Deconstructing DOOL: Romance, drama & mystery made for a gratifying week

July 24 – 28

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It appears that we’ve seen the last of the jumping around with Ron C’s writing. We’re watching entire scenes play out which allows us time to process the story, all players involved and allows us to figure out if we’re investing. Each episode gave us enough drama within each story to keep us interested and there’s a balance between that, the romance and the humour. I can’t recall when that last happened and it’s a thrill to see it return. Last week I reviewed Ron Carlivati’s writing in Deconstructing DOOL and my thoughts this week remain positive. Some of the material remains the same though it’s been taken in a whole new direction which allows a seamless change between head-writers rather than a sudden about face as we’ve seen in the past. The theme of the week – insecurities!

Brady’s vulnerability.
Jenn warmed our little hearts by making some of Alice’s famous mouthwatering donuts and giving some to Eric while he opened up to her about what happened the night he and Nicole were drugged. To a point. She quickly realized that Brady’s jealous. “What happened to trusting Nicole?” I ask, sniggering. It certainly appears as though this is paving the way for an Ericole reunion, along with Nicole finally forgiving Eric but it’s not the kind of angst that is easy to watch for someone like me who doesn’t like whiners. It was easy to remember Eric and Nicole’s love and though Jennifer swore up and down that Brady has nothing to worry about, can we really be sure? I admit Ericole’s scenes dragged me in. I’d forgotten how good they could be together. I need to know readers’ thoughts on this!

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The Abby and Chad angst heightened.
Gabi is having classic signs of insecurity which comes with the territory considering Chad jumped right into a relationship seconds after he and Abby were not together. We are now seeing less of their original sizzle and more of reality setting in. Meanwhile, it’s good to see that Abigail and Gabi remain friends. It’s easy to see the Abigail and Chad reunion coming, and so much of it is thanks to Dario’s treatment of Abby. Dario’s become more interesting than he ever was in the past. Jordi Vilasuso is doing a bang-up job of being a villain. It’s going to be a shame to see him go next week. That cliffhanger Friday with the car accident was everything. I won’t spoil what happens but it’s easy to see that the aftermath will lead to Chad and Abby getting back together. The big question this week is, who is Dario’s partner? It has to be someone big. Victor?

Revenge in the name of love.
Some find the Anjelica, Hattie and Bonnie storyline ridiculous (in a bad way) and think they never should have been revisited. There’s nothing wrong with feeling that way but I can’t help but find myself surprised because I always figured anyone who loved “Days” does so at least in part because of the ludicrous element to most of their storylines. Perhaps those who watched well before the craziness begun long for a time when the show was perhaps more conservative like “Y&R” used to be – I can’t say is, because even they’ve taken cues from “Days” in their own storylines. I started watching “Days” during Marlena’s possession in the 90s so it’s gratifying to me to see the campiness return. The comedic timing has been well played by all involved and seeing Bonnie return is a breath of fresh air since we so rarely see unpolished, low-brow characters in soaps. It was a nod to yesteryear when we had a Mimi (‘Meems’) mention, but will Ron Carlivati be able to pull this off? 

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Romantic scenes on a daily basis!
Steve and Kayla have spent more time together these past two weeks in love than I can remember and it’s become almost a staple to see them on a daily basis. I’m concerned about the Tripp storyline because Tripp and Joey should be the future of the show, at the moment it’s up in the air as to what’s going to happen once the truth comes out. It’d have been better for Tripp (better for all involved) if he bailed on the gaslighting and came clean but it’s a little late for that considering in Friday’s episode it appears as though Steve suspicious of Tripp. Who didn’t love that scene with Shelly vs. Kayla where she admitted that though she has no issues speaking out, she respects Kayla and wouldn’t harm a patient? It was fun to hate on her a little but now I only want to see more of her and her bitchiness. We’re missing that in Anne and already in one scene we saw more depth in Shelly than we’ve seen in half of the characters Higley wrote for in the last few years. Kudos to Ron C.

Finally, we were treated to a few scenes involving Abe and Val, which was endearing. We had a Lexi mention, and Val gave Abe some advice to respect his son which was charming. They play well off each other. I can’t wait to see more development of their relationship.

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Best lines:

Hattie, “She’s living large, like one of those TV housewives.”

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– Christine Fix


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