Days of Our Lives’ Xander Finally Learned the Truth About Sarah, But How Long Until They’re Actually Reunited? Plus, Is This the Beginning of the End For JoDevil?

February 28 - March 4

Three photo collage of Days of Our Lives' Sarah, JoDevil, and Xander

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This week’s Days of Our Lives moved quite a few stories along as Allie and Tripp broke up, the island storyline came to a close, and Xander learned the truth about Sarah. All while the same issues continued to rear their ugly heads. Let’s get to it…

The Smartest Couple in Salem

In their apartment, Ben and Ciara stare into each other's eyes. Days of Our Lives

Days picked up this week right where it left off — with Ben and Ciara musing over Johnny being JoDevil. Unfortunately, Monday was all we got of them. It’s too bad because I really like this version of ‘Cin’. There are no tears or trauma. Sure, said devil is after their baby — even if it doesn’t seem like a high priority for him these days — but they’re not acting like victims. They’re just a solid couple teaming up to figure out who is playing host to the devil. You know, your average date night.

Thankfully, they’re on to JoDevil, but, last we saw, Susan was under his control. So, contacting her might not be their best play. However, Johnny started to finally fight back, but then JoDevil threatened to “slaughter” Thomas and Charlotte if he didn’t back off. I may or may not have gasped at the unexpected gruesomeness of that threat in between all the camp. But, between Johnny trying to regain control, and Ben and Ciara being the ones to finally put the pieces together, Salem could vanquish the devil sooner rather than later.

When Johnny is back to himself, he’s going to have a lot drama to return to, considering his body was the vehicle used to break his wife’s heart and break up his sister’s engagement, thereby creating a path for those two to get together. Hopefully, at least one of his parents will be around when that happens, because they’ve been sorely missed in this storyline.

Welcome to the Club

EJ holds out his hand, and furrows his brow as he talks to Belle, in the prison visitors' room. Days of Our Lives

Speaking of at least one of Johnny’s parents, EJ is the latest Salemite to be inducted into the poorly-paced storyline club. He came face to face with his cellmate Clyde a week ago Tuesday — and then nothing. Has he remembered Clyde shot him? Did Clyde try to kill him again? Are he and Belle growing closer by the minute? We need to know!

Start Packing

Despite no EJ and very little “Cin,” we did get a lot of forward momentum this week with the island storyline. In fact, it wrapped up faster than Eli and Lani’s welcome home sex that we didn’t get to see. Thankfully, the real Sarah is back in Salem, but she still thinks she’s Renee. Based on Xander’s desperate need to get to her, he’s sure to move mountains to help her get her memory back. Unless, seeing him is what does jog her memory.

My guess is it won’t be that simple, which leaves a lot of room for gloriously tortured angst until she does remember. In the meantime, it wouldn’t be surprising if Xander insisted he still wanted to be with Gwen. For a formerly unscrupulously felon, he’s nothing if not loyal. But, it would only be a matter of time before he does leave Gwen for his true love.

Gwen should really just pack her bags now, because with Chad pressuring Ava to give up her accomplice, one way or another, Gwen is going to be left out in the cold.

Just, No

Craig and Leo stand together in front of Brady and Chloe's table at the Bistro. Days of Our Lives

Everything that is wrong with the character of Leo can be summed up with Brady’s declaration this week: “Leo kissed me. It wasn’t mutual.” Leo has also forced Sonny to marry him, forced his way into Xander’s and Chad’s beds, and forced his way into Sonny and Will’s shower on Beyond Salem. And it’s all played for laughs. Except, it’s not funny. At minimum, it’s sexual harassment. I know some viewers enjoy the character and the actors seem to be having fun with it, but I see Leo as feeding into the worst stereotypes. Not to mention, if a male character acted this way toward women, I’m guessing it wouldn’t be viewed so “hilariously.”

The only positive so far is that, like EJ, Leo is in a storyline that is also part of the poorly-paced club. If we’re lucky, he’ll continue to only air once every couple of weeks.

Too Soon

TR, Paulina mashup

Another troubling character seemingly made inroads this week when TR vowed to Paulina that he was a changed man. She was clearly affected by his grand speech, which included him declaring he never got over her. I’m all for redemption arcs, but there are certain characters who should never forgive, and Paulina is one of them. If TR’s going to stick around, she can learn to accept running into her former abuser from time to time, but she should continue to judge him and actively warn potential love interests away from him. The kind of sympathy and forgiveness he supposedly seeks should take years to earn, if ever.

That’s all I got this time around. As always, these are just my thoughts on the week in Salem. What are yours? Tell us in the comments and then look through our photo gallery of soap characters who would be pretty happy if everyone just forgot their most dastardly deeds.


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