Sami’s Rescue On Days of Our Lives Was Anticlimactic, but the Romantic Repercussions Could Prove Explosive — Plus, Philip’s Disappearance Is Just What His Storyline Needed

December 6 - 10

Sami's return mashup Days of Our Lives

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As much as I enjoy the MarDevil storyline, it was nice to have a little respite from it this week. But as I pointed out last time, Days of Our Lives’ pacing remains all over the place. Let’s get to it, with the week’s high, low and questionable lights.

Let the Games Begin

We waited a full week for Lucas to rescue Sami after he received her location, but she got to Salem over a commercial break. Again… pacing. But while it was refreshing Sami’s return to Salem wasn’t drawn out, her actual rescue was way too quick and anticlimactic. Also, Lucas didn’t call the cops first? Really?

EJ’s sudden need to be with Nicole doesn’t sit quite right with me. Does he truly want to be with her? Is he just in denial over his feelings for Samantha? Is he using her as a cover to hide the fact he was the one who grabbed his wife? Who knows, but I was left a little cold over Sami and Nicole’s catfight. I’m just tired of that trope I guess, but also, why did Sami expect EJ to want her back? He threw her out of the house right before she was kidnapped. Then they didn’t talk for three months because she was in captivity. Why would she think his feelings had changed? Chalk it up to Sami being Sami I guess.

Now that she is back though, it has the potential for things to get super messy. Between Sami, EJ, Nicole, Lucas, Rafe and Ava, we could be headed for a love hexagon. But, should Sami and EJ reunite, and Nicole and Rafe get together, where would that leave Ava and Lucas? Together, maybe?

EJ pulls Sami off of Nicole on Days of Our Lives

Exchange of the Week

It might have been anticlimactic, but Sami’s rescue did provide my favorite exchange, even if it’s just more evidence of how wasted Lucas has been in this story when he could have been smack dab in the middle of drama with EJ.

Allie: You’re a hero.

Lucas: Yeah, right, get out of here.

Allie: You are. You brought Mom home.

Lucas: Yeah, well, if I had known she was going to go back to EJ, maybe I would have left her there.

Allie: Dad!

Lucas: What? I was kidding. Sorta.

Allie and Tripp watch as Sami kisses Lucas' cheek at Nicole's apartment. Days of Our Lives

Odds and Ends

• For the first time in this storyline, I felt real emotion from Chloe about Philip. And despite hating what’s become of his character, Philip’s disappearance is the most interesting thing to happen to him since he returned to Salem. I’m finally invested in what’s to come next. I could live with Philip being alive and setting up his disappearance to frame Brady — assuming that’s what’s going on —  because it’d be very Kiriakis of him, but sabotaging Brady’s sobriety is a step too far. I’m gutted for him.

• Bad girl Ava is infinitely more interesting, than love interest Ava. Her exchange with Gwen over helping Kristen escape is who she should have been the whole time. Not exactly bad, not exactly good, but someone who knows exactly who she is. Someone who will do anything to get what she wants and not feel bad about it.

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Brady sits up in his hospital bed. Chloe's by his side, looking skeptical. Days of Our Lives

• Roman and Kate were way sweeter this week than I expected, but they now need an actual storyline. Otherwise, they’ll just be like Justin and Bonnie — happy and off-screen.

• Speaking of Roman and Kate, their son Rex came home and revealed Sarah hasn’t been with him this whole time. However, we’re still waiting on Xander getting clued in. Only getting once-a-week drop-ins on storylines really kills the momentum.

• I really don’t understand Gabi’s obsession with Titan. It was hilarious to watch Victor repeatedly call her and Jake idiots, but it’d be preferable to watch them build their own empire. Also… she’s just going to give Victor Gabi Chic when she fought tooth and nail to keep it from Philip?

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Gabi sits on a coffee table, facing Victor in his chair at the mansion. Days of Our Lives

That’s all I got this time around. As always these are just my thoughts on the week in Salem. What are yours? Tell us in the comments, and then check out our photo gallery of the 20 best characters from Yellowstone  — a show with just as much dysfunction, if not more than, the people of Salem.


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