Deconstructing DOOL: Writing improving, but doppelgangers a step back

July 31 - August 4:


Hey “Days,” fans, Dustin Cushman here filling in for Christine Fix, who is on vacation this week. So, while the writing on “Days” has definitely improved under Ron Carlivati, there are still a lot stories that need to be wrapped up, and others I could do without. Let’s get right into things!

The never-ending Gabi/Chad/Abby triangle.
After Abby was mowed down by the car meant to take out Dario, he fled town and didn’t look back. Bye Felicia! I am so glad Dario is gone, because I couldn’t take another minute of him conning Abby with his ridiculous green card marriage scam. I will say I hope we find out who tried to run down Dario, and who he was going to rat out. Otherwise if it’s left unresolved it will just be one more thing to be annoyed with that storyline. I’m also over Abby being a doormat for both Dario and Chad. With Abby fighting for her life, and Chad learning she was willing to sacrifice her life for his freedom, hopefully these two will find their way back together. The Chad/Abby/Gabi triangle needs to end, and Gabi needs to move on. Friday’s episode appeared to be a step in this direction with Gabi overhearing Chad declaring his love to an unconscious Abby and realizing she was losing him.

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Who killed Deimos?
This mystery is holding my interests with all the twists and turns. It definitely looks like Victor knows who killed Deimos, or possibly was behind it, but I don’t know if this is just another red herring at this point. I definitely don’t think it was Chad, even though the photo makes him appear guilty. The end of the week saw Paul and Brady confirming that Victor did break Xander out of jail and fly him to the US, so it really does look like Victor was behind his brother’s murder. It’s shocking though that he’s let Sonny sit in jail as long as he has.

Another pointless triangle!
If Nicole wasn’t leaving the show, I might find myself more invested in this storyline involving Brady being jealous over Eric, and Eric and Nicole having unresolved feelings for one another. Unfortunately, I’m not interested in it because Nicole is leaving. I just want to see her get Holly back and have a happy exit from the show given how much crap she’s had to endure over the years. I also wish they never went there with Eric, because I really enjoyed Eric and Jennifer together, and it seems pointless to break them up over a character on her way out.

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Kidnappings and doppelgangers galore.
Christine mentioned in last week’s Deconstructing DOOL that many didn’t like the campy scenes with Anjelica and Hattie. I enjoy seeing Marlena playing Hattie only because it is nice to see Deidre Hall flex her comedic side given Marlena is always so serious. With that said, as a fan of almost thirty years I would be thrilled to never again see a look-a-like story as well as watch Marlena be kidnapped and locked in a small room. “Days” has done both of these to death and it is time to find some new material. With John being in the ISA, he needs to chip Marlena, himself as well, and just for safety throw in one for Hope. These three characters are constantly being kidnapped, brainwashed or having doppelgangers sent to Salem to take their place. Enough!

Nobody cares about Ava.
Ava was an awful character while she was alive, so why the show felt the need to revive her memory and have Tripp go on this quest to vindicate his horrible mother, who he never met, is mindboggling. This is another one of these storylines that needs to end. I actually like Tripp, but his sabotaging Kayla is making him as unlikable as his whiney brother Joey. The show should have written Joey out with Jade when they had the chance, because watching him sit around guilt tripping himself over killing Ava is far from entertaining. Send Joey to jail for Ava’s murder, and throw Tripp in the cell with him for framing Kayla and tampering with patients’ meds.

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Best Lines:

Hattie dragging Marlena off in a sack, “You should have gone lighter on those strawberries and whip cream babe. You are heavier than a jail house sack of potatoes.

These are only my opinions on the show. Christine Fix will be back next week. Until then, please let me know your thoughts on this week’s episodes.

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– Dustin Cushman


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