MarDevil Dominated the Week on Days of Our Lives, but Where Were Abe and Lani? — Plus, The DiMera Family Connection We Almost Forgot About

November 22 - 26

Collage of Sami, Paulina, Marlena, and Susan on Days of Our Lives

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I hope everyone who celebrates, enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving, spent with friends and family, and good food. It was a grim one for Salem though, as the devil wreaked a lot of havoc. But while the week really moved the possession story forward, others remained completely sidelined. Let’s get right to it…

The Truth Is Out

Ben opens his apartment door to a glaring MarDevil on Days of Our Lives

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Everyone finally knows Marlena is the devil. And honestly, it’s about time. I’ve been entertained by the campiness of it all, but the story needs to evolve. And, start to wrap up, because it will only remain fun for so long — for those of us who think it is fun, anyway. The reveal was pure ridiculousness. I mean, did Shawn really try to arrest the devil? But also, why did Satan want to keep their presence secret? They supposedly have superpowers and can make people bend to their will, why the ruse? Regardless, the truth is out, so maybe now we’ll finally be told what Satan’s “true purpose” is and how it involves Ben and Ciara’s kid.

Sami learning Marlena had been possessed again was hilarious — “I thought it was like the chickenpox. I thought it could only happen to you once.” It was also surprising. I thought Marlena would get re-possessed before they even talked. Of course, the devil did take over Marlena’s body again, but not until mother and daughter caught up on their respective captivities. So, Sami’s in the same boat as she was before, but from the looks of the winter promo, she’ll finally make contact with Lucas, who hopefully rushes off to save her.

Alas, he’s second-best again, as she called EJ first, but her phone died. I can’t help but be reminded again, of what a lost opportunity it is for Days not to ramp up the rivalry between Lucas and EJ before Sami returns.

Forgotten Connections

EJ kisses Susan's forehead as she sits in a hospital bed on Days of Our Lives

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I completely forgot Johnny is Susan’s grandson, until it was mentioned this week. In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising if viewers were confused by EJ calling Susan mother, considering this week was the first time they shared a scene since Dan Feuerriegel took over the role of Elvis Jr. Or am I forgetting something?

Susan loves her some Dr. Marlena Evans and John Black, but she shouldn’t she be all over Elvis Jr. now that he’s back from the dead, and in Salem? Not to mention, why isn’t she embarrassing her grandson, Johnny by smothering him in front of his new love, Chanel? Sure, she’s been distracted by visions of danger for Ciara and Ben’s baby, was turned into a cat, and held captive by MarDevil, but you’d think she would have hightailed it to DiMera mansion as soon as EJ set foot in the foyer.

That said, the scenes between EJ and Susan were genuinely sweet. The circumstances of her stabbing herself to protect him from the devil were absolutely ridiculous, but the emotion between mother and son felt real. Even if there’s only a little over ten years age difference between the actors.

Still Waiting

Lani holds a bouquet of flowers and lovingly looks at Abe in the church on Days of Our Lives

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How are Abe and Lani coping after that wedding bombshell? Have they even talked since last week? And what has Gwen decided about breaking Kristen out jail? That was almost two weeks ago. Yes, there’s a lot going on in Salem right now, but it’s frustrating for storylines to keep getting pushed to the side, especially right after huge reveals. Follow-ups to both events would have provided a nice balance to the MarDevil plot this week, especially considering a lot of fans are like Julie and saying, “Not today, Satan.”

We did get some nice Paulina and Olivia, and Paulina and Chanel scenes though. Thankfully, Paulina didn’t hold it against her daughter for spilling her secret. But again, why does Olivia get a free pass? And will we ever see Tamara again to get her side of things? Like, why did she drag poor Abe into the lie about Lani’s paternity?

Speaking of Chanel, is she really planning to leave town without ensuring her bakery will be looked after? No checking in with Allie herself to make sure she’s cool with running it? No bookkeeping, or ordering, or scheduling, or anything that needs to be done for a brand new business while she’s gone for who knows how long?

That Winter Preview

***Stop reading now if you don’t want to be spoiled.***

There’s just so much going on in the Days of Our Lives winter preview I could be here all day dissecting it. So, I’ll just point out what I’m most intrigued by: the double Belle situation, the show finally remembering Philip has a prosthetic leg and his (fake?) murder mystery set up, Xander’s desperate demand that Rex tell him where Sarah is, and Eric’s return. Though, I’m torn on that last one, because while I’m super excited knowing he’s back, and MarDevil’s reaction is entertaining as all get out, I’m a little disappointed. It would have been an amazing surprise if it played out in real-time. There are just so few of those in daytime.

What I’m not thrilled about is Devil Kristen sticking around. Especially since, in the promo, she asks Eric if he wants to make a sequel. You know, a sequel to their video where she drugged and raped him. Leave it to Days to ruin an incredibly exciting promo by making light of assault.

That’s all I got this week. As usual, these are just my opinions on the week in Salem. What are yours? Tell us after looking through our gift guide for Days fans in the photo gallery below.


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