Despite Most of Salem’s Best Efforts, the Devil Won’t Be Ignored on Days of Our Lives — Plus, What We’re Begging the Soap To Do In 2022

December 27 - 31

Collage of EJ and Chad squaring off, Marlena flipping channels, Johnny looking into the mirror with yellow eyes, and Eric in his priest collar. Days of Our Lives

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As 2021 comes to an end, I want to thank you all for following along with me here every week to dissect Days of Our Lives. Here’s to another year of dishing our grievances and raving about the characters we love — and sometimes hate. I hope 2022 is good to you all! Now, let’s get to it…

Nothing To See Here

Eric made a very brief return to exorcise his mother’s demon and then immediately left town. Lucas didn’t even ask Sami about the exorcism the next time he saw her. Sami got back into her EJ drama with a quickness, and Shawn and Belle, well we don’t know since we haven’t seen their reaction to any of it. At least Ben and Ciara decided to keep a low profile and John hovered over his beloved. I don’t know how I’d react to witnessing an exorcism or being targeted by the devil, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be out making New Year’s Eve plans or just casually updating those who offhandedly inquire that the devil is no longer possessing my mother as if she just had surgery or went on vacation.

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John grips Eric's shoulders. They share a tense look. Days of Our Lives

And well, now it’s Johnny’s turn. I was ready for the devil storyline to be over, but I can’t lie that I’m not a little intrigued by Johnny wreaking havoc. Will Johnny as the devil send Chanel into Allie’s arms? Will he still want a “Cin” baby? Will he target someone else’s? Gabi did make a point to not drink before her meeting with Shin. Was there something more to it than just professionalism? Whatever happens, hopefully, his reign of terror will have actual consequences.

No Turning Back

On the one hand, I like that Chad is fighting dirty regarding EJ. On the other, I’m not sure I believe he’d let Lucas get away with kidnapping Sami and then set up EJ for it, just so he can be the sole CEO at DiMera. At least they wrote Chad smart enough to see through Lucas’ bumbling attempts at setting EJ up all by himself because let’s face it, Lucas should really never be able to pull the wool over Chad’s eyes.

Like with Chad, watching Lucas scheme and plot is fun, but I don’t buy he’d actually allow “the woman he loves” to be locked away for three months. And then be happy Sami chose him as a consolation prize. This storyline makes both men look bad, and they’re gonna lose huge when the truth comes out. Just like Philip will when the truth comes out that he faked his death, and Gwen when she’s exposed for allowing Sarah to remain banished on a deserted island.

Chad stands next to Sami, who holds a folder and gives EJ a shocked look in the DiMera mansion. Days of Our Lives

Go the Way of Duke

Rafe staying with Ava doesn’t make any sense. He might be fond of her, but he clearly isn’t in love with her. Duke as collateral damage is a major bonus, but otherwise, there is very little investment in this story. Get Ava away from Rafe and have her back scheming with Gwen or a man who appreciates her bad girl side. Also, shouldn’t she know Tripp was turned into Jan? Every time it’s mentioned he’s her son, I’m like, oh, right. Forgot about that.

Ava and Rafe clink drinks over their kitchen table on Days of Our Lives

Wishful Thinking

Li Shin returned and, after two years, felt formidable for the first time. While I’m not opposed to minor characters breezing in and out of Salem, it is high time Li put down some roots. Let’s get to know him better in 2022. Maybe, the further Jake is drawn back into DiMera, the closer Gabi and Li could get. Or, when Abby finds out what Chad did to EJ, Li could be there to pick up the pieces.

EJ and Chad face Shin in the DiMera mansion on Days of Our Lives

This leads me to what else I’d like to see in 2022:

• No more impersonations.

• Better pacing.

• Real stories for Chabby, Elani and Shelle as couples.

• To meet Paulina’s evil ex and dig into that side of Lani’s family.

•  Sarah to return.

• Will and Sonny to come home.

• Gabi to forget about Titan and DiMera, and maybe even Jake, and form her own empire. Maybe with Sami. The two proved once again this week that they need to pal around more.

• More Peacock streaming movies or another mini-series. Days is the only soap thinking beyond the standard format and it’s exciting to see.

• Above all else, and for the millionth time — Days to stop writing rape stories.

That’s all I got this time around. As always these are just my thoughts on the week in Salem. Tell us yours below, along with what you want to see happen in 2022. Then, look through our photo gallery of the best and worst in soaps for 2021. And most of all, have a Happy New Year!


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