Days of Our Lives Kept Things Entertaining This Week With Boardroom Antics, a Dead Body and a Meeting of Exes — Plus, Would The NBC Soap Dare to Go *There*?

June 21 - 25

Days of Our Lives Soapbox June 25

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Another week in Salem, another week of entertaining shenanigans. Some might argue that the storylines don’t make sense or they’re unevenly told or they are too silly, but I have gotten so much enjoyment out of watching lately I don’t have much to rant about. Soaps might be rooted in drama and angst, but they also should be fun to watch — and Days has definitely been delivering on that front lately.

Accents, Exes and Boardrooms

Between Chad and Tony trying to secure votes and Gabi whipping out the whiteboard to break down the DiMera family tree to Jake (who else needed to be told who Steven was?) and then EJ meeting with Rafe and Lucas, Thursday’s episode was just so much fun. It combined everything that makes soaps so great — history, business, family, love, snark, inside jokes, accents. Now, we just need Lucas’s snide suggestion that Sami’s exes all go bowling to become a reality.

Degenerate Friend or Dead Body?

Not to be outdone, Xander and Gwen engaged in a comedy of errors on Wednesday as Xander instigated Dr. Snyder’s death. From Julie assuming he was one of Xander’s “degenerate” friends to Jack walking in on Xwen watching cartoons, Dr. Snyder’s seemingly pointless presence on the canvas paid off. I was hoping he could be a romantic interest for Kate after she got done punishing Jake, but alas there is nothing redeeming about him. And, well, now he’s dead. I’m sure the shenanigans won’t stop any time soon for the accidental killers. I mean, who knows what they did with the body, considering we haven’t seen them since Wednesday. Though, I suspect Snyder will turn up in the lake for Allie and Claire to find.

Jack finds Gwen and Xander on the couch on Days of Our Lives

Is a Dance Party Just a Dance Party?

While the scenes of Chanel’s impromptu dance party were awkward at best, it got me wondering if commenter Dubbs could be on to something and Days is going to tell a polyamorous story. While Dubbs suggested one for EJ, Sami and Lucas, I was sensing a throuple vibe from Chanel, Tripp and Allie. But would they actually go there?

If not that, brittstuckman chimed in under last week’s Soapbox that Chanel could hook up with Allie’s brother Johnny when he comes to town, thus creating even messier romantic entanglements. I’m honestly up for either scenario.

Summer of Love Triangles

Not only is Days on fire in the humor and pure entertainment department, but they’ve really gone all-in on the love triangles. There’s EJ/Sami/Lucas, Kate/Jake/Gabi (sort of) Chanel/Allie/Tripp, Brady/Chloe/Philip, and a ramping up Nicole/Rafe/Ava. Those last two could cross over as Brady and Nicole’s scenes this week piqued my interest. I don’t think it’d be great for Brady’s relationship with his brother should he and Nicole seek comfort in each other’s arms, but I loved how supportive and understanding he was with her over her tryst with Xander. I’m kind of hoping Eric returns with secrets of his own so that it’s not all about Nicole’s guilt when the truth comes out. Regardless, I’m up in the air about how I want most of these triangles to play out and that makes it all the more entertaining.

Philip, Brady and Chloe sit in the Kiriakis mansion on Days of Our Lives

Odd and Ends

•The scenes with Sami and Roman had such a comforting vibe, one I’d definitely like more of.

•Lani got way more information than she probably ever wanted about her father’s sex life this week. Hopefully, she gets back to her own next week when she and Eli celebrate their anniversary, complete with a shocking reveal.

•Ciara’s also back next week, which we’ve been told will lead to some happiness for Cin. Some might be the keyword though, as from what their portrayers teased, it might not be long-lasting. It’s good we got a break from Ben’s angst, but I’m ready to see him get some light back in his life. Either from Ciara or just from him finding peace with letting her go.

• I’m so intrigued by Deidre Hall’s tease about her upcoming storyline. Any guesses?

Those are my thoughts on the week in Salem. What are yours? Tell us below and then look through our dream Daytime Emmy winners photo gallery before following along tonight as live blog’s the Daytime Emmy Awards.


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