Days of Our Lives Took Ben and Ciara Exactly Where We Knew They Would But Threw Us a Curveball With EJ and Sami

July 19 - 23

Days of Our Lives Soapbox July 23

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Thursday’s Days of Our Lives episode was the last one for two weeks as the Tokyo Olympics will take the sudser’s place on NBC. They left us on a couple of cliffhangers, one that was expected — Ciara’s abduction — and one that was more surprising — EJ learning about Sami’s affair. A couple of other things happened as well, so let’s get to it!

It’s Not the Mode of Transportation That’s the Issue

The biggest surprise with the whole Ben kidnapping Ciara story point wasn’t that he actually did it, it was that Claire called out Ben’s toxic masculinity when he told her of his plan to grab Ciara using his motorcycle. To his credit, he heard her concerns and pivoted… to using a car instead of his bike.

Um… guess what you two? Taking someone against their will is kidnapping whether it’s done with a motorcycle, a car, or a ten-speed.

Ciara puts on makeup before her wedding on Days of Our Lives

Toxic elements aside, this storyline has suffered because we don’t have a clear understanding of anyone’s point of view. Well, aside from Ben. His is crystal clear. But they haven’t shown Ciara taking any time to reflect on losing two years of her life, how she could have fallen for a former serial killer or her real feelings for Theo. We’ve barely even seen her and Theo’s relationship onscreen, giving us little idea of how Theo truly feels as well. It’s been all big confrontations and bratty behavior with zero introspection. And that makes no one sympathetic.

Also, will we ever get an explanation for why Hope is still in Johannesburg? And I don’t mean because she had plane trouble. Ignoring Hope’s glaring absence doesn’t make the audience forget she’s not there.

Sami Should But Probably Won’t See It Coming

I understood where Sami was coming from when it came to exposing Nicole for cheating on Eric. I don’t condone it but I understand it as part of her character. It’s what she does. But to so publicly humiliate her brother is indefensible. But that’s also very Sami, not thinking the repercussions through. She only sees her immediate need, everyone else be damned. Even herself as she had to know Nicole would be out for blood.

Nicole holds a letter in one hand and a glass of wine in another on Days of Our Lives

And blood Nicole will get courtesy of Philip giving her Kristen’s letter. The biggest shock there wasn’t that Philip gave her the letter but how quickly Nicole turned around and immediately gave it to EJ. It felt so rushed. There was little to no reaction of Nicole learning Sami was the one who set up Xander’s big confession and no scenes of Nicole holding the letter over Sami’s head. I expected Nicole to revel in having the upper hand for a little while.

Of course, we now wait to see what EJ will do after discovering his wife slept with Lucas. He did greet Sami at home as if nothing had changed, which leads one to assume he’ll plot and scheme and wait for the perfect moment to spring it on them. That should be a deliciously good time. Maybe one he has with Nicole, now that she’s a free woman and potentially back to her scheming ways. Or Belle? She has been on a tear about her sister lately and those scenes between Belle and EJ felt like a chemistry test. I don’t necessarily want to watch Belle cheat on Shawn but it would be super soapy.

Odds and Ends

• Allie and Chanel continue to completely charm me even if they don’t get a lot of air time. I’m also really digging Chanel and Eli’s relationship. Thankfully, it feels as if the threat of them hooking up is a non-issue, leaving me to want a nice brother/sister-type relationship where they confide in each other over pancakes on a regular basis.

Chanel hugs Eli from behind at the kitchen table on Days of Our Lives

• Paulina made good by canceling the demolition of Horton Square (was there ever any doubt?) but I sense her troubles aren’t over. Marla Gibbs has been cast as her mother which could bring some fresh drama, or laughs, to her life. I’m also convinced (based on absolutely nothing) that Richard Steinmetz’s character will be connected to her.

Kyle Lowder teased his return to “work” leading us to wonder if Rex is on his way back to Salem. If so, could that mean Xander will realize Sarah is out there somewhere in trouble and will stop at nothing to find her? Or should we accept Sarah is gone and move on?

That’s all I got for this week. As always, these are just my opinions — what are yours? Tell us in the comments and then take a look at our photo gallery of beauty products used by soaps’ lovely leading ladies.

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