Days of Our Lives’ EJ’s Return Has Re-Energized the Very Crowded House DiMera — Plus, No More Tears and Wishing Shawn Hadn’t Intervened

June 14 - 18

Days of Our Lives blog June 18

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Last week, EJ returned. This week, questions abound over his true intentions. The jury’s still out, but the intrigue is definitely there. We also returned to the Jan story, enjoyed some humor courtesy of Chad, and saw a glimpse of feisty Nicole. Let’s break it all down.

House DiMera Re-Invigorated

Tony mused to his father’s portrait this week that the EJ of old could have come home to them. The way EJ’s face darkened when Sami put off his advances in bed and his wanting to take Jake down indicates Tony could be on to something. I’m totally on board if that’s where his story is going. I’m not sold on nuEJ and Sami as a couple just yet so watching EJ scheme and plot his way around Salem, fully aware of his wife’s infidelity, could be good fun. His mere presence has added a much-needed spark to the DiMera family — and their overbooked mansion — one I’m looking forward to watching fully ignite. I just wonder how/if Johnny will fit into EJ’s plans when he hits town.

EJ's home for Sami on Days of Our Lives

No More Tears

Despite her initially devasted reaction to sleeping with Xander, Nicole isn’t taking his crap and I love it. Sure she gave in to his blackmail, she doesn’t want Eric to find out she cheated on him after all, but she’s not cowering in Xander’s wake. She’s fighting back while protecting her interests. Arianne Zucker is an all-time elite soap opera crier, so I’m sure there are more tears to come, but for now, I’m digging her re-ignited fire. What I’m not loving is Xander’s lecherous behavior towards her. Regardless, it seems Nicole’s story outside of Eric could be a possible triangle with Rafe and Ava, but I’m hoping she gets plenty of EJ time as well.

Brady glares while Xander smirks at Nicole on Days of Our Lives

Likewise, Kate is a woman scorned, but she isn’t pining away for her man. Sure, she’s trying to break up Jake and Gabi by pretending she’s blind — but for revenge, not to get him back. While I am cringing over her tactics, I can get behind her reasoning, especially since I have no investment in Jake and Gabi. I felt Gabi’s connection with Stefan, but not so much with his twin brother. I don’t actively want them to break up, but I don’t actively want them to stay together either. Therefore, like Chad, I say, have fun with your vengeance, Kate.

Chad’s On a Roll

Speaking of Chad, he’s so much fun when playing lighthearted stuff. His amusement over Kate’s plan, twirling in his chair asking if she was checking her mirror to see if she was the fairest in the land was gold. As I said a couple of weeks ago, I’d love to see Chad bop around Salem mixing it up with a variety of characters for quick, fun storylines à la Xander. Chad and EJ teaming up against Jake is a good start, even if I was starting to enjoy Chad and Jake’s dynamic. Billy Flynn is a top-tier crier as well and I’m sure we’ll get back to that eventually, especially when Abby returns, but he’s great fun to watch in playful scenes, and they should capitalize on that more.

She’s Earned It

I cheered when Belle pulled the plug on a comatose Jan in the hospital. Belle may have said she did it to prove Jan was faking her coma — not to kill her — but I wouldn’t mind watching Belle actually finish Jan off for good. Who could blame her, really? It could even kick off a good story for Belle and Shawn as they  to cover up Belle’s crime. Maybe, Chloe and Philip could even get in on the coverup. If not completely ridding Salem of her, it would be nice to just see the tables turned on Jan and have the Last Blast Crew torment her for a change.

Philip stands behind Chloe, who sits in a wheelchair, while talking to Belle and Shawn on Days of Our Lives

Odds and Ends

  • It’s hard to feel bad for Bonnie who is a really hard sell as a romantic interest for Justin. I’m mean, she tried to steal his beloved Adrienne’s life, but now he’s in love with her? She’s his family? I’m absolutely taking Steve’s side on this one.
  • It’s nice to see Abe with a love interest again. One that includes an actual story considering he’s bound to feel betrayed by whatever Paulina has planned for the Square.
  • Chanel and Allie have really good chemistry. Hopefully, it continues when Raven Bowens takes over as Chanel and a full-on love triangle develops between them and Tripp. Though, I suspect Tripp will lose out. Hey, maybe he and Claire can re-connect since Ben remains laser-focused on getting Ciara back.

These are just my thoughts on the week in Salem. What are yours? Look through our photo gallery of soap stars with their real-life dads and then tell us below.


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