Johnny’s Reign as the Devil on Days of Our Lives Already Feels Higher Stakes — Plus, Calling Out Clueless Exes and Marlena’s Insensitive Children

January 3 - 7

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Days of Our Lives felt very much like a building up of stories week. Aside from Johnny’s possession, nothing inspired a lot of expanded rants or raves, instead, just a series of questions and comments about nearly everyone’s questionable behavior. There definitely seems to be a lot to expound on coming up, but we’ll get to that when those spoilers and rumors come to fruition. In the meantime, let’s get to it…

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Here’s Johnny!

I’m gutted for Chanel who was unceremoniously dumped by Johnny in front of her whole family. However, I am interested in what’s to come with Johnny’s reign as the devil. MarDevil didn’t really force anything to happen that wouldn’t have happened anyway. Ben and Ciara still could have gotten pregnant, and Paulina’s secret was going to come out at some point. Sure Doug had a rough go, but his stint in Bayview didn’t change anything on the canvas. As for Sami getting kidnapped, MarDevil merely planted the suggestion in Lucas’ mind. As I understand it, he’s the one that willingly chose to go full force on it. While it broke up Sami and EJ for now, that’s certainly nothing new.

I could already be forgetting something consequential that MarDevil did, but based on spoilers and rumors, it seems like there could be further-reaching ramifications during JoDevil’s tenure. The chaos and couple swapping that could ensue would not make sense if not for JoDevil’s influence, and it could actually change the trajectory of many storylines — like an actual devil baby via Chanel. Although, it remains unclear when Johnny has and has not been possessed.

Odds and Ends

• Roman might be in love with his “Katie,” but it is not okay for him to keep her secret that Philip is alive. Does he not worry for his loved ones who are “mourning” Philip or for good friend John, whose son was set up for his “murder”?

Eric hightailed it out of town after Marlena’s exorcism and now Sami just left too? Neither of them wanted to help support their mother’s recovery? At least a hovering John’s still worried about her.

• Speaking of, is Lucas really happy with Sami knowing he had to set up EJ to get her? At least Nicole had the self-respect to send EJ packing when he declared she was the one he wanted to be with — after Sami dumped him.

• Rex and Xander had a whole conversation about how Kristen broke up with Johnny while impersonating Kate. Xander then told Abigail that Sarah was like a different person the morning of their wedding, yet… it didn’t occur to him that maybe, just maybe, Kristen did the same thing with Sarah?

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Xander sits with Rex at the Brady Pub on Days of Our Lives

• Johnny had a deal to distribute his film with a studio? Based on what exactly?

• What was up with Jennifer dredging up such old storylines this week? I honestly forgot about Gwen’s involvement in Laura’s death and Jack and Kate’s affair. Though, I wish the latter had been explored more at the time.

• As much as I love Steve and Kayla spontaneously teaming up, it’s not like she works at the Pub or Sweet Bits. People at the hospital probably really need her. At the very least, shouldn’t she have made calls to ensure her patients and staff were covered?

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Kayla and Steve visit with John and Marlena in the Blacks' living room on Days of Our Lives

• Also, who just casually drops by someone’s house after midnight — New Year’s Eve or not? I don’t know about you, but I would have already been asleep. How were John and Marlena still awake?

• The fact that Rafe was treating Duke’s beheading as a serious crime was hilarious and only makes me root for Ava all the more in this whole mess. But even though the cake to the face was all in Ava’s fantasy, portrayer Tamara Braun had a blast filming those scenes.

That’s all I got this week. As always, these are just my thoughts on the week in Salem. What are yours? Tell us below and then take a look at the gorgeous cast with the updated Days of Our Lives cast portraits below.


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