Days of Our Lives Returned With an Entertaining DiMera History Lesson and to *Finally* Clue Someone In About Johnny, But Not Enough Price Family Drama

February 21 - 25

Three photo collage of Days of Our Lives' TR and Eli. Steve, Kayla and Sarah. And Ben and Ciara.

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Days of Our Lives might have left off on a lackluster note before the Olympics, but their return definitely made up for it. While there are a lot of good stories set up, there are also glaring potential problems. Let’s get to it…

Catching Up With the DiMeras

In the storage room, Steve and Kayla face Sarah. Kayla and Sarah hold an orange life jacket between them. Days of Our Lives

There was a lot of Salem history thrown at us on Tuesday’s episode with Sarah thinking she’s Renee DuMonde, but it was done in an entertaining way, especially when Steve was trying to make sense of it all. I just hope everyone gets back to Salem quickly and that Sarah doesn’t think she’s Renee for too long. It could lose its charm if dragged out, kinda like what’s happening with JoDevil.

That story also gave us an in-control, not victimy Abigail. Well, she’s Kristen’s kidnapping victim, but she’s not acting like it. She even turned the tables and drugged her captor. Meanwhile, Chad is doing what every good soap opera hero should do, which is to go to the ends of the earth searching for his beloved — everything else be damned. I can’t wait for them to be reunited so they can hopefully team up against someone together.

There’s No Escaping Him

beyond salem leo warned by chad screenshot

Gwen would be an obvious target for “Chabby,” but Leo Stark, who is making his way back to Salem soon, could be another. As much as I loathe Leo’s lecherous ways, the promo he’s featured in with Chad, Sonny, and Will looks like a blast. But that’s because the latter three characters are gold together. And, maybe if Abigail joins in on the boys’ fun, she’ll get to meet Belinda Chinashop. I mean, I’d pay to see her reaction upon discovering just how beautiful her man is in drag.

Speaking of Leo, it’s worrisome he’s returning just as Craig’s boyfriend is coming to town. Craig’s story is set up for great dramatic storytelling with him free to finally live his truth, while tortured over how he’s hurt Nancy. If her visit with Marlena is any indication, Nancy will have a lot of her own issues to deal with. Even Chloe’s involvement is compelling as she has to reconcile the father she loves with the man who lied to her mother for years. But if the sexual-harasser-played-for-laughs Leo turns out to be said boyfriend, things could go south very quickly.

The Beginning of the End?

Julie stares wide-eyed at Ben and Ciara on Days of Our Lives

The week started on a high with the DiMera shenanigans and ended on a high with Ben and Ciara’s light bulb moment. It was such a relief for someone to finally clue in that the devil might still be hanging around Salem. So, thank you Julie for barging in on Cin’s cute makeout moment to nudge them in Johnny’s direction. Not only were Ben and Ciara super light and fun in those scenes, which honestly they’d benefit from more of, but this hopefully means JoDevil’s days are numbered. It’s time to get to the drama of Johnny facing Chanel and his other victims. Hopefully, his amends-making tour will be explored more than Marlena’s was.

Welcome Home!

Eli side eyes TR, as he enters TR's Salem Inn room. Days of Our Lives

Eli coming home was another highlight this week. I love how in love he and Lani are. But also, Eli immediately confronting TR to warn him away from the Price women, while propping up Abe, was a great scene. Eli’s return pulled me in even more to the story, but then, that was it for the week. Just one episode of the Price family drama. Hopefully, with TR’s ex coming to town, we’ll get more in the coming weeks.

This story has another good opportunity for tons of quality drama as Lani is obviously torn over wanting to know the man she’s biologically related to while being repulsed by the abusive stories she’s heard from Paulina. It’s just too bad Days had to portray Paulina and TR in the promo like a rom-com couple who just need to get over their differences. There’s really no room for camp or comedy where TR is concerned. Even watching TR’s lighthearted scenes with Anna was a little hard to take, because as much as TR insists he’s a changed man, he bullied his way into Paulina’s apartment, proving he’s not.

Cards on the Table

Nicole just blurting out she and Rafe slept together to Ava was hilarious, even if a bit anticlimactic. It would have been better if Ava didn’t already know, but I got a good laugh out of it. The truth should have come out a long time ago, but now that it is, can Ava leave the lasagna behind and just embrace the bad again?

That’s all I got this time around. As always, these are just my thoughts on the week in Salem. What are yours? Tell us in the comments and then look the photo gallery of our rankings of the richest families in daytime.


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