Days of Our Lives’ Delivered With a Devil of a Cliffhanger: ‘That’s How You Do It’ — Plus, Johnny’s Movie Promises Must-See Drama

September 13 - 17

Photo collage of Marlena, Doug and Johnny on Days of Our Lives

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI; NBC screenshot

After some fairly dull storytelling on Days of Our Lives recently, excitement has returned with the tease of Johnny’s film spilling family secrets and that cliffhanger! So, let’s get right to it…

He’s Baaacckk!

As expected, many fans were a little leery about Days of Our Lives revisiting the possession storyline — me included. But if Friday’s episode is any indication, it’s going to be one heck of a ride. It is already steeped in history and emotion, as evidenced by John’s concern over Johnny’s movie rehashing that whole traumatic ordeal for Doc. But it also looks to be involving a good portion of the canvas, including 96-year-old Doug who delivered the big shocking twist!

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Julie and Doug look through a photo album on the couch at home on Days of Our Lives

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There had already been speculation that he’d be one of the Salemites possessed, but did anyone expect him to reveal it so quickly to the audience, let alone Marlena? What a great way to give viewers an actual surprise by making us think we were getting a straight-up Alzheimer’s storyline. Instead, Doug’s possession kicked off the whole shebang. Grounding all this devil stuff in reality (or as close to reality as Days gets), including Julie truly believing her husband has dementia, is what really sells it.

Not everyone is a fan of the campiness though, which I get. But it can’t be any worse than watching Calista Flockhart and Harrison Lord terrorize a sudden heart of gold Bonnie or Philip act like an absolute lunatic over Brady and Chloe or Rafe talk to a stuffed teddy bear. And just think of all the chaos Marlena could create if she starts counseling everyone while under Satan’s thrall. Like poor Paulina, whose secret you just know isn’t going to be bound by patient/doctor confidentiality for long.

A Genious In His Own Mind

Johnny’s never made a movie before, he just decided on a story idea (from a script he hadn’t fully read), and he wants his sister who has never acted before to be the star. Gee. It’s hard to imagine why more people aren’t throwing money at him to finance it. Considering money is all he wants from his family, Marlena immediately detecting Johnny’s B.S. and not throwing her arms around him to welcome him home was kinda perfection. That, plus Will’s video chat with his brother was a highlight, that we’ll hopefully be treated to more of down the line.

Marlena and Johnny visit in her office on Days of Our Lives

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The story holds a lot of great promise of things to come. Just as long as Sami is freed from her kidnappers in time to be part of it. It will seriously be lacking if she’s not. One good thing has already happened in that Johnny and Lucas shared scenes. Their relationship has to be the easiest way to get under EJ’s skin — which is what they both want. By the look of Lucas’ grin, he’ll be eager for EJ to find out he’s helping Johnny with his movie, even if no one knows if he can actually afford it. I can’t wait for those fireworks either, although, I’m not sure Lucas could survive a full-on brawl with Johnny’s father the way Xander did. So, he might want to tread lightly. (But come on, how great was that fight?)

Odds and Ends

• Abigail’s return has already added fuel to Chad and EJ’s feud. While I’d love to see the lighter side to Chabby, I’m also up for her presence adding more tension in the DiMera household. It could be fun to watch them team up against EJ together.

Abby and Chad relax at home on Days of Our Lives

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• I’d much prefer to watch Gwen and Xander scheme and plot instead of cry and sacrifice. Hopefully, once the full truth about her miscarriage comes out she’ll hop back on that bad girl train. With EJ and Xander literally at each other’s throats, he could use his own partner in crime against his nemesis.

• I hope that’s the last we see of Calista. But while I would like to see more of Justin, I’m not on board with Adrienne 2.0. Bonnie should still be a little bad or edgy. Letting both Justin and Bonnie out of their storyline isolation could lead to better story for both of them.

• The Philip and Ava scene gave me hope that these two could team up for bad things together. It would certainly make both their storylines more entertaining to watch.

• Last week, I lamented Lucas’ absence, so I was thrilled he finally resurfaced on Friday. Although, based on the last time we saw the brokenhearted lug, shouldn’t he be a little more desperate to get in touch with Sami? Regardless, his teasing of Kate over Roman just added more delightfulness to an already great Friday episode.

That’s all I got this week. As always these are just my opinions. What are yours? Tell us after looking through the now and then photos of former Guiding Light stars in our gallery below. Then get your free daily soap-opera fix for Days of Our Lives — and all of the other daytime dramas — delivered straight to your email inbox by signing up for’s newsletter.


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