Sonny and Will Are the Worst Friends on Days of Our Lives, But Xander’s Angst Hit All the Right Notes

March 21 - 25

Two side by side photos of Days of Our Lives' Xander looking angsty at the Kiriakis mansion, and Sonny, resting his hand on his hand at the Bistro, while eyeing Will.

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

After last week’s superb drama surrounding Eli’s shooting, it was a huge disappointment for there not to be any follow-up this week. Not to mention, there was no Brady and Chloe either after their long-awaited reunion. But that’s par for the course on Days of Our Lives. We did get a nice variety of stories though, but not all of them feel super necessary. Let’s get to it…

With Friends Like These

Will and Sonny sheepishly look to Chad on Days of Our Lives

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As much as I love Chad and Abigail teaming up for a lighthearted romp, I’d rather their efforts be aimed elsewhere. The plot to get Leo into bed feels all sorts of icky to me. In addition to it making light of a serious issue, why would Sonny and Will pressure their closest friend to compromise himself with a known sexual harasser/predator?

And where is Sonny’s sudden trauma coming from? Leo is constantly played for laughs, in scenes with Sonny — especially on Beyond Salem. But now he’s losing sleeping over his former tormenter? I thought his tears were a just ploy to get Chad on board with the plan and not genuine emotion. Unless I’m forgetting something, it feels like we were shown one thing and are being told another.

Considering he just helped launch the truly troubling plan, it was a surprise to hear Kate announce that Will had gone back to Arizona with Ari. Though, it was funny when Gabi retorted, “I know. I’m her mother.” If exposition must be forced, might as well make it self-aware. It was mentioned that Will got called back for work and Ari had to go to school, but Sonny’s in the spoilers for next week. Does that mean he’s sticking around? If he is, could a downward spiral be in his future considering how hard he was hitting the DiMera bar cart?

Torn Between Two Lovers

Xander looks intently at a crestfallen Gwen in their Salem Inn room. Days of Our Lives

Xander’s angst is exactly what I was looking for in this story. It’s too bad it’s mired in mind-altering drug nonsense, but when grounded in the reality of Xander genuinely feeling torn over Sarah and Gwen, it’s soap gold. I like Xander with both women, but considering Gwen actively tried to keep Sarah on that island, and then bashed Abigail over the head and had her kidnapped to make that happen, the triangle is a little one-sided.

But Xander doesn’t know all that and is still fiercely defending his fiancée to anyone who will listen — especially Abigail. However, that doesn’t mean he can go forward with their wedding until he knows Sarah is going to be okay. And if she is… well, who knows what he’ll do. I was thrilled he was so honest about it with Gwen, because anything else wouldn’t have rung true. Xander’s wearing his heart on his sleeve at every turn and it’s hitting all the right notes.

I do hope we get to see Xander, Abigail, and Chad working together to get an antidote for Sarah from Rolf. That’s the kind of “Chabby” team-up I could get behind. And with Xander in the mix, I’m all in.

Back to Their Roots

At the DiMera offices, Gabi looks emotional, as she grabs on to Jake's hand. Days of Our Lives

Jake’s now single. Ava’s recently single. Could these two former mobsters (or mobster adjacent, in Jake’s case, I suppose) team up in some capacity? He’s never fit the corporate mold and her Suzy homemaker schtick didn’t cut it, so here’s hoping they go back to their blue-collar/gangster roots and stir up a little trouble together.

If Ava does return to the mob or just stays on the dark side, I wouldn’t mind seeing her take Tripp with her. Good guys turning bad often reignites interest in a character, and Tripp could use some spicing up. Or maybe a new love interest could do that for him, as Ava alluded to on Friday. As mentioned before, Chloe’s sister Joy is out there just waiting to be invited to the family reunion in Salem.

Turning Over a New Leaf?


Belle wears her red coat as she visits EJ in the prison visitor's room. Days of Our Lives

Clyde came to crash with his son and daughter-in-law once he got sprung from prison, but hasn’t TV taught us that convicts are supposed to stay away from other convicts once they’ve been paroled? More importantly, how did EJ bunking with the man who had him shot not result in more fallout?

Speaking of, shouldn’t EJ be more pissed with Chad for his part in sending him to prison — devil’s involvement or not? I suppose he will be when it comes out Kate and Chad screwed over him and Belle. But I’m a little disappointed that revenge-loving EJ has gone so easy on his brother and his short-term cellmate.

What I’m not disappointed in, is his concern over his sister-in-law/attorney getting possessed — that did not go unnoticed. If nothing else, I’d love to see their growing bond give Belle, and by extension Shawn, a real story that will last more than a week. That Jan surprise is still out there waiting to be sprung on them. Could it be the thing that sends Belle into EJ’s arms?

That’s all I got this time around. As always, these are just my thoughts on the week in Salam. What are yours? Tell us in the comments below.

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