Role Playing, Passion and a Very Busy Devil Won the Week on Days of Our Lives — Now, Where Are Those Missing Characters?

January 10 - 14

Four photo gallery of an intense JoDevil, Kayla and Steve dressed as a nun and priest, Allie and Chanel sitting up in bed together, and a distressed Chad grabbing his throat. Days of Our Lives

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It was another entertaining week in Salem. While romance and drama are soaps’ bread and butter, I want to have fun watching. Despite a few quibbles, Days of Our Lives has been pretty consistently delivering on that. Surprisingly, the continued devil story, that just two weeks ago felt ready to wrap up, is largely to thank for that. Let’s get to it…

Move Over MarDevil

JoDevil again dominated the canvas this week, but that is not a complaint. Even though we’ve had months of MarDevil, this feels almost like a whole new story. As I said last week, there are higher stakes, because JoDevil feels like an actual villain, whereas MarDevil was played mostly for camp and nostalgia. I mean, it’s barely been a week and he already sent Chanel into the arms of another, conned EJ out of his DiMera shares, and choked out Chad — and then kissed his wife. That would have taken MarDevil months.

Tying it into the DiMera of it all was a great move. Not only is it keeping Stefano’s spirit alive, but it’s bringing in new characters for the devil to play with. While this week was heavy on JoDevil targeting EJ (dare we hope he is the one to figure out his son is possessed?) next week, Gabi and Jake get pulled into his orbit, seemingly hot for his DiMera shares. Which is a good thing, since I almost forgot about them. While I have no problem with JoDevil dominating, once again, Days’ pacing remains a huge issue. I mean, Philip’s practically a cold case by now. And have Belle and Shawn been on together since Jan impersonated her to rape him? And should we even get our hopes up that Sarah will be discovered by summer?

"Johnny" hands EJ papers in the courtroom. Days of Our Lives

Odds and Ends

• I would love more scenes like John and Abe playing poker. Good friends, tons of history, relaxed dialogue. Casual scenes like these are often the best stuff.

• Ben and Ciara talked about painting the nursery, but will it be their studio apartment’s closet or their bathroom? Also, why do they need to constantly drip off each other? It’s as if they literally breathe for each other. I like them as a couple, but they are so claustrophobic to watch.

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John and Abe play poker at a Brady's Pub table on Days of Our Lives

• I don’t know when this happened, but I have become a fan of Susan’s over-the-top ridiculousness and childlike innocence. Now that Satan has sent her away, I’m going to miss her.

• It’s been a while since I’ve been a twenty-something, but do they actually say “make love.” I’ve never been a fan of the term, but it feels even more cringey when hot young couples use it onscreen. The act can just be called “sex” all while it still being meaningful… or not. That said, I applaud Days actually showing Chanel and Allie getting passionate in bed, instead of just sharing a few chaste kisses, which is usually the case with same-sex relationships on soaps. Now, let’s work on updating that terminology.

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Paulina opens the door, and sees Chanel kissing Allie's body in bed. Days of Our Lives.

• Watching Abigail actually work and investigate a story is something I didn’t know was so needed. It’s great to watch her in a story independent of Chad, while still playing their connection as a couple. Let’s just hope he doesn’t go off the rails upon seeing “EJ” kissing her and she understands when she eventually learns he tried to set up his brother.

• Despite Kayla abandoning her duties at the hospital, her teaming up with Steve to go undercover is great fun. I love seeing the sparkle in their eyes as they flirt and plot. While Kristen on the run has become a tiresome habit of hers, I hope Steve and Kayla will be on the road investigating a bit longer.

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Xander looks to Abigail with wide eyes in the DiMera foyer. Days of Our Lives

• The SPD gets a bad rap, so I was happy that Rafe actually connected some dots where Ava, Duke, and his bogus accusers were concerned.

• From his line delivery to his humor to his chemistry with just about everyone, I don’t know why Paul Telfer’s Xander isn’t a bigger player on the Days canvas. Hopefully, Sarah’s impending return will land him at least two episodes a week, instead of just one.

• It’s probably a scheduling thing, because Alison Sweeney is a busy lady, but who actually believes Lucas could convince Samantha Gene Brady to stay away from EJ’s trial for kidnapping her?

That’s all I got this time around. As always these are just my thoughts on the week in Salem. What are yours? Tell us below and then look through our photo gallery of 16 soap stars who left their popular roles — and why.


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