murder.

Killing her with as much as I’ve been loving “Chabby” lately is a blow, but it’s been slightly softened by learning it was a practical decision with Marci Miller leaving. This, at least, is going to send her off with a healthy dose of heartbreak and drama. But, ugh, they really having been hitting all the right notes as a couple for months — which I guess was the point to drive her death home. That’s just smart writing.

Love Is Messy

I like that Chanel told Allie and Johnny off, because they were getting way too entitled and demanding. Yes, it’s your hearts at stake and that’s something not to be taken lightly, but Chanel has been put in an impossible situation and it’s going to take time for her to work through it. It’s a shame, though, that Tripp won’t be a part of this equation anymore, seeing as how we just got news that he’s on his way out.

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“Eenie, meanie, miney… screw this. I choose me!”

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Now, does that mean Chanel might end up choosing Allie? It’s not like Tripp and Johnny would hook up if they were both the odd men out, so Tripp wouldn’t have to stick around. Just my musing. But that would certainly add fuel to the EJ/Lucas fire that keeps flaring up. EJ would likely get more upset at his son losing, out than Lucas would if Allie was left in the cold. Maybe. Lucas hasn’t been all that stable lately.

Throwing Down

It’s always a good time seeing Lucas and EJ going at each other. And knowing that this time, Lucas is the bigger danger added a whole new dimension to their feud. But seeing them offer condolences to each other for their children possessed by the devil was so blasé, it was just bizarre.

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“Wonder Twin powers activate! Form of: A wall!”

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I’m still not sure how I feel about this turn for Lucas. As Roman said when asked for his marriage blessing, Lucas has always been such a positive, healthy influence in Sami’s life. Until now. Kate referred to Sami’s kidnapping as “a boneheaded thing,” which makes me think the show’s really trying hard not to make him a villain, but I’m not buying that. Kidnapping a woman and holding her hostage for months is not “boneheaded,” it’s calculated and cruel.

The Problem With EJ

After I mentioned last week how much I was enjoying EJ and Belle together, a fan pointed out how disturbing it is for Belle to embrace her sister’s rapist. And honestly… they have a point. EJ’s repeated assault of Sami (not just his own rape of her, but his role in replacing Rafe in her bed) has always been a problem with “EJami” themselves.

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“My condolences for the baby being born alive. What? Am I not supposed to say that out loud?”

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Part of what I like about Belle and EJ is that they seem to be good for each other and in EJ’s case, perhaps it could help him become a better person. But… OK, yeah, that happening with Belle is problematic. Then again, she’s not unaware of her actions, as she made clear to John this week that there’s a part of her that’s happy to get revenge on Sami with EJ. Maybe EJ isn’t that good for her after all. When Sami does come back, it’s going to get ugly.

As for EJ, he is not a good person. He’s not Ben, and he hasn’t tried to turn his life around. He’s a morally dubious character who will likely always do horrible things mixed in with good things. We were all forcibly reminded of that this week when he voiced what should have been the unspoken to Belle maybe the best thing that could happen was Shawn’s baby dying.

Instead, of course, we got the opposite.

Bouncing Baby Boy

I wasn’t expecting the baby to come this quickly. I really thought, if anything, Jan was faking her distress. Nope! She went into early labor, and they had to deliver the baby before Marlena could barely start Jan’s “rehabilitation.”

Deidre Hall, Heather Lindell marlena jan jpi days

“My professional opinion? You’re a horrible person, Jan, and I hate you.”

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Her appealing to Marlena that everyone else gets a chance to become better, so why is she different was valid, and it’s one we’ve raised too. But it’s a point that the show has consistently written to be, as Jan put it, “bull.” She’s different because she is. She doesn’t want redemption, she just wants Shawn.

It’ll be interesting to see how (if at all) a baby changes her, but now the show’s going to have to go to more attempts at bending over backwards to explain her staying out of jail since she doesn’t require bedrest anymore. That excuse was flimsy enough, but I’m guessing they’re now going to go with her being too weak to go back or something after that early labor. Cue eye roll.

Stray Thoughts

• Susan can be over-the-top, especially when paired with the supernatural, but she can still get a laugh out of me, like when EJ and Belle walked into the room to find her stroking the wall.

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• Marlena’s mix of disgust, disapproval and disappointment on seeing Shawn feeding Jan was perfection. The look on her face said it all, but I appreciated her, “I know Jan’s on bedrest, but I think she’s perfectly capable of feeding herself.”

• I don’t think this is how therapy works. There’s a clear conflict of interest with Marlena as she’s outright hostile with her patient. I’m not saying she’s wrong to feel that way… but I feel like agreeing to treat Jan is a big doctor/patient ethical no-no.

• No Eric/Nicole/Rafe or Lani/Paulina/Abe this week. I know you can’t get everyone’s stories in every day, but I wish they wove in touches here and there, so we don’t just drop threads a week or more at a time.

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