Days of Our Lives’ Ciara Protested Way Too Much and Paulina Dared to Demolish Horton Square — Plus, Rafe Should Have Finished the Job With Duke

June 28 - July 2

Days Soapbox July 2

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Friday’s Days of Our Lives ended on such great cliffhangers. Between Ciara’s engagement shocker and Paulina’s secret getting out, Monday can’t come fast enough. However, while it was another good week overall in Salem, I have a couple of bones to pick, so let’s get to it…

Back Off Uncle Phil

Dude, yes. Saying you’re jealous of Chloe telling her ten-year-old son she loves him is creepy. Chloe thankfully called him out for it, but then rewarded his weirdo behavior by agreeing to see where things go between them. I can’t imagine they’ll go far, with Brady, who she has feelings for, also lurking around. As I said last week, I’m into the love triangle aspect, I just need Philip to stop hovering and asserting his interest in Chloe during every conversation. Where’s the Philip who was super chill and understanding about Gabi not being over Jake? I’d like him back. Actually, I’d like Phabi back in general.

Philip and Chloe kiss in the Kiriakis mansion on Days of Our Lives

Let the Games Begin

Speaking of Gabi, where do she and Jake go after that entertaining DiMera board meeting? I suppose Gabi will support the two of them while Jake looks for another job. How would he handle that? Also, would she be able to build a life with a mechanic should he go back to that profession? Whatever happens, I hope their future includes more battles with Jake’s brothers.

Speaking of, while I’m not completely sold yet on the chemistry between Sami and nuEJ, I do really like Dan Feuerriegel in the role. He was great in the scenes regarding DiMera business, especially while he and Chad went at it. There is so much to mine there for both characters, making their co-CEO arrangement all the more intriguing.

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Same Ava, Same

Ava reacts to Rafe talking to Duke the Bear on Days of Our Lives

Duke the stuffed bear has officially worn out his welcome. It was silly to begin with, but now he’s talking? And in a really bad accent? And is a total lech? Yet, I still laughed out loud during the scenes. In fact, it was the hardest I’ve laughed during a soap in a long time, even if it was due to the absurdity and Ava’s spot-on reaction. Even though Galen Gering did far more ridiculous things on Passions, for everyone’s sake, next time Rafe strangles Duke, they should let him finish the job.

Horton Square Price Town

Another bit that’s worn out its welcome is Chanel walking in on Eli accidentally dropping his towel. Eli and Lani need a storyline outside of her cousin catching her husband in the buff. Not to mention, female characters ogling male characters is just as offensive when the roles are reversed. It’s enough.

As for Lani, I’d like to know more about if she misses work, or doesn’t miss work, or is exhausted by looking like absolute perfection every day despite taking care of twins full time. Overall, I just want Elani to have more purpose and depth. Hopefully, the fallout of Paulina’s plans to demolish Horton Square provide them with that. Did anyone else gasp when the foreman tore off Tom and Alice’s plaque? You know it’s going to make the rest of Salem do a lot more than that when they find out — and it’s gonna be good.

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She’s Back!

Ciara sits on Ben's ben on Days of Our Lives

The chemistry between Ben and Ciara has always been palpable, even if it feels a little claustrophobic at times. I mean, even when Ciara is supposedly scared of “Necktie Killer” Ben and demanding a divorce, she’s right in his personal space wearing a sexy red dress. Which obviously signals she’s protesting a bit too much about not wanting to be married to him. Robert Scott Wilson and Victoria Konefal have been teasing ‘Cin’ getting a bit of happiness, which I hope is preceded by more fun, flirty, bantery scenes and less of the angst and tears we’ve gotten over the past year from them.

As for Theo, he should see this coming. It’s not even been a year since Ciara returned with no memories of the last few years. Someone needs to step in to advise both of them to give it more time before seriously considering marriage or even a relationship, really.

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Partners in Crime

Xander and Gwen panic on Days of Our Lives

Xander showed flashes of the man he was with Sarah as Gwen confessed the truth to him about her miscarriage — and I’m all in on seeing where these two go. They have great banter, are equally morally skewed (but deeply want love and acceptance), and are starting to display good romantic chemistry. Xander tried to be a better man for Sarah, but with Gwen, he can indulge his darker impulses with probably little blowback from her. Hopefully, the fun schemer she originally was will re-emerge and she’ll even encourage his devious ways and vice versa. Unless it affects Xander’s good mate Jack, of course. A good partners in crime love connection is exactly what I want from these two. Maybe just no more talk about actually committing murder, okay Xander?

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