Deconstructing DOOL: A well-rounded week showcased zaniness and drama

August 7 – 11

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It’s been satisfying to watch “Days” characters remind us of their history together, like Victor and Nicole’s scene when she threw her taking a bullet for Victor in his face, Jennifer checking in with Julie about Abigail’s accident when she wasn’t in the scene, the was a mention of Abigail’s childhood illness, and Marlena’s reminiscing about Samantha committing her. These fleeting scenes add an element of nostalgia. That combined with the humour, the (low-key) romance of the and Chad reunion, the Johnson family drama, mixed with the zaniness of the doppelgängers gave us a well-rounded week. But does that mean we liked everything that went down?

What’s with all the martyrs?
Chad, like Sonny before him, turned himself in for Deimos’ murder, yet there’s no proof either did it. Ack. I couldn’t help but wonder if Theo and Abigail secretly think Chad was ungrateful for turning himself in after all they did for him! Haha But having Sonny and Chad together in a cell gave us more insight into what happened the night of Deimos’ murder, though we’re still not clear on who did what, and have another question. Why does Eric have the cursed amulet? And does it really work? Is it why Brady’s lost his mind?

Two peas in a pod.
Rebounding, distrustful Brady is almost as annoying as whining, sniveling Nicole. I used to like these two but at the moment they’re grating. I’m not sure either knows how to love. They seem more in love with love than anything. It was gratifying to hear Nicole admit she’s been treating Eric poorly for over a year. Having Eric take photos of her sure feels like they’re circling back with their relationship in an attempt to get them back together, not as just friends, but the lies are ruining it and Brady’s obsessive reaction is difficult to watch. Maybe he should put more effort into maintaining a relationship with his son than obsessing over Nicole Walker. The drinking with poor Lucas after he was dumped by mean, mean, mean old Bonnie was both hilarious and sad to watch.

Abby and Chad reunion underwhelming?
While die-hard shippers of any couple might look beyond this low-key reunion out of happiness that Chabby finally reunited, many others expressed similar thoughts as this one from JaggedEdge from the Days board, “For a couple who has received so much publicity about being endgame, I expected more.” While the dialogue was there, and the acting was there, oddly it was still not the biggest payoff we’ve seen. Gabi showed courage and maturity by letting Chad go, making us thankful she wasn’t going to do something desperate to hold on to him. It wasn’t at all ironic that JJ just happened along when she needed a friend…I’m so ready to put this triangle behind us.

Good old-fashioned family drama?
It’s good to see this storyline coming to a close. Tripp lost his mind and threatened Kayla’s life, yet nobody called the cops. Tripp finally stepped up, cut those apron strings and confessed to being a murderer and true to “Days” fashion, nobody called the cops! Some drama unfolded afterward with the family’s emotional collapse and the argument between Kayla and Steve when Joey decided to turn himself in, but then we never saw him at the end of the week following through. Both guys should be held accountable for their actions but somehow I think both are going to skate.

Resident doppelgängers:
There are mixed feelings about these doppelgängers. I like this style of writing, the humour and would take it over the doom and gloom but I’m in the minority. I don’t need to invest in these two. I just see them as pure silly entertainment, but I admit that them both acting like ignorant rubes can and has gotten a bit old already. But I’m not concerned. This story won’t last long. One poster calls the characters “ludicrous and out of touch” and so far, the polls show the majority dislike supernatural stories including this one. I agreed with Dustin who said in the last Deconstructing DOOL, how fun it was to see Deidre Hall flex her comedic side. My only question is how does Hattie know Anjelica? I’d like to see flashbacks of that meeting to connect the dots.

Did I mention how thrilled I am that my Vivian Alamain is returning?

This is one opinion – please share your own in the comments!

Best lines:

Claire, “Going to prison would be totally uncool.”

Lucas to Brady, “Nicole cheated on me with Eric, too!”

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– Christine Fix


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