Days of Our Lives Upped the Bonkers Factor With a Cat, SuDevil, and… Eileen Davidson??!!

November 8 - 12

Days collage of Xander, Brady, Eileen Davidson, Chanel in Celeste wig, and Susan as a cat

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The end of Friday’s Days of Our Lives episode trumped everything that came before it, so let’s get right to it…

Susan’s a Cat, the Devil, and Eileen Davidson

So much happened with the devil story this week, I had to rethink everything I already wrote about it after watching Friday’s episode. First, Susan was turned into a cat, then, MarDevil became SuDevil, and then, SuDevil morphed into Eileen Davidson’s incarnation of Kristen. I mean, you miss a day you miss a lot lately. As it should be.

Watching the devil wreak havoc through Marlena is great fun, but it sounds like this story is going to last a while and that can get old, so I love that they’re spreading out the devilish antics. And honestly, I’ve never liked Susan more than I have this week. Between her genuine concern for Ben and Ciara’s baby to her standing up to Satan to actually becoming Satan, she had quite the week. But will John really cheat on Marlena with Eileen Davidson’s Kristen? I’d like to think not, but with the devil involved, it’s probably at least going to look that way to Marlena.

I have no idea where all this is going and I love it.

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MarDevil holds a handheld cross over Susan's forehead in the penthouse on Days of Our Lives

Devilish Advice

Speaking of the devil, MarDevil gave Brady some very questionable advice on Monday. And Brady’s reaction was hilarious, but it was also very on-brand for Days of Our Lives. “Find Chloe and, without a word, lay her down on the conference table and show her how big your feelings are for her.” I mean, it was funny in that the very un-Marlena-like advice came out of her mouth, and Brady’s dumbstruck reaction was perfection, but for the millionth time, why does Days insist on making sex so problematic? Kudos to Brady for not taking “Marlena” up on her suggestion, but… yikes. It was also a huge tease to “Broe” fans to show them getting it in on in the promo on the conference table (how many times was that phrase uttered this week?) when it was actually all in Brady’s head.

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Brady's eyes bulge while talking to MarDevil at the penthouse on Days of Our Lives

Is it Finally Happening?

“You are the best thing that’s happened to me since… well, in a long time.” Sarah, Xander. The best thing since Sarah! That subtle nod aside, Gwen’s response to Xander’s declaration was funny: “That’s just bloody sad.” And as much as I do enjoy them together, she has a point, because Gwen’s a hot mess.

Xander’s line, combined with Kristen ordering Gwen to get her out of prison, is totally setting the stage for Sarah’s return, right? The next logical step is for Kristen to threaten to tell Xander the truth about Sarah unless Gwen helps her. That scenario reinforces my theory that the scene in the fall promo of Xander hurriedly packing to go find Sarah, is really Gwen’s fear-induced nightmare about losing him. I mean, a misdirect is not out of the question for Days. Just ask “Broe” fans.

But, Sarah’s presumed return also makes the rushed love Xander feels for Gwen more understandable since it totally ups the stakes for an impending love triangle. Also, should Gwen keep the truth from him, Xander will be all the more crushed to discover his faith in her was misplaced and that he probably should have listened to Jack.

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Xander smiles at Gwen in the Salem Inn on Days of Our Lives

Odds and End

• How adorable was Chanel in that Celeste wig? And, despite Theo being cool with Johnny dating his ex, could things change if he really starts giving her lessons on how to channel his grandmother?

• Did they really show Theo learning Ciara is pregnant and then never return to it? It’s a pretty big emotional beat to drop.

• Should Philip just grow a mustache to twirl already? What is going on with his character?

• As Richard asked last week, was Gwen’s comeuppance lacking? The drawn-out reveal about her miscarriage has been pretty anticlimactic, no?

Philip seethes on Days of Our Lives

That’s all I got for his week. As always, these are just my opinions on the week in Salem. What are yours? Tell us below after looking through our photo gallery of the most recast characters in daytime.


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