Is Days of Our Lives’ Devil a ‘Cin’-ner? Is *This* the Duo We Didn’t Know We Needed? And Was *That* a Dropped Hint About a Fave’s Return?

October 4 - 8


The devil made some moves this week on Days of Our Lives, while more than a few Salemites proved they just can’t get out of their own way. Plus, there are more than a few duos we’re loving right now. Let’s jump right in…

The Devil Wants a Cinabun?

Marlena looks up at Ben from her desk in his office on Days of Our Lives

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The week started with MarDevil having Doug committed for knocking Julie out and it ended with the devil needing Ben and Ciara to have a baby. Clearly, the devil is a ‘Cin’ shipper. Or, I suppose, he just has nefarious plans. Either way, the devil was one busy little demon, but I’m a little confused on how it all works. When is Marlena actually Marlena? Why doesn’t she remember internally fighting with Satan when she’s the dominant personality? Why can’t Satan just take over her body? There are so many questions. But if Ben and Ciara must have a baby, I’m glad it’s tied to a larger story, even if it’s of the campy, supernatural kind. Now, just what exactly does Satan have planned for their little devil?

Days wisely backed off on the possession story this week, as not everyone is loving it. A little bit goes a long way and not allowing it to dominate every episode lets other stories breathe a little bit. But based on the spoilers and photos of things to come, there’s a lot more fun to be had. And I’m definitely in the camp of “bring it on.”

The Scent of a Kiriakis

Philip leans back with a frown as Gabi angrily points her finger at him on Days of Our Lives

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This still photo of Philip reacting to Gabi sniffing him is my favorite of the week. I’ve shared my disappointment a few times over nothing romantic developing between them, but if we can get more of these types of battles between the two, I’ll take that instead. The humor aside, it is preferable for Philip to not be played for a fool by Jake and Gabi. He’s a Kiriakis and the head of a major corporation, he should be, if not outright outsmarting them, then at least giving as good as he gets. Now, if only he could stop being an obsessive jerk with Chloe.

Speaking of Jake, it was mentioned on social media that he should look to his Alamain roots for a company to run. Or, at least for resources to start his and Gabi’s own empire. That way, they could be Titan’s and DiMera’s competition. There’s not a lot of room for more characters on the canvas right now, but someday, delving back into the family tree he currently has no interest in (awareness of?), could be interesting.

Read the Room

Nicole and EJ toast at Julie's Place on Days of Our Lives

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In an interview this week, Dan Feuerriegel talked about having more fun with EJ now that he’s settled into the character — and it shows. His recent snark has been great fun. It’s a shame we only got a tiny bit of it this week though when he butted heads with Rafe. Because it was right back to trying to force Johnny to abandon his movie dreams after that. I have zero faith in Johnny as a filmmaker and think he needs to stop trying to exploit his family’s trauma, but EJ should read the room. His son does not want to work for the family business. Let it go. Nicole trying to get through to him afterward humanized him a bit on the issue and solidified my interest in these two reuniting. At least long enough to tick Sami off when she returns.

Are ‘Xarah’ Fans Getting Trolled?

Gwen and Xander clasp hands across the interrogation room table on Days of Our Lives

Gwen and Xander’s talk about going on an island getaway obviously brought up thoughts of Sarah. I mean, they made a point of Xander saying he wanted to go somewhere super remote, where they wouldn’t see another soul for days. You know, kinda like where Kristen shipped his fiancée off to. If Sarah is not coming back in the near future, then the writers are just mean, mean, mean.

Should there be a getaway/rescue, it looks like it will have to wait as ‘Xwen’ is currently languishing in the Salem PD. Their plan to blackmail the judge to free Xander was spectacularly bad, but I’m digging Justin’s inclusion in their story. Xander doesn’t genuinely care about many people’s feelings, but Justin seems to have made the list. It’d be great if the Kiriakis cousins formed a relationship similar to Xander and Jack’s. Watching Justin put up with, and maybe continue assisting in Xander’s shenanigans has tons of comedic potential.

A Baker With No Kitchen

Paulina, Chanel and Abe taste key lime pie in Paulina's apartment on Days of Our Lives

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Doesn’t Chanel have a professional kitchen? Why did she need to use Eli and Lani’s to make her mother a pie? And why does she keep interrupting her family members’ private moments? I love you Chanel, but Eli and Lani need to have sex in peace. And Paulina does not need a key Florida lime pie to get engaged.

Better Things to Do

I get that Days is in a tough spot in regards to Hope, but it’s more than a little ridiculous that she’s in Johannesburg (that’s where she is right?) instead of at home. Shawn was terrorized by Jan again this year, Ciara returned from the dead, and now Doug has been institutionalized. What exactly is she doing there that is more important than being in Salem when her family is in need? Sending Hope on an undercover assignment would have been a better explanation for her absence. Or better yet, just recast her already.

That’s all I got this week. As always, these are just my thoughts on the goings-on in Salem. What are yours? Look through our photo gallery of soaps’ best male feuds of all time and then tell us below.


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