Oh, It’s On! John Vs. MarDevil Was One Hell of a Cliffhanger on Days of Our Lives — But What Now? Plus, Was There More to All That Love in the Afternoon?

October 18 - 22

Photo collage of Days' Abe touching his chest after getting shot, Eli and Lani kissing, and John and MarDevil facing off

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It’s funny how quickly a show can change. A few weeks ago, I was ranting about how dull the storylines were, and then… bam! The devil came to Salem. While possession isn’t for everyone, Salem did a complete 180 in recent weeks shaking almost every storyline up, even if it’s not directly related to MarDevil. Let’s get to it!

Nothing Gets By John Black

John and Marlena glare at each other while sitting up in bed on Days of Our Lives

In a genre where characters successfully impersonate others for months, it was refreshing for John to immediately realize something was wrong with Doc. He should know, he’s been in love with the woman for decades and was there the last time his wife was possessed by the devil. Not to mention, Satan is doing a terrible job of impersonating Marlena. It’s entertaining as heck to watch, but flippant, blunt, and callous is not Marlena’s style. Everyone should realize that.

I also question the devil’s ability to cover their tracks. I mean, they’re just going to leave the recording of Doug’s session out for anyone to listen to? If Satan can become an emoji, then surely they can figure out how to delete a recording. Although, Satan’s carelessness was a boon to viewers because it led John to confront MarDevil, who happily confirmed his worst nightmare.

What resulted was a perfect cliffhanger, but what happens now? We know the storyline has ways to go, as Deidre Hall previewed there’s stuff coming up at Christmas time, so will John become a pawn in her plan? Or will MarDevil send him off to room with Doug in Bayview? Whatever happens, I’ll be glued to my TV because I am thoroughly entertained.

Devil Baby Explosion?

Ben kisses the top of Ciara's head in bed on Days of Our Lives

Speaking of the devil, we know their plan has to do with babies. Specifically Ben and Ciara’s baby. But could it involve others’ as well? There were a few couples getting frisky on Thursday’s episode, which definitely stood out, but I didn’t connect the dots until soap fan Marnie O. tweeted her theory:

Could an “Elani” or “Jabi” baby be on the way as well? Or instead of? Was “Cin” just a misdirect, or could Salem soon be home to three devil babies? If for no other reason, all that sexy time new parents Eli and Lani have time for might actually serve a function other than just to heat up the screen. I lamented about Eli’s lack of purpose last week and battling the devil for the soul of his child would definitely course correct that.

Spreading Around the Drama

jake tends to abe shot days

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As for Jabi, I don’t love that Jake’s boneheaded actions got Abe shot (how was he actually a mob enforcer?) but I do like that it brought him into yet another storyline. Days is doing a great job of incorporating most of their cast across storylines. Much like Kayla and Steve entering EJ’s and Kristen’s orbit. I mean, how great was it to see “Stayla” teaming up together? And Kayla playing drunk? Hilarious. It was fun and different for these two who used to be far more adventurous than they have been.

Abe getting shot leads into James Reynolds’ 40th-anniversary episode on Monday, which will be a much-deserved showcase for the veteran actor and character. But like the others, it also bleeds into other stories as well. There’s Jake and Gabi, as the former’s the one who got him shot; and MarDevil, as she knows Paulina’s big secret, which is sure to come out any time now. I am wondering if he’ll need a blood transfusion, prompting Lani to donate, whereupon she’ll learn they’re not actually related.

The Old Timer’s Still Got It

Xander sits shirtless on the floor of a jail cell talking to Justin, sitting on a cot, on Days of Our Lives

As much as I dislike Victor’s use of derogatory terms for every woman he meets aside from Maggie, and maybe Trask now, I do appreciate that he’s still wheeling and dealing. But who knew he and the D.A. would be “soulmates.” I kinda like it and wouldn’t mind them teaming up for more. It makes sense that Trask would do anything to get Kristen, considering Kristen killed her daughter (it wasn’t intentional, but still) and that includes freeing Xander and Justin for their crimes.

And despite Victor and Xander being estranged, it proved he’s still going to look out for his nephew. As Justin said, family is Victor’s bottom line. Though he’s also not above throwing his family under the bus either. Regardless, teaming Justin and Xander up was genius. Not just for the comedy of Xander trying to take his cousin under his wing in prison, but for the familial connection as well. Heck, even Gwen and Bonnie were enjoyable. The scenes of them sharing a cell might have been the most I’ve liked Adrienne’s doppelganger.

Not Even His Mother Isn’t Sympathetic

Philip and Kate outside Brady's Pub on Days of Our Lives

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This week was also the most I’ve liked Philip. He was actually self-aware enough to acknowledge that his jealousy was driving Chloe away, and, more importantly, he was subdued. No overreactions or mustache-twirling. I actually almost felt bad for him, but then I remembered how unhinged he’s been.

This line of Kate’s to Philip was great: “I would feel sorry for you if you didn’t already have that covered yourself.”

That’s all I got for this week. As always these are just my opinions on the goings-on in Salem. What are yours? Sound off in the comments!

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