A Trip to the Afterlife and MarDevil Embracing Halloween Won the Week on Days of Our Lives — but Philip’s and EJ’s Behavior Is Another Story

October 25 - 29

Days collage of Theo at Abe's hospital bedside; Kristen slapping EJ; Johnny, Chanel and Allie using a Ouija board, and John flying through the air in a church on Days of Our Lives

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

As usual, Days of Our Lives leaned into Halloween. This week they brought out the Ouija board and literally raised the dead. They also went to the afterlife to pay tribute to a long-time vet and brought a villain back to Salem. Things continued to clip along in a mostly entertaining fashion, so let’s get right to it…

A Visit to the Afterlife

Abe reunites with Lexie in the afterlife on Days of Our Lives

This week started with a lovely tribute to Abe and portrayer James Reynolds who have been on the show for 40 years. Since Renée Jones couldn’t return as Lexie, they did the best they could by obscuring a recast’s face, as Abe saw his beloved in the afterlife. The flashbacks were lovely and a great reminder of the intense drama of old and I definitely wanted more. (Which I ended up getting later in the week, but of Tony and Anna. I’ll take it!) Of course, Abe left Lexie in the light to return to Salem, which wasn’t exactly a surprise or a tough decision for Abe to make.

With Abe shot though, Theo came back to see his father leading Abe to tell his son he’s happier than he thought he’d be at this stage in his life. And that’s due to Paulina. It’s going to be devastating when he finds out the truth about the secret she’s been keeping from him. But as the flashbacks proved, James Reynolds plays betrayed very, very well, so it’ll be nice to watch him get to sink his teeth into that again.

Watching Paulina fret over possibly losing Abe made me worry about her in the fallout, as well. She’ll also be left devastated when her secret comes out because Abe will presumably turn his back on her, as will Lani. At first anyway. Chanel’s reaction remains unclear. I suspect she’ll have to process the fact she was deprived of a sister her whole life, but I’d like to think she’ll be there for her mama. I do really enjoy their relationship.

Trick or Treat

MarDevil in a devil costume on Days of Our Lives

The high camp that is MarDevil continued to shine this week. I wondered last week what MarDevil’s next step would be after John found out Satan was back, and welp, I got my answer. She hilariously tossed him around the church and then chained him up in the DiMera crypt! That of course freed MarDevil to roam the apartment in a devil costume with her “contacts” in full glow. Belle walking on her was the perfect touch. If nothing else, the joy Deidre Hall seems to be getting from playing this story just shines through and makes it all the more fun to watch. She’s been able to stretch her comedy muscles by playing Hattie over the years, but MarDevil is a whole other level.

At week’s end, MarDevil summoned Charlie from his grave. We only got a hand emerging from the ground so far, but spoilers say next week more resurrected villains are to come. I’m not thrilled by the thought of Charlie tormenting Allie again, so hopefully, he’ll just focus on his mother Ava. But who else will pop up? A few theories were floated earlier in the week.

Along with literally bringing characters back from the dead, MarDevil got her devil baby, as Ciara learned she’s pregnant. That was utterly expected, but with this show these days, who knows what MarDevil has planned for the little Cinnabun.

Ask the Spirits

In their Sweet Bits aprons in the Square, Chanel feeds Allie. Chanel wears a witches hat and Allie wears cat ears. Days of Our Lives

Johnny’s jealousy flared upon seeing Chanel feed Allie a cookie. Not that he shouldn’t feel threatened, his sister has obvious chemistry with his sorta girlfriend. However, he channeled his father and acted like an ass. Part of that came courtesy of a Ouija board, which unsettled Chanel who’s been super cautious and leery when it comes to things about the supernatural. Considering her wariness, combined with her playing Celeste in Johnny’s movie, it might be fun if she were to start actually channeling some of her character’s abilities and become a reluctant psychic.

Back With a Vengeance

Kristen slaps EJ at the DiMera mansion on Days of Our Lives

Kristen’s scenes with EJ were the most I’ve enjoyed her in a while. And it’s because she was all fire and vengeance. It wasn’t weepy, needy vengeance, just pure anger at EJ. I mean, that slap! Of course, it was back to being the Kristen of old though when she got busted trying to sneak Rachel past Brady. I need her to be a force to be reckoned with, like she was with EJ, or like she was in Beyond Salem. You know, a criminal mastermind with great quips. Let her move on from Brady and partner up with someone she can be diabolical with not someone she moons over.

I was disappointed Steve found Kristen so quickly. Hopefully, that’s not the end of his sleuthing around because it was fun watching him mix it up a bit. It looks like next week Steve starts to become worried about John’s disappearance, so that could keep him busy. Hopefully, Kayla will offer up her services again for his presumed investigation.

Where Are We Going With This?

Philip and Chloe stand, holding coffee cups in the Kiriakis living room on Days of Our Lives

Once again, Days showed us glimpses of how good Philip can be with Chloe, but then it’s back to being a lunatic. All that room service stuff in the hotel room was cute and fun, but you know his jealousy is going to take hold again. Seriously, just make him a full-on villain at this point. Otherwise, what’s the point of this story? Because it is doing the character zero favors. And it’s not like Philip and Chloe make any sense from Chloe’s perspective either. She doesn’t seem to be all that into him. It’s like he’s just something to pass the time or a narrative she’s trying to force, but no longer fits.

The Two Sides of EJ

Chad, in a cowboy costume, stands looking at Abigail, in a witches costume, who sit on their bed. EJ's sits nearby in a priest costume. Days of Our Lives

EJ taunting Chad over Abigail is just gross. He’s suave and charming with Nicole and then turns around and is a total creep where his ex-lover/sister-in-law is concerned. It’s especially bad considering he taunts Chad about their upcoming love scenes right in front of Abby like she’s not even there or matters. But hey, as long as he gets his digs in at Chad. Kudos to Chad, though, for pushing back and telling EJ he won’t doubt his wife again. Now, he just needs to stick to that stance.

That’s all I got for this week. As always these are just my opinion on the goings-on in Salem. What are yours? Tell us in the comments and then get ready for Halloween with these horror movies starring your favorite soap stars in the photo gallery below.


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