Days of Our Lives Delivered Satisfying Payoff and Action With ‘Cin’ and ‘EJami’ — But What About Everybody Else?

August 9 - 13

EJami and Cin mashup Soapbox August 13

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Days of Our Lives returned from the Olympics break with tons of drama and one huge payoff. However, the non-EJami and Cin storylines could use a little more attention. Let’s dive in!

The Power of the Fortune Cookie

Ben and Ciara’s story has had everything: love, loss, angst, longing, singular devotion. And after a year of agony, they finally reunited for some happiness this week. Their chemistry is undeniable and their banter is utterly charming but I am disappointed Ben’s abhorrent behavior was rewarded with Ciara getting her memory back.

That said, I am interested to see where Cin goes from here. With Victoria Konefal’s status up in the air, it’s unclear how they’ll write the couple. They can’t exactly separate them again with a kidnapping or “death” should her latest stint not last the year. Right? Which means the show is going to have to get creative to explain her presumed absence, after some satisfying couple time that is. More importantly, Ben is going to need purpose beyond Ciara. She is his only focus, which is satisfying in a super couple sense but not so much in terms of character development. Hopefully, we’ll see him get a job or become embroiled in a mystery that expands his world beyond his wife.

Ciara and Ben hold each other on Days of Our Lives

Throwing Us a Curveball

I really thought EJ was going to toy with Sami and Lucas and play the long game on getting revenge. So, I was surprised that as soon as Days came back from the Olympics break, he immediately called her out for cheating on him. Of course, that was because she was then promptly kidnapped. While there is no shortage of suspects regarding who grabbed her, I’m currently leaning towards Sami, herself, being the culprit. It’s not at all out of character for her to make it look like a legit abduction in order to make EJ worry so much he moves heaven and earth to find her and ultimately forgive her. But then again, her kidnapping could lead to a new mystery involving characters we haven’t even yet considered.

Sami and Lucas face EJ on Days of Our Lives

Family Ties

One of those suspects in Sami’s abduction is Ava whose past with her mob family was brought up this week by Jake. That, combined with her reaction to learning what Sami did to Nicole, as well as her side-eying her BFF cozying up to Rafe, made me wonder if she reverted back to her old ways and orchestrated Sami’s abduction. It might not be a bad move for the character, who is a little too nice and good right now, to go back to a life of crime. It would certainly give her and police commissioner Rafe’s relationship a more compelling obstacle than just his growing friendship with Nicole.

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Ava reads over Jake's shoulder on Days of Our Lives

Motivations Unclear

Philip might be a bit of a disaster in business and in his personal life but the Kiriakis heir doesn’t deserve what Gabi and Jake are planning. More importantly, why does Jake even want to run a company anyway? Despite briefly helming the DiMera family empire, he has zero business experience. Jake as a businessman just doesn’t feel right. I’d rather see him mob up with Ava. And why can’t Gabi just run her own empire? Why steal Philip’s?

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Gabi and Philip share a laugh on Days of Our Lives

Everyone Else

While it was an action-packed and satisfying week regarding EJami and Cin, the rest of the storylines served as a reminder that they get too little attention. I found myself having to really think about what was going on with them during their one episode each this week. Who is Ava’s son again? Oh, yeah, Tripp. (And doesn’t she have a grandson she never sees?) Why did Gwen help run Snyder’s drugs? Right, because she lied about Abigail causing her miscarriage. If Beyond Salem does well on the Peacock app maybe they could spin-off and flesh out some of the other characters like the twenty-somethings or the Brady/Chloe/Philip triangle or Xander and Gwen. Or, Days could just even out the storytelling a bit more.

Xander whisphers in Gwen's ear on Days of Our Lives

That’s all I got this week. As always, these are just my thoughts on the happenings in Salem. What are yours? Tell us in the comments below and then look through our photo gallery of soap fans’ most unpopular opinions.


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